Nick Santino Announces The Long & Winding Roadshow

This Century , Brian Marquis and Austin Gibbs will be joining Nick Santino this fall on The Long & Winding Roadshow. The acoustic tour, which will hit the US and Canada, will also feature William Beckett on select dates!

Below you can find tour dates and where to purchase tickets!

11.1 – Atlanta, GA @ The Masquerade^
11.2 – Chapel Hill, NC @ Local 506
11.3 – Vienna, VA @ Jammin Java
11.5 – Philadelphia, PA @ The Barbary
11.6 – Hamden, CT @ The Space
11.7 – New York, NY @ Santos Party House
11.8 – Cambridge, MA @ Middle East
11.9 – Nutley, NJ @ Radiant
11.10 – Toronto, ON @ Hard Luck Bar
11.11 – Pontiac, MI @ Pike Room @ Crofoot*
11.12 – Lakewood, OH @ Mahall’s*
11.14 – Chicago, IL @ Subterranean*
11.15 – Minneapolis, MN @ Nether Bar
11.17 – Denver, CO @ Marquis Theater
11.19 – Phoenix, AZ @ Valley Bar
11.22 – Anaheim, CA @ Chain Reaction

^ – not w/Brian or William
* – w/William Beckett

Tickets can be purchased here.

Show Review:: Live Forever Tour 8/14

The Highline Ballroom held an enormous line as the doors opened for the Paradise Fears crowd. As the first band began, it was apparent that the techs knew what they were doing with their active and alluring lighting, along with their astounding sound system. Each member of the audience was an engaged and enthusiastic participant for every band.

We Are Stations kicked off the night. They had an energetic and upbeat stage presence that had everyone in the audience dancing. Though some of their lyrics were slightly cliché, they were optimistic and came across as remarkably happy which, in turn, made the audience happy to be there. The band incorporated diverse instrumentation with a keyboard that was uniquely and correctly utilized with their music. They were a wonderful choice to get the energy elevated for the entire night.

After We Are Stations finished their last song, William Beckett took the stage. Formerly of The Academy Is…, William Beckett has created a name for himself as a solo artist after touring on the Acoustic Basement stage at Warped Tour last summer. He had many jokes to share that made everyone laugh, including having an intense introduction where the lights dimmed and he made a dramatic appearance which he did after playing his first song. He taught his lyrics to the audience for certain songs and made sure they were enjoying singing along with him. He had a captivating stage presence for a solo artist with only an acoustic guitar (and a laptop with additional instrumental sounds). Before he played “Just You Wait,” a song he wrote for his younger sister when they were going through a very difficult time, he had Sam and Michael, the vocalist and keyboardist of Paradise Fears, come on stage to help him out. The lyrics, “No one else seems to have it this hard/ No one else has to cover their scars,” seemed to stand out to the entire audience. Overall, Beckett played an intimate, humorous set that was well received.

Against the Current took the stage afterwards. The female vocalist, Chrissy Costanza, had an amazing vocal ability. The band utilized distinct harmonies that amplified their performance. They were constantly in motion which engaged the audience tremendously. They had enjoyable, simple lyrics that brought smiles to everyone witnessing their performance. They covered “Ain’t It Fun,” originally by Paramore, and while this was a moderately stereotypical thing to do with a female-fronted band, they did it justice. They then went on to cover a song by The 1975. The band radiated confidence throughout their entire set which was alluring. During their last song, Against the Current went all out, using every last bit of their energy to leave a fantastic impression.

