Road Blog:: On My Honor. (Update 5)

On My Honor, a pop-punk band from TN, has just started their fall tour and will be on the road until early November. The band has a busy month ahead of them as they are currently touring with GA pop-punk band, Veara (Epitaph Records), will then meet up with The Swellers (No Sleep Records) and will also play Fest in Gainesville, FL next month before ending their tour. Needless to say, these boys will be busy and we have your behind the scenes look of their life on the road!

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Update 5.
From drummer, Tobias Campbell

Oct. 20th – We met back up with Veara in South Bend, Indiana. The show that night was in a venue called The Generic Shop, which was this rad little hole in the wall building, with no actual stage, making the show seem more intimate. That night we hung out with our buddy Derek from the band Trash the Dress. We attempted to buy a Ouija Board since Derek lives next to a graveyard in South Bend, but Walmart doesnt carry them in-store anymore.

Oct. 21st – This was an off day. We went with our buddy Derek to check out the only cool thing in South Bend. Notre Dame. After walking around campus for a couple hours we went to the bar and grill Derek works at and hung out until we went back to crash at his place for another night.

Oct. 22nd – We  dropped a show in Cincinnati, OH which gave us another day off. Since the next day’s show was going to be in Cleveland we decided to leave South Bend and get a hotel room in Cleveland. The hotel was relaxing and we were able to find the Nashville Predators game vs the Minnesota Wild on TV. Drew, Jordan, and myself are pretty big hockey fans. Drew and Jordan are major Preds supporters. Since I’m from Idaho I’ve never really had an NHL team I fully backed, but since the Preds are the state team I might as well get into it. For real though. Ask me about my Idaho Steelheads, or the ECHL. I got you boo. The Preds ended up losing (like they normally do) and it was a disappointing end to a day where we drove through the entire boring state of Ohio.

Oct. 23rd -We started off the day going and checking out the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame in Cleveland. It was a blistering cold day with the wind whipping off the lake. Double sweatshirts and I was still shaking. After the HOF we went to load in. Veara had been having van problems and we were unsure if they were going to make it. They did just in time to watch us play. The venue was really rad, just had way too many local bands on the bill. And it started snowing. On the plus side, I bought Drew a one direction key chain for a buck.

Oct. 24th -There was a show that night for us and Veara in Connecticut so we drove through the night. While in Pennsylvania I found some Birch Beer, a magical Root Beer like drink that has evaded me since I started looking for it in Boston two tours ago. It wasnt the same brand I was looking for but it was still the soft drink. Terrible but still Birch Beer. When we made it to Connecticut we had a friend put us up for a couple hours until the show at this studio space. The venue was rad and the guys working there were even cooler. It was a super fun show, probably one of my favorites with Veara.

Oct. 25th – New York City, New York. Manhattan. The Studio at Webster Hall. On My Honor. The Swellers. Candy Hearts. This show was completely packed out. The hours before were filled with mostly frustration. Parking in The City is the worst task anyone can find. Once the show kicked off it got much better. Jake and I went off and found $1 slices of Pizza which were pretty good for just being a dollar. Once back at the venue our buddies Nick and Jesse from Far From Proper came to hang out. This show was probably our best set of the tour. The crowd reaction was amazing. Candy Hearts, who we played with previously in Greensboro, NC at Songs Of The South Fest, put on an amazing show for their pretty much hometown crowd. Then The Swellers came on. The Swellers have been my favorite band for a couple of years now. The song Best I Ever Had convinced me to pursue a career in the music industry (Thanks Nick and Jono.) When they came on, The Studio erupted. They started off the set with the first song off The Light Under Closed Doors, Should. Myself, Nick, Jesse, the rest of On My Honor, and New York were singing every word to every song, and suffering through Anto’s bad stage jokes. During the break at the end of Runaways, the Swellers cover Coffee Mug by The Descendents. I tried to get an old school circle pit going but the kids were all about Push Moshing so I got beat up in the pit. The Swellers also pulled out a song both Jake and I freaked over. They covered Knowledge by Operation Ivy just on a whim. All in All it was a super tight show.

