Over the last few weeks, our team has discussed the current and future formats of Lucy Out Loud, and we think it’s about time that we share that with you! We want our site to showcase our staff’s full potential and focus on quality over quantity. With a team of incredible editors, photographers, and writers, we want to ensure that what we produce is something we’re proud of.

With that being said, from now on we will no longer be posting videos (music videos, cover videos, live videos, etc) and song streams as could be usually found on our page. Instead we will be focusing more on music news, reviews, show coverage, interviews, playlists, and features. All music videos and song streams can now be found in our bi-weekly ICYMI posts. Our ICYMI music posts will feature videos and singles that have been released within the two week period. A monthly ICYMI album post will also go live at the end of the month highlighting EPs and albums that have been released that month.

To kick things off, this week you can find our remaining coverage from September including interviews from Bumbershoot, our September playlist, and ICYMI posts including music released in September. With more features and posts in the works, we’re excited to share what we’ve been working on, so keep your eyes peeled!

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