First Day of Summer = Compilation Release Day!


We introduce to you, SPF13! Our 2013 Summer compilation features 10 artists including Spose, The Golden Youth, NGHBRS, and 7 other fantastic artists! By the way, did we mention it’s FREE?

You can listen to it on Soundcloud by clicking here,
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Review:: The Time Has Come To Rock & Roll | Wyldlife


It’s a bit unfortunate how late we were introduced to New York City’s Wyldlife. I mean that in two ways – we here at the blog were given their newest record, The Time Has Come to Rock & Roll a few weeks after its release, but the music world was given them about forty years too late. Their 70’s-era power-pop/punk pays homage to anyone from The Ramones to The Strokes to JET to The Pink Spiders.

Like the title says, this record is rock and roll, pure and simple.

From the lead-in of opener “The Right!,” the tempo is foot-stompingly fast nearly the entire time. A few moderate slowdowns here and there break up the pace (the contagious “Guardian Angels,” closer “Out on the Run”), but the quick downward shifts don’t lessen intensity.

The antique, classic sound present throughout is a refresher course in what music used to be and the attitude it held. Wyldlife are a tour guide back in time, to when rock & roll was king, and this album is one that is poised to take a shot at regaining the throne.

It’s not a huge surprise to hear that the album has been pulling in great reviews, including being named Little Steven’s Underground’s “Album of the Month” for May. With The Time Has Come…, Wyldlife deliver a half an hour of alcohol-fueled, hand-clapping, fist-pumping anthems that blurry weekend nights were made for.

Rating: 3.25/5
Runtime: ≈ 33 Minutes
Release Date: April 16th, 2013

1. The Right!
2. Saturday Night
3. Wasted
4. Sonofabitch
5. Guardian Angels
6. Trash
7. Cowboys and Slutz
8. Suspicion
9. The First Time’s the Worst
10. Out on the Run

Dave Feldman- vocals
Samm Allen- guitar
Spencer Alexander – bass
Russ Barrnett- drums

Written By: Eric Riley