Oct. 26th – This show was in South Jersey, put on by the lovely Taylor from Short Lived Affair. Other than not being able to use my own drumset, and playing behind what felt like a Hockey Penalty Box, the show was pretty good. Afterwards us and Veara went back to Taylor’s house where we played with her two dogs, sat by a fire and roasted marshmallows, and had sweet hot tub hangs.

Oct. 28th– This was our last show with Veara. If you havent seen them live you need to go. Patrick, Brad, Bryan, and Brittany are some of the best musicians I’ve seen live. If you’re a young musician, go watch and learn. If you just dig music, check them out. The live show is fantastic. If they aren’t coming near you, at least pick up their new album Growing Up Is Killing Me. It’s an amazing album.

We still have a week left with The Swellers, where we play Fest12 and our hometown. Looking forward to finishing this tour out strong.

On My Honor

Road Blog:: On My Honor. (Update 4)

On My Honor, a pop-punk band from TN, has just started their fall tour and will be on the road until early November. The band has a busy month ahead of them as they are currently touring with GA pop-punk band, Veara (Epitaph Records), will then meet up with The Swellers (No Sleep Records) and will also play Fest in Gainesville, FL next month before ending their tour. Needless to say, these boys will be busy and we have your behind the scenes look of their life on the road!

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Update 4.
From bassist, Jake Jones

October 12
We arrived in San Antonio, TX a few hours early for load in. Lucas took the van to the gym and the rest of us walked about a mile to the Alamo. After talking myself out of peeing on the same spot where Ozzy Osbourne urinated some years ago, we headed back to the venue. Drew and I ventured over to the adjacent VFW hall for a beer and some much needed air conditioning. We then proceeded to head back and help load our gear into the venue. The promoter provided us all with free pizza and we all embarked on a feeding frenzy of epic proportions. The local bands were all great and the turnout was starting to look really good considering we had never played in San Antonio before. We played through our set and left the stage completely drenched in sweat. San Antonio is incredibly hot in mid October, go figure. Veara killed it as usual and then we all loaded up and headed to our place of residence for the evening. We all threw back a few drinks, experienced some good conversations amongst one another, and then crashed for the evening.

October 13
I slept for most of the drive to Denton, TX. We pulled up to the venue at 6:00 and loaded in our gear. The venue was very nice with a good sized stage. I then re-strung my devil bass and then chilled at the bar. There were four solid local bands before us that all did a great job. As we began our sound check we noticed what appeared to be our first heckler of the tour. Lucas quickly put an end to that and invited the kid to come do our sound check for us. It was awkward for him yet so awesome for us :). Our set was well-received and then we rushed off stage so Veara could prepare for total domination. They succeeded! Us and the Veara crew then reconvened at the bar and toasted to another great night of tour.

October 14th.
So Austin, TX rules simply because of Del Taco. We stopped and ate a tremendous amount of tacos and burritos. Their hot sauce was magnificent and the show was pretty cool too. The bar was made out of old punk band fliers such as Rancid and Black Flag which obviously made my heart happy. We played with a badass local band called Thieves that played a killer cover set consisting of pretty much everything on my iPod including but not limited to: Thrice, Weezer, Blink 182, and Jimmy Eat World. The always brilliant, Veara, then graced the stage and talked about acid while playing a super trippy set. There were lots of tye-died beavers running around and it was a good “Texas” night for sure.

October 15.
We played in a town called Metairie, LA which isn’t too far from New Orleans. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to go and destroy Bourbon St. but we had a pretty decent time at the venue. We consumed a bunch of free pizza then us and the guys/gal in Veara snuck a bunch of beer into the the gated parking lot that served as a perfect place for a tail-gate party. Apparently the locals bands had the same idea which resulted in a massive fenced in band bash resembling something that would have taken place before a Guns ‘n’ Roses concert back in the 80’s. Needless to say, it was a great time. Oh, and the show was good too (except for the fact that the venue owner decided to not pay any of us).

