GirlTalk with LOLO

When we first came up with the idea for GirlTalk, we wanted it to be a fun conversation about music, makeup, fashion, and everything in between. So when we had the opportunity to talk with Lauren Pritchard, known to most as LOLO, we knew that we needed to feature her in our first GirlTalk segment. 2015 was an incredibly impressive year for LOLO who released her EP on DCD2 Records, wrote an off-Broadway musical titled “Songbird,” joined the co-headling tour of Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness and New Politics, and was featured on two iTunes Best of 2015 playlists for Songs – New Artists and Singer/Songwriter.

For our first GirlTalk interview, we spoke with LOLO about her latest release, Comeback Queen, her tour must-have items, and her opinion on the lack of female presence in the music industry. Read our full interview with LOLO below!
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Introducing GirlTalk:: A New Feature from Lucy Out Loud

Image by Sara Marshall.

In addition to running Lucy Out Loud, I have spent the last four years working as a beauty consultant at Ulta Beauty. During those years, the idea and meaning behind beauty and makeup has evolved into something more than just ‘dolling’ yourself up; it gives women the ability to be whoever they want to be: confident, powerful, comfortable, beautiful. But, most importantly, themselves. The topic of beauty is one that people typically tiptoe around because they are afraid of what people will say.

We want to change that.

In a music scene that is often dominated by men, women don’t have many places they can go to discuss beauty habits. This idea was the driving force behind our newest feature, GirlTalk.

This feature will act as a series for women in the music industry (musicians, publicists, photographers, etc.) to discuss important issues like feminism and beauty standards, while also being a fun corner where they can discuss what items they enjoy using when they’re on tour, how they manage to style themselves to feel confident on stage, etc. GirlTalk will consist of a variety of things: interviews, guest blogs, lists (top beauty items, beauty/fashion tips, etc.) and playlist submissions.

Ideally, this will be a feature that covers a little bit of everything, and we are so excited to finally bring it to life! Keep your eyes peeled for our first GirlTalk interview, coming soon!