Get To Know:: Blacktop Queen


Members: Evan Ambrose (Vocals), Omar Ahmed (bass), Nate Lotz (drums)
Genre: Garage Rock
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Recent ReleaseEverybody

When LA rockers Blacktop Queen released their debut single a few weeks ago, we were completely into it. Filled with gritty vocals and catchy riffs, the track (which was self-produced and recorded in one take) is a relatable one to those who have been in toxic relationships and just can’t seem to stay away. Though a new band, Blacktop Queen is no stranger to the scene. Lotz plays drums for Halsey and Ryan Adams (yes – you read that correctly) and Ahmed plays bass in Youngblood Hawke and Kitten. So basically, Blacktop Queen is the band we’ve all been waiting to come to life and now our prayers have been answered. Get to know Blacktop Queen below!

How did Blacktop Queen form and come to be what it is today?
Blacktop Queen came from the death of a lot of previous project and bands. We had all known each other from playing music in the past, and it just so happened that we were all free’d up around the same time, it was a pretty a natural thing.

Who are some of your musical influences – both as a band and individually?
Omar – Radiohead, Chance The Rapper, BRMC
Evan– Oasis, the La’s, the cars, Nas
Nate – the pixies , refused, the clash

What do you enjoy most about playing shows?
I really enjoy the energy, from the crowd and from my band mates on stage. I love the interaction between everyone, trying to push yourself and your bandmates musically, its really fun having musicians that can all pull people in certain directions depending on the moment.

What do you do when you’re not playing music?
Omar – I love TV series, podcasts, and video games
Evan– play with my dogs, drink wine, listen to podcasts, and watch fail videos
Nate – go out to eat, go to museums, lay on the couch, play star wars video games

For more on Blacktop Queen: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

5 Questions With:: Youngblood Hawke [Bumbershoot Edition]


Interview conducted by Kristen Schell.

It’s a small world after all! Now this isn’t something I would normally say unless I were on the Disney ride, but here’s a fun story for you. Iglu and Hartly was the name of a band that formed prior to Young Blood Hawke. Back in 2008, I was a student of Ms. Martin(aka singer Sam of Young Blood Hawke’s mother)’s keyboard class. I had first hand sneak previews of Iglu and Hartley’s music when Ms. Martin would promote the band via background music to frantic typing. Flash forward and now this duo have moved on to bigger and better things, creating the amazing band we know as Young Blood Hawke!

For those who already know this band (and even for those of you who don’t), here is some exclusive insight to the band’s name origin, creative process, and long-term goals! 

How’d you all meet?

We started writing songs and after a few months we had about 100 songs.

What were the origins for your name “Young Blood Hawke”?

“Sam had read the book, it’s about a young writer from Kentucky who moves to New York and makes a name for himself. We all read it and agreed we shared similar experiences.”

What bands were you previously apart of?

Iglu and H


What are your future plans?

“Hunker down and start writing for our new record, it will hopefully be released by next year!”

What’s does creative process look like for you as a band?

“Start the instrumentals out and play it for Sam, if it has a good feeling everyone starts adding their perspective instruments and pieces”

Young Blood Hawke’s long-term goal is “do this for the rest of our lives, writing the best possible record we can, hopefully we can accomplish that.” 

Watch out for amazing things with this group, they have a creative vision that is sure to end up making it big time and even your pickiest friends will enjoy a couple songs from their album!