October 16.
This was an off day for us. Luckily my parents live on the way to Louisville, KY and were ok with shacking up 12 stinky musicians. My mom cooked a bunch of food and filled the basement fridge with highlife. We basically did nothing but eat and drink all day and night. It was a well deserve day of optimum relaxation.

October 17.
We played at Spinellis in Louisville, KY last night. Louisville is basically our second home and is always a blast. We got to see a bunch of good friends, and as always, ate free Spinellis pizza (which is delicious!). After the show we all went out with the Louisville crew to a few bars and proceeded to do what we do best. My girlfriend had driven to town for the show so I got to hang out with her for the first time in a month. That pretty much made my day. Al in all it was a fantastic evening in Louisville as usual.

October 18.
Today was our first show with the Swellers and oh how badass it was! We played at the Beat Kitchen in Chicago which is one of the sickest venues I’ve had the good fortune to experience first hand. The turnout was probably the best since our first show with Veara back in Augusta. The show started very late but people just kept piling into the building. We plowed through an abridged version of our set in order to leave ample time for the Swellers to bring their rock to the eager masses. They performed a flawless and extensive set comprised of material reaching all the way back to the earlier years of their career and up to their current release. I was blown away (as were the rest of my band mates). It was definitely my favorite show of this tour so far. We left around1:30 am or so and headed to Dan’s aunt’s house for a good night’s sleep and bagels for breakfast. 


Road Blog:: On My Honor. (Update 3)

On My Honor, a pop-punk band from TN, has just started their fall tour and will be on the road until early November. The band has a busy month ahead of them as they are currently touring with GA pop-punk band, Veara (Epitaph Records), will then meet up with The Swellers (No Sleep Records) and will also play Fest in Gainesville, FL next month before ending their tour. Needless to say, these boys will be busy and we have your behind the scenes look of their life on the road!

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Update 3.
From guitarist, Lucas Sams

October 6th- The Hoosier Dome | Indianapolis, IN
Today we played The Hoosier Dome in Indianapolis. We always love playing at The Hoosier dome and they’ve always treated us well. Tonight was special to me because someone that had been wanting to see us play for a few years finally got to see us. She was the first person to pre-order “I Never Deserve the Things I Need” when they went up earlier this year. Stuff like that means a lot to me, so I’m glad we got to meet and play for them. There was also a foot switch that controlled the lights on stage and I got to play with that, which was pretty awesome/funny.

October 7th- Dugan Best Rec | Owensboro, KY
This show was awesome. Our friend Jesse put it on for us, on a day that was supposed to be an off day. Owensboro doesn’t get a lot of shows and everyone seemed to genuinely appreciate us and Veara coming out. There were about 75 kids on a Monday in Kentucky, not something that happens too much. It was at a rec center that had a really nice basketball court; us and Veara wanted to play but they wouldn’t let us. Despite this, we still had a great fun time.

October 8th- The Riot Room | Kansas, City
This venue was awesome and the staff were really cool. There was a dubstep party going on in the other side of the venue. Draw your own conclusions to this one.

October 9th- The DAV building at the South Iowa Fairgrounds
This was our first time playing in Iowa. We’ve driven through it a lot, but never had the chance to play. We had a great time and played with some really cool bands from the area. All the kids seemed to have had a good time. We got to stay in the fairgrounds after the show and it kind of felt like a big camping trip. It was pretty cool to just chill there, use the shower houses and get some rest. When you’re in a van for 10 hours a day, a night to just hang out, shower, and rest is pretty awesome.

October 10th- The OBEC | Springfield, Missouri
Another really fun show in a place we haven’t gotten to play a lot. We’ve played St. Louis quite a bit, but that was pretty much it as far as Missouri goes. Nothing crazy happened here. We played, Veara played, and we ended up hanging out at someone’s house all night.

