Supergroup, Teenage Time Killers, To Release Debut Album

After months of speculation, Teenage Time Killers have released information regarding their debut album, Greatest Hits Vol 1, to be released on July 31st via Rise Records. The supergroup includes Reed Mullin, Mick Murphy, Jello Biafra, Randy Blythe of Lamb of God, Dave Grohl and Pat Smear of Foo Fighters, Nick Oliveri, Matt Skiba of Alkaline Trio, Corey Taylor of Slipknot and Stone Sour, Tommy Victor of Prong and Danzig, Lee Ving of Fear, Mike “IX” Williams of Eyehategod, Mullin’s Corrosion of Conformity band mates Mike Dean and Woody Weatherman, Karl Agell and many, many more.

The album consists of 20 mostly original tracks and a few covers of underground classics. You can find the album art and track listing below!

Track listing:
1) “Exploder”
Vocals: Reed Mullin
Featuring Pat Hoed (Bass), London May (Drums)

2) “Crowned by the Light of the Sun”
Vocals: Neil Fallon
Featuring Jim Rota (Guitar), Dave Grohl (Bass)

3) “Hung Out to Dry”
Vocals: Randy Blythe
Featuring Mike Schaefer (Guitar), Dave Grohl (Bass)

4) “Power Outage”
Vocals: Clifford Dinsmore
Featuring Dave Grohl (Bass)

5) “Ode to Hannity”
Vocals: Jello Biafra
Featuring Mike Dean (Bass)

6) “Barrio”
Vocals: Matt Skiba
Featuring Brian Baker (Guitar)

7) “The Dead Hand”
Vocals: Reed Mullin
Featuring Woody Weatherman (Guitar), Dave Grohl (Bass)

8) “Egobomb”
Vocals: Corey Taylor
Featuring Dave Grohl (Bass)

9) “Plank Walk”
Vocals: Pete Stahl
Featuring Greg Anderson (Guitar), Dave Grohl (Bass)

10) “Time to Die”
Vocals: Mike IX Williams
Featuring Greg Anderson (Guitar)

11) “Days of Degradation”
Vocals: Tommy Victor
Featuring Dave Grohl (Bass)

12) “Clawhoof”
Vocals: Tairrie B. Murphy
Featuring Dave Grohl (Bass)

13) “Big Money”
Vocals: Lee Ving
Featuring Pat Smear (Guitar & Bass), London May (Drums)

14) “Devil in this House”
Vocals: Karl Agell
Featuring Dave Grohl (Bass)

15) “Say Goodnight to the Acolyte”
Vocals: Phil Rind
Featuring Jason Browning (Guitar), Dave Grohl (Bass)

16) “Ignorant People”
Vocals: Tony Foresta
Featuring Greg Anderson (Guitar), Nick Oliveri (Bass)

17) “Son of an Immigrant”
Vocals: Johnny Weber
Featuring Brian Baker (Guitar)

18) “Your Empty Soul”
Vocals: Aaron Beam

19) “Bleeding to Death”
Vocals: Vic Bondi
Featuring Dave Grohl (Bass)

20) “Teenage Time Killer”
Vocals: Trenton Rogers
Featuring Greg Anderson (Guitar), Pat Hoed (Bass)

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Review:: Volume 1 | The Vernons


It’s been a while since I’ve had the good fortune of reviewing and album for Lucy Out Loud. Luckily for me, I return with the opportunity to review The Vernons’ EP, Volume 1. The Vernons are a four piece Rock N’ Blues band from The Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, though listening to them you’d think they were straight out the East Coast of America.

The first song on the EP is “
Shake N Roll”, a song that hits you in the face with blues right from the start. Like the entire album, the song has a strangely classic sound to it; you may even swear this is a band from the 70’s, while also finding a connection with the modern Rock N’ Blues bands that have been making waves over the last few years.

“Standing in Line” is the second track and the first single on the EP, complete with a music video that I recommend checking out.  Listening to the song, it is clear that this is the track to push. It is the kind of song that you’ll be embarrassingly singing in your car with no regard for anyone watching. You won’t be able to ignore the need to dance, sway, and sing along.

“White Wine” and “Mercy” round out the album and continue the slightly funky, heavily blues inspired, fun rock sound found on the previous tracks. What I enjoy most about this EP is that the four songs are clearly similar, but are just slightly different enough to show that the band doesn’t ride one particular sound.

I can’t tell you enough how much I enjoyed this EP, truly fantastic. This is the kind of album that can reach wide age and genre ranges. Don’t be surprised at all if you hear a lot more from The Vernons in the years to come.

Release Date: September 6th, 2013
Rating: 5
Runtime: ≈
13 minutes

Track List:
1. Shake N Roll
Stand in Line
White Win

The Vernons are:
Jonny Nyst – Guitar / Vocals
James Nikiforides – Guitar
Hugh Tait – Bass
Elliot Gooch – Drums

Written By: Mark Northern