Review:: BLUESHIFT | Visitors


For fans of: The Used, The Mars Volta, Fall of Troy

Combine mesmerizing guitars, passionate and expansive vocal melodies, and drums that are heavier than Hell and what do you get? I’ll give you a hint: it’s the debut EP from Visitors, BLUESHIFT. With only their first release, Visitors have proven that they deserve any positive attention that they have gotten or will get.

BLUESHIFT’s first track, “With a Y,” starts the EP with a bang; though, every song hits just as hard as the one before, and every melody is as irresistibly haunting as those preceding. On top of this, the EP flows together in such an incredible way, stitched together by intelligent, yet vehement lyricism – my personal favorite being “Camera Obscura.” From start to finish, BLUESHIFT is reminiscent of the roots of progressive rock, following in the footsteps of predecessors and obvious influences, such as The Mars Volta and artists alike. If you’ve got a good two hours on your hands, fill it with BLUESHIFT (it’s roughly 25 minutes, but once isn’t enough).

Release Date: May 20, 2014
Rating: 3.9/5
Run Time: 25 minutes

Track Listing:
1. “With a Y”
2. “Ages”
3. “Past Passages Passed”
4. “Camera Obscura”
5. “Springtides”

Written by Joe Calvi

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