October 11th- Vanguard Music Hall | Tulsa, Oklahoma
Tulsa was a pretty fun place to hang out. I spent most of the day on the computer doing band related business and I had an hour long phone conversation with some people interested in working with us. The show was a good time. We had our set cut to about 15 minutes because the show was running behind- that wasn’t so fun. We made the best of it and had a really good time watching Veara on such a nice big stage. I got Brian from Veara to work some pretty funny stuff into their mosh call. We had a super long drive to San Antonio that night so we just left right after the show and started the drive.

October 12th- The Ten Eleven | San Antonio, Texas
Today was a fun show. We always love playing in Texas. It was one of the hottest shows we’ve ever played. We were all sweating so much we thought we were going to pass out. Our shirts were so soaked it looked like we just dipped them in the river or something. Everyone that was there really got into the show and moved around, so we had a great time. We also got to check out The Alamo and the River Walk, which were both really cool to see. We stayed at a friend’s house and their mom made us breakfast the next day. Can’t ask for more than that.

Road Blog:: On My Honor. (Update 2)


On My Honor, a pop-punk band from TN, has just started their fall tour and will be on the road until early November. The band has a busy month ahead of them as they are currently touring with GA pop-punk band, Veara (Epitaph Records), will then meet up with The Swellers (No Sleep Records) and will also play Fest in Gainesville, FL next month before ending their tour. Needless to say, these boys will be busy and we have your behind the scenes look of their life on the road!

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Update 2.
From vocalist, Drew Justice:

September 29- Poughkeepsie, NY
   I woke up on the floor of an oceanside beach house in CT, next to a spot that apparently had just been cleaned of my friend’s vomit from the night before. Our pal Matt from Far From Proper turned 21 the night before, and we were lucky enough to be in the area and stoked to share his day with him. The windows were open so I could hear the tide and voices of my friends on the back porch. I threw a shirt back on and spent the morning drinking coffee and just enjoying everyone’s company back by the water. We eventually left, showing up an hour late for load-in at The Loft in Poughkeepsie, NY. The show was a good time, and after our set I met a guy named Ben who told us he had just driven eight hours from VA to catch us and Veara. After the show, we hit up the Palace Diner with Nick, Angelo and Jesse from Far From Proper. I had planned on just having coffee, but caved pretty much immediately when it was brought to my attention that they offered a mac and cheese, pulled pork BBQ, grilled cheese sandwich. Immersed in a food coma, we rolled to Nick’s house for the night where we started laundry and tried to get to sleep.


September 30- Wappinger Falls, NY
   Getting to sleep proved pretty difficult last night. I can feel what I’m afraid is a sinus infection coming on. After hours of rearranging, trying to get comfortable and thinking I was almost there, only to fall back into a coughing fit, I finally faded sometime around five thirty. I ventured downstairs around eleven, and Tobias told me there was coffee in the kitchen. I finished my first cup, then headed to the shower. I took one of those “I’m feeling sick” showers–the ones that consist mostly of standing with your head down and staring down the drain while the water, as hot as you can handle, hits the back of your head and top of your neck and you imagine the mucus and illness evaporating in the steam. Finally, we were all up and ready, so we headed to Amiliano’s–our favorite Poughkeepsie-area NY pizzeria. Angelo and Jesse from FFP met us there, where we talked about Skynet and pop music. A couple of errands had to be ran afterward, so Jordan dropped Dan and myself off at a Sprint store to get a phone for him, his having been busted in Boston. The other guys tried to get Tobias’s kick pedal back in working order. After welcoming Dan to the iPhone family, we walked down the street to Bad Ass Coffee to wait on the guys, where our barista was a new friend we had made at Matt’s party in Connecticut.
We made it back to Nick’s, where he, Lucas and I hammered out a Movielife cover we had been wanting to do together for a while. The rest of the night was a relaxing one, filled with Backstreet Boy songs, tea to nurse the cough factory in my throat, great talks and heart-to-hearts with Nick (which they always are; dude’s one of my favorite people on the planet) and catching the newest South Park with Dan. Jordan held down the living room couch watching The Bodyguard and Ancient Aliens, until we all finally came together and ended the night watching a Justin Timberlake profile on Fuse.

