Video Premiere:: “Sleepover” – Kyle Britton


It doesn’t take long for Kyle Britton’s “Sleepover” to dig itself into your head. While the first bright, plucky chords are enough to get you tapping a foot, by the time the chorus comes along, there’s no chance at you sitting still. Playful, simple, and far from innocent (in all of the good ways), Britton’s breezy voice and carefree attitude are seasonally perfect, setting the mood for that lazy Sunday afternoon or that morning where you need to hit the snooze button just one more time.

Kyle had this to say about the track, “Sleepover is a playful song about lovers turning off the world, locking themselves away from the day, skipping out on all responsibilities and living in their perfect universe. There is no amount of money or ramification too great that could take this day away from them.” Check out the music video for “Sleepover” below!

Kyle Britton: Website | Facebook | Twitter

Video Premiere:: “Waste Away” – Faithless Town


Building toward their second full-length album, we’ve teamed up with Atlanta-bred Faithless Town to debut the visual stream for their lead single “Waste Away.” Whether it’s the dark, heavy verses or the light, airy chorus, frontman Gene Owens’ vocals help craft a sound that is part Bruce, part Bowie, the 80’s, 90’s, and modern mainstream all blended together.

Owens shared with us how the track came to be. “After discovering them at a big outdoor music festival, I spent a lot of time listening to The National. I fell in love with their last album Trouble Will Find Me. One day during that period I sat down and starting strumming the guitar and before long I had “Waste Away.” The song evokes the imagery of a hopeless office worker that feel disenchanted with life and wants more than anything to escape in search of something better. With the production we looked to a lot of Smiths records to emulate how Johnny Marr would overdub multiple guitars to create a dreamy, lush soundscape.” Check out the visual stream for “Waste Away” below and keep your eyes peeled for Faithless Town’s full-length album Empires, to be released on June 2nd!

Video Premiere:: “Oceanside” – Autopilot


We’re happy to premiere the brand new video for “Oceanside” from Saskatoon
alt-rockers Autopilot. The video lets you live vicariously through the eyes of
someone spending their life on the road – which is something we’ve all dreamed
of at least once or twice. Autopilot brings a refreshing twist to the feel-good
music we all crave, filled with dreamy vocals and catchy hooks.

When discussing the concept of the video, vocalist Marlon Harder shares, “The video for “Oceanside”
is a glimpse into life on the road. We’ve spent much of the past few years
touring. This is some of the footage from northern Ontario to Texas to Florida
and everywhere in between. “Oceanside” was inspired by a few particular
days we spent in Atlantic City as well as California and long tours of excess
and the blur that can be life.“

the music video for “Oceanside” here:

Autopilot: Website | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

Video Premiere:: “Hill Top” – Josh Stevens


We’ve teamed up with RIAA Platinum Certified, Grammy Nominated Recording Artist Josh Stevens to premiere a very special live video. Having previously worked with artists including LMFAO, Jennifer Lopez, Pitbull and Steve Aoki, producer Josh Stevens decided in 2014 that it was time to finally focus on creating music for himself. Thus, the Story of Summer EP was born. Released just last month, the EP revolves around the rise and fall of a roller coaster relationship which follows Josh through different emotional stages. We are happy to premiere the live video for the EP’s first single “Hill Top.”

Stevens teamed up with LSTN Headphones to film the video to help bring awareness to the company and it’s mission. “Super excited to partner with LSTN Headphones on this live unplugged version of “Hill Top,” says Stevens. “It helps bring purpose to music by furthering LSTN’s cause of giving hearing aids to communities around the world with each headphone purchase.“ Yup. You read that right. For each purchase made through LSTN Headphones, the company helps to provide hearing aids to people in need through their charity partner, the Starkey Hearing Foundation. Since 2013, the company has given the gift of sound to over 20,000 people. For more information on LSTN Headphones, click here!

Watch the live video for “Hill Top” below:

New Music Video:

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