Seven Bands To See at Boston Calling, May 2016: #7, Lizzo


And here we are again; so great to be back! Another year, another stellar lineup headed your way. Sure, there won’t be a Super Blood Moon this time around, but there will be no lack of chances at some
once-in-a-lifetime memories and experiences. With each edition, the folks in charge of Boston Calling make adjustments and additions and improvements, and this year is no different: with the inclusion of a newly-formed comedy stage, as well as a handful of bonus musical acts, the new-and-improved festival is almost here. But let’s get back to basics; with everything that happens in the plaza, there are plenty of possible distractions, so here’s who you can’t afford to miss.

Kicking off the list at #7 is Lizzo.


I’ve spent the better part of the last year listening to a small handful of albums, two of which are the Hamilton soundtrack and [BC 2015 performer] DOOMTREE’s All Hands. One of the huge similarities
between the two is they both feature women spitting straight fireeee
throughout. And for our first Artist to Watch, we have LIZZO – a performer who is going to send the crowd into a stir with her rhymes before lulling them back down with her smooth, powerful vocals. A
relatively early set, sure, but it’ll be one worth showing up ahead of time for; it’s not like a superstar-in-the-making played the 1:30 slot last May, right?

Catch Them: Saturday, 1:30 pm
Check Out:
“Ride,” “Lizzie Borden,” “B.G.S.W.”
For Fans Of: Janelle Monae, Dessa

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