October 1- Niagara Falls, NY
   Leaving Nick always sucks, but I woke up at 7:20 to do just that and to start getting everyone up to head to Niagara Falls where we’d booked a room for the day. We drove across upstate New York, which is one of my favorite drives in the country. In the fall it’s particularly beautiful. The leaves are changing, and even the interstate offers a great view of tons of forest, littered with miles of leaves changing, interrupted occasionally by upstate farmhouses that are just as gorgeous in their own way. Around four p.m. we made it to the hotel a little ahead of Veara. While everyone was showering Dan, Tobias and I visited their room to do a little decorating–setting the microwave clock to 6:66, tucking a luggage cart into their bed, building curtains from sheets and iron cords, hiding pillows in the fridge and shower, and the like. Once everyone was cleaned up, most of us walked toward the pedestrian bridge into Canda. I’d seen the falls before, but only from the American side. We passed the turnstiles on the American side, everyone fairly excited at the fact that we were walking across an international border. We stopped at the boundary line and took a handful of pictures in the mist and winds then quickly headed on. We crossed the border with no problems (the attendant even asked if we had weapons and took it on good faith that my knife wasn’t intended to kill anyone with). We tried to find a bar to watch hockey and enjoy cheap beers in, then quickly realized we were in a rather touristy area that likely wouldn’t lend itself to that too readily. Still, we wandered the area, taking advantage of more photo opportunities in this place that reminded me of Gatlinburg in Tennessee–Ripley’s attractions and the typical vacation restaurants all around. After stopping by the dinosaur mini-golf and giant Ferris wheel, we walked away from the town center and found a small place called Jack’s that was playing the game. Our stay was brief, and we headed back toward the border. We found getting back into the states to be slightly more annoying–a foreshadowing of what we would deal with the following night as well. We cleared customs then paid the .50 each to get back into NY. Jordan, Jake and I spent the rest of the night sneaking beers from my backpack sitting at the falls, which I’d never seen at night. It was only slightly trafficked and no one bothered us, as we sat there talking, marveling at the multi-colored lit mist that filled nearly the entire the crevasse of the falls and occasionally hid completely the massive space needle just across the water. When we were satisfied, the guys headed to a stateside bar and to meet the rest of Veara. I retired to our room and called it a decent off-day.

October 2- Toronto, ON
   We checked out of our rooms and headed to Taco Bell for breakfast. Today was our first time driving across international borders, so we took a few minutes to clean the van and “dispose” of what alcohol we had left from our off days. Crossing the border proved fairly easy, but I found driving in Toronto to be a trip. I hate driving in towns that have trolly lines in the streets and virtually no left turns, which was exactly where we found ourselves. Tobias described it as a “bastard child of Portland and Seattle.” Our GPS wasn’t working either, having not been updated since 2008, so our best bet at navigation was a series of screen shot maps that Tobias took before we left the states. In all of the shows we’ve ever played, this was probably the worst load-in of all time as well. We had to park down and across the street, which meant we had to cross rush hour Toronto traffic and the trolly lines with our gear, before carrying it up four flights of stairs. Despite earlier frustrations, the show was a good time, and the people working the venue were fantastic to us. We spent a good deal of time at the bar watching hockey with our new friends, George and Tyler. We were ready to get back to the motherland and decided passing the border at night would be easier, so we began our four hour drive to Pittsburgh. We stayed up chatting for a while and of course ran in to more difficulty getting back into the U.S. than out of it. After opening our trailer and getting some grief from the patrolman, we were told to go inside while they ransacked the van. Despite all of that, the handful of people singing along and our new friends made our Canadian adventure an overall good one.

