Kaleigh Baker Announces New Album, Weary Hours


Orlando-based singer-songwriter, Kaleigh Baker, has announced her upcoming full-length album, Weary Hours! Melding the blues/rock attitude, jazz influence, and mountain-soul, Kaleigh Baker is a standout from other singer-songwriters. Don’t believe us? Check out her live session with Off The Avenue featuring a live performance of “Shoot Down,” which can be seen here, and “Pitson Pistol,” which can be seen here!

Weary Hours will be released on October 16th and is currently available for pre-order here! Below you can find the album art and track listing!

1. What Would Tom Waits Do
2. Shoot Down
3. Down By The Sea 

4. Black Widow
5. Sweater
6. Vagabond Preacher
7. Everyday (Come What May)
8. Growing Up is Growing Old 

9. Bright City Lights
10. Pittston Pistol