As they closed, the band everyone had been waiting for began to set up. It took them noticeably longer for them to take the stage, but with good reason. Instead of the standard two guitars, a bass, and a drum kit, this band had three keyboards, an octapad, a drum kit stationed towards the side, along with the other standard instruments. Before the band members took the stage, the lights cut out and a dramatic entrance began. Their dynamic sound, which combines electronic music with an acoustic vibe, entered the venue as they began to play “What Are You Waiting For?” The crowd’s cheers reverberated across the room as their excitement went haywire. As Paradise Fears went through their set, they played their own rendition of Macklemore’s famous song, “Same Love,” including their own verses that went with the rhythm. Towards the middle of the set, they announced that they would do a showcase of their songs from the beginning of their career until their most recent, starting with their most recent. Their songs evoked emotion from their seriously dedicated fan base, many of them wearing Paradise Fears merchandise and some of them even showing off their Paradise Fears tattoos.

It was apparent that everyone in the audience was having a stupendous time as they exploded with joy, singing the lyrics to each song the band played. New York City’s edition of the Live Forever Tour was absolutely marvelous due to the talented musicians and devoted audience that came to admire what the bands put their lives toward.

Written by Sara Barber.
Check out our photo gallery of the show, also taken by Sara, by clicking here!

LOL Gallery:

Who: We Are Stations, Against The Current, William Beckett, and Paradise Fears
What: Live Forever Tour
When & Where: 8/14/14, Highline Ballroom; New York, NY
BySara Barber

For full gallery, click here!

Show Review: The Reunion Tour 3/28


The Reunion Tour Featuring:
Candy Hearts
State Champs
William Beckett
Set It Off
We Are The In Crowd

The Reunion Tour hit the Greene Street Club on Friday, March 28th, in Greensboro, NC. Before doors even opened, there was already a long line of fans eagerly awaiting the music filled night ahead of them. This tour is We Are the In Crowd’s first time headlining in the US and it has been a successful one so far. 

Candy Hearts started off the night to a slightly slow start. They received a quiet welcome to the stage from the audience, perhaps because they were the least well known of the bands on tour. Lead vocalist, Mariel Loveland seemed a bit nervous for the first few songs of their set, but eventually she began to loosen up and the crowd did too. For the last song of their set they asked for the audience to sing a line from the chorus and they cheerfully sang along until the end. 

Next up was State Champs, a pop punk band from Albany, NY. The energy was brought as soon as they hit the stage. Vocalist, Derek Discanio, immediately asked the crowd to move up closer as soon as he arrived to the stage. Discanio has an incredible voice that blends perfectly with the high energy instrumentals from the rest of the band. The band has an amazing stage presence and are constantly moving around the stage and interacting with fans in the crowd. Throughout their set fans were singing along to the words, but it was fan favorites, “Remedy”, and closing song, “Elevated”, that really sent the energy in the room to the next level.

Set It Off was next on the bill and having seen them on multiple occasions I knew they were going to be one of my favorite acts of the night. Their set began with a slew of theatrics, including black hoodies, red masks and a voice over of a storyteller explaining what the show was going to entail. Frontman, Cody Carson, continued the theatrical story of a romance gone wrong, telling a little more of the story between each song. My favorite part about Set It Off’s live performances is that they leave no member of the crowd unattended. Each member of the band was singing and making eye contact with fans throughout their set. Carson reached into the crowd multiple times, stood on crowd’s hands and crowd surfed, putting huge smiles on fan’s faces. My only complaint would be that their set was too short and I wanted to see more. 

The lights began to dim and the sound of Eminem’s “My Name Is” started to play with an overdub of William Beckett’s voice saying “Hi, my name is, William Beckett”. It’s clear that Beckett wanted his set to be a fun and enjoyable one. Beckett also showed a soft side, he is a great story teller and shared stories of bullying and struggles and encouraged people to keep their heads up and to keep looking forward. Beckett invited Carson back on the stage to perform a song and claimed that they would be performing “a new song that they just wrote that day”. They then began to break out into Katy Perry’s hit song, “Dark Horse”, much to the amusement of the audience. Beckett ended his set with, “About a Girl”, one of his hits from his former band, The Academy Is…. This got the crowd very excited and ended his performance on a high note. 