October 3- Pittsburgh, PA
   I woke up around 4:30 p.m. to Lucas rolling a cold pumpkin ale across my leg and saying, “good morning.” I’d slept in the van all day and found my clothes soaked through with sweat. Eventually I came to life and made my way into the venue. The show was a surprisingly good one, based on our very few previous Pittsburgh experiences. After the show, I retired back to the van and laid in the floor listening to Biz Marquee radio with Dan and Tobias until the other guys were ready to go.

October 4- Kent, OHimage

We made it to Kent far too early and spent the majority of the day walking by the river or sleeping in the van when it was raining, after getting our oil changed. Kent State is one of the nicer campuses I’ve come across, and we’ve already made some great memories there, particularly on our tour with Major League and The Tired and True last year. After loading in to the Euro Gyro, we went to Taco Bell with Veara where three of us won free food on the coin drop. The set was one of the most intense of tour, and probably the hottest I’ve ever played–stage diving from tables and a fairly constant push-pit. It was tough to find a dry patch of clothing on any of us afterward. After all of us stripping to our underwear by the trailer and re-dressing, I went back inside to watch Veara. During their set, I noticed a few guys I’d talked to after ours standing by the restroom. One of them was inside the open door, holding his face with what I’d assumed was a busted lip. His friend told me he’d “busted his face pretty badly.” I got a look and he’d bitten through his tongue, apparently due to an elbow to the face. I told them we had a first aid kit in the van and walked them outside. His friend grabbed ice, but obviously there wasn’t much we could do from a small first aid kit; dude needed stitches. We sat him up on the van and kept talking to him, encouraging him not to pass out until his pals found a hospital to get him to. Shortly thereafter, the Gyro started clearing out and we headed toward Flint, MI, where a friend of ours and venue owner in the area was kind enough to let us crash. I rode with Veara, where they exposed me to South African pop music and we talked about Godzilla.

October 5- Lansing, MI



We didn’t make it to Flint until a little after six am. I opted to jump in our van and fall asleep. Shortly after noon I came to and joined the dudes in the house. Our host is a mutual friend with The Swellers, so we showered and watched Shawn of the Dead while those guys shot a music video downstairs. Once everyone was cleaned up, we headed to Mac’s Bar for an early load-in. All of the work was done by four. The bar was playing Idiocracy and SLC Punk so we all sat back watching it, and I enjoyed free beer from the bar. The set was a good time too, with a few kids singing along. Afterward, we took photos with a group of dudes, grabbed Hungry Howie’s for dinner and headed to spend our Saturday night with Veara and Way To Fall, the local from the show. Solid Saturday.

Road Blog:: On My Honor. (Update 1)

On My Honor, a pop-punk band from TN, has just started their fall tour and will be on the road until early November. The band has a busy month ahead of them as they are currently touring with GA pop-punk band, Veara (Epitaph Records), will then meet up with The Swellers (No Sleep Records) and will also play Fest in Gainesville, FL next month before ending their tour. Needless to say, these boys will be busy and we have your behind the scenes look of their life on the road!

Update 1.
From guitarist, Jordan Garner:

The first day of tour started off with a long 7hr drive from our hometown of Knoxville, TN to the hometown of our tour mates Veara in Augusta, GA for their album release show at Sector 7G. The show was absolutely amazing with about 200 people in attendance and everyone had a great time, including ourselves. Our friend Shmoopy (dan) cried like a baby and begged for us to take him on this tour to do merch. We are nice guys so we said “sure, but you have to wear this uniform every night” (Photo below)

The next day we started our trip to the next stop on The Fluxcapacitour in Myrtle Beach, SC. We pulled up to Fresh Brewed Coffee which was the venue we played that night. The place looked deceivingly small when we first walked in but then we were led to the back of the building through a small hallway to the stage which ended up being really awesome. The show started and people started making their way inside to catch the bands they came to see and we all had a good time. When you combine the beach, friends and punk rock, what’s not to like about Myrtle Beach?

Richmond, VA was the third stop of the tour. Richmond was kind of a last minute show booked at a venue called Sound Check Studios. It was a pretty punk rock looking place because it was located in a old warehouse down a rough looking alley. The show turned out to be pretty cool considering it was one of the later dates booked. We had another long drive the next day but we split it in half and drove through the night to Baltimore to stay with our friend Shane.

After a little bit of sleep and a quick shower, we started the rest of our drive to the 4th stop of tour in Stanhope, NJ. We played at The Stanhope House which I was told on arrival was haunted, so I was immediately excited. Me and a few of the guys went to explore the town, we found absolutely nothing, not even a gas station. When we realized that we were not going to find anything to do to kill time, we headed back to the venue to find out we got a $100 bar tab for the bands. The fun began…

Me and Lucas drove through the night to Virginia Beach, VA to stay with our friend Scott to get a little sleep before load in at the next venue Club Relevant. We got to play with our boys in Audiostrobelight as well as a lot of other great local bands. The show ended and we went to hang out at our friend Kris’ house. He lives next to an art museum and jake climbed up a huge horse sculpture and took a sweet picture (photo below).

The next day we played my favorite show of the tour so far at The Barbary in Philadelphia,  PA. Philly has always been good to us and it is definitely one of our favorite cities to play. We recorded our new album at Overlook Studios just north of the city so we have spent a lot of time there.

Our next stop was Amityville Music Hall on Long Island in New York. I have a love/hate relationship with NYC. The shows and the kids that come out are always great but we usually have to end up paying around $80-$100 in tolls making it extremely difficult to be able to come play the area. Long Island has such a legendary music scene and we will always play if given an opportunity but its definitely harder to get in, play and get out of NYC than anywhere else in the world in my opinion.

We drove all night again to Boston, MA because we had an 11A.M. LOAD IN! If you are familiar with going to punk rock shows at all, you understand that this is extremely early compared to most shows that usually start around 8p.m.  The venue we played at was called The Middle East and they hooked us up with half price food and drink tickets which is ALWAYS appreciated by touring bands. It was an early show so we were loaded up and ready to leave by 5p.m. which was cool because our friend Matt was having his 21st birthday party at a beach house near New Haven, CT.  The fun began, again…

This tour has definitely been awesome so far. We have been friends with Veara for a long time so we’re excited that this tour finally happened. There are still a lot of dates left so be sure to check out and come hang out!






Glamour Kills has announced part of the lineup for the “A Very GK Holiday Festival 2011”. There will be two dates, sat Dec 17th in Poughkeepsie, NY and sunday Dec 18th in Danbury, CT. Bands announced so far for the two shows are The Wonder Years, Fairweather, The Dangerous Summer, Veara, Into It. Over It., and This Condition. Tickets will be avaliable here for presale on August 19th.

NEW: Hawthorne Heights(@hawthornehgts) tour dates.

Also featuring: After Midnight Project, Veara, and Handguns

3/31 Louisville, OH – Carriage House
4/1 Westland, MI – The Token Lounge
4/2 Steger, IL – Another Hole In The Wall
4/3 Toledo, OH – Frankie’s
4/4 Pittsburg, PA – Diesel Club Lounge
4/5 Allentown, PA – Croc Rock
4/6 Poughkeepsie, NY – The Chance
4/7 Albany, NY – Bogies
4/8 Providence, RI – The Ruins in The Colosseum
4/9 Manchester, NH – Rockos
4/12 at The Space in Hamden,CT
4/13 at Webster Hall Studio in NY,NY
4/14 at School of Rock in S. Hackensack,NJ
4/15 at Hanger 84 in Vineland NJ
4/16 at North East Fire Hall in North East, MD
4/17 at Recher Theatre in Baltimore, MD
4/19 at Tremont Music Hall in Charlotte, NC
4/20 at Hooligan Music Hall in Jacksonville, NC
4/21 at The Rock Shop in Fayetteville, NC
4/23 at Spring Street Music Hall in Johnson City, TN
4/29 at The Venue in Terre Haute, IN
4/30 at Rhino’s in Bloomington,IN

Veara will only be playing the first half of the tour, from 3/31-4/9