Finally, after all the energizing performances from the opening acts, it was time for the headliners, We Are the In Crowd. The band began with their new hit, “The Best Thing (That Never Happened)”, off their recently released album, Weird Kids. This instantly got the crowd energized and excited for the rest of the show. Vocalists, Tay Jardine and Jordan Eckes’ voices bounced off each other beautifully and you can tell that based on the fun interactions with all members of the band on stage that there is great chemistry in this group. Midway through their set, WATIC slowed things down to play, “Windows in Heaven”, a personal song about Jardine’s late father. You could tell by the emotion in her voice that this song is very special to her. WATIC continued playing a mix of new and old songs throughout the rest of the night, which included fan favorites, “Kiss Me Again” and their finale song, “Rumor Mill”. The night ended well and I believe WATIC are going on to do great things. 

Photos and written by Caitlyn Willard

ABSOLUTExclusive: William Beckett Song Premiere



Check out this Ryan Adams cover I did featuring the lovely Cara Salimando.  I wanted to honor the original while putting my own twist on it, respectfully.  Hope you enjoy!

Stream it here —->


This spring, Rocks For Justice will be releasing Songs For Justice, a compilation in which all the proceeds will go to fight global poverty and social injustice via our partnership with Speak Up Productions. We are premiering the first song from the compilation – William Beckett’s cover of “Come Pick Me Up,” featuring some additional vocals from Cara Salimando. You can stream in the replies or at Will’s profile. We’ve also included a teaser video about the project in the replies.

WE DID THIS REMEMBER! I miss singing this song every night 😥

such a great cover. check it out if you haven’t yet.

ABSOLUTExclusive: William Beckett Song Premiere

Interview: William Beckett

We originally had planned to see William Beckett on tour with The Rocket Summer earlier this month, but due to Hurricane Sandy, that show was cancelled. So instead of pictures or videos of that show, we caught up with him via email to ask him questions about his brand new EP and his future plans! Check out the interview below!

It’s been over a year since the split of The Academy Is…, what differences have you noticed between performing/traveling solo vs in a band?

Well, there are less arguments, I’ll tell you that. Ha!  When I began playing shows at seventeen and eighteen I would perform solo, so in a lot of way playing solo is very comfortable for me. I’ve made some lifelong friends this year simply by interacting with other bands on the road more often. 

You recently were a part if a Hurricane Sandy benefit show. How did it go and how was the turnout?

It was a greet experience to be able to help out, even in the smallest way.  What was crazy about it was that night a blizzard swept through the area, so a lot of people on twitter and Facebook were stuck at home in the area and couldn’t make it out.  We made the best of it though, playing over 2 hours, switching off songs with The Classic Crime, and we ended up raising over 1k.

Your newest EP ‘What Will Be’ dropped the end of last month. How would you say this EP differs from ‘Walk The Talk’ and ‘Winds Will Change’?

I worked on What Will Be with the same producer as I did with Winds Will Change, so those 2 are more alike sonically.  However, the EPs are meant to be listened to together, as a collection, from front to back.  From Compromising Me on through Our Story’ s Already Been Told, the journey is concluded in the end.  The 3 EPs chronicle the mercurial arch of a relationship, and how, as time passes, staying together gets more complicated and challenging.

You’ve released 3 EP’s within the past year. Can we expect more new music before the end of 2012?

Funny you should ask!  I am actually releasing 4 exclusive singles to my fan community, The William Beckett Society.  They will be available for members only, and they’ll be released in the coming weeks.  There is still time to sign up and that can be done at  All the cool nerds are doing it. 

What can we expect to see and hear next from William Beckett in 2012 and 2013(if the world doesn’t end, at least…)?

I’ve got a big Chicago Holiday show coming up in December after my tour with Never Shout Never.  Then in 2013 I have plans to get back in the studio to work on a full length, and then I’ll be back out on the road shortly after.  If John Cusack can save us all, that is…

William Beckett: Website | Facebook | Twitter