Summer Scouts To Release Debut Album Tomorrow


Allentown power-pop band Summer Scouts have announced that they will be releasing their debut album Furthest Reach on May 20th. The album, which was engineered, mixed, and mastered by Carson Slovak and Grant Macfarland of Atrium Audio, is filled with 10 eclectic and heartfelt tracks that fans are sure to love!

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Cane Hill To Release Debut Album

New Orleans rockers, Cane Hill, have announced their debut full-length album, Smile. The album, which was recorded with producer WZRD BLD earlier this year, will be released on July 15th via Rise Records. “We’re more excited for this release than anything we’ve done as a band,” says vocalist Elijah Witt. “I think we’ve finally figured out exactly what we are, and everything else was just a trial run. We’ve honed in on the violence and honesty that we’ve felt music has lacked.”

Check out the artwork and track listing for Smile below!

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Empty Houses Announce Signing and Debut Album

Detroit retro-pop trio Empty Houses announced their signing to Sargent House just last week! With that announcement, the band also shared that their debut album, Daydream, will be released on June 10th via Sargent House. The album, which was produced by the band and four-time Grammy-winner Graham Marsh (Bruno Mars, CeeLo Green, Common), is inspired by the soulful stylings of Motown, but given a 21st-century update!

Fans can check out the artwork and track listing for Daydream below!

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With Confidence Announce Debut Album

Australian alt rockers With Confidence released a new music video for their latest single “Keeper” just last week. With the video comes an announcement of their debut full-length album! The album, titled Better Weather, is set to be released on June 17th via Hopeless Records.

Check out the album art and track listing below!

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The Stolen To Release New EP

New Jersey pop rockers The Stolen will be releasing their new EP next week and we’re pretty hyped about it. The EP, I’m So Dead, is set to be released on April 8th and was produced and engineered by Rob Chirappa (who also mixed the EP) and Mike Oettinger. The band had this to say about the release, “We wanted to write a record that told a story of personal/drastic change that happened this year. We wanted to write a record that grooves. We took influence from 90’s rock to modern pop to R&B. With a year of hardship and a larger musical palette, it gave us more to color with for this record.”

Check out the artwork and track listing for I’m So Dead below!

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Review:: Cardinal | Pinegrove

It’s not very nice for me to write about a band that people have barely heard of, that is just now releasing their first album with a proper record label, by talking about how lonely their sound is. I’m sure that the Montclair, NJ natives that make up Pinegrove would love to have many more fans and be making much more money, and to my ears, they surely deserve to.

But the best thing about Cardinal, Pinegrove’s short-but-sweet 8-song album, is the feeling that you might be listening to it alone, because the emotion it delivers is hand-wrapped in your own special package. The lyrics are conversational, direct in their words if not always their intentions. Singer Evan Stephen Hall has a nice voice, but he
never seems completely sure if he’s singing, letting an ache trespass into the musicality, along with a slight drawl that seems somewhat at odds with the band’s New Jersey roots.

The band’s sound feels that way as well, with a slight twang that betrays a deep American-ness, without being placed in any specific part of the country. There’s an almost country-ish sound in their music, differentiating their indie-rock with a little wistfulness. Though the band is relentlessly electric in their instrumentation, letting guitars crunch and drums smack while the bass thuds along, the structure of the songs can make them seem so very sparse, almost acoustic.

On no song is this feeling of sparseness used to better effect than on the second track, “Cadmium,” starting out with just a few weak ringing notes on the guitar and Hall’s voice, letting that ache do the work for a whole band, before coming together as the band that complements the sound of that wistful voice. Restraint is used to the best effect in the instrumentation—even when the sound becomes full enough to fill a room by the chorus, it never feels anything less than intimate, and no sound feels extraneous.

Pinegrove are starting to have a moment, moving out of Montclair to tour the country, and getting applause from critics with much more impressive resumes than mine. I imagine that people will soon start having heard of them. It makes you wonder at the power of intimacy, whether the band that sounds so great for their loneliness and their individuality can keep it up when playing to the largest of rooms.

It’s this feeling of restraint that makes any such worry absurd. Their music is beautiful in its solitude no matter how many instruments are playing. Pinegrove is able to be direct and close, imminent and personal, no matter how big their audience may become. Rather than sounding like a band you have to seek out, they sound like a band that’s singing specifically to you.

Release Date: February 12, 2016
Rating: 4/5
Run Time: ~30 minutes


Track Listing:
1. Old Friends
2. Cadmium
3. Then Again
4. Aphasia
5. Visiting
6. Waveform
7. Size Of The Moon
8. New Friends

Written by Jon Hecht

Purple To Stream New Album From SXSW, Tomorrow


Texas rockers Purple recently made it on our 50 Artists You Won’t Want To Miss At SXSW feature (which you can see here) and now the band has shared some pretty badass news. The band’s new album, Bodacious, is set to be released on April 1st, but the band will be streaming it tomorrow from SXSW!

Stream the new album below, along with the artwork and track listing for Bodacious!

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Landscapes To Release New Album

Somerset rockers, Landscapes, have shared the details of their upcoming album, Modern Earth. The new album, which is set to be released on April 8th via Pure Noise Records, is said to be an album that shows the band’s sound evolving. The band states, “If Life Gone Wrong’s concept was about being in that moment as it all falls around you, Modern Earth is a continuation of that story, an expansion explaining the disease of the mind, sculpting, adjusting and accepting those circumstances as it suffocates you powerless.” says lead vocalist, Shaun Milton. He continues “Recording in California was a very different experience as to what we were used to but we learned a lot from our time out there and with our musical influence broadened, we can’t wait to convey that in front of an audience soon!”

Check out the artwork and track listing for Modern Earth below!

1. Mouths Of Decadence
2. Observer
3. Death After Life
4. Embrace
5. Remorser
6. Neighbourhood
7. Escapism
8. Aurora
9. Radiance
10. Transient
11.  Heaven Ascended

First Ghost Announce Debut Album

Canadian rockers, First Ghost, will be self-releasing their debut album, Secret Talk, on April 1st! The band recently released their first single off the album, “The Less You Know,” over on Alternative Press which you can check out here!

Below you can find the artwork and track listing for Secret Talk!

Track Listing:
1. Change Your Mind
2. If You Want To
3. Bounded
4. The Less You Know
5. Surrender

My Body Sings Electric To Release New EP

Denver indie alt-rockers, My Body Sings Electric, released their fully DIY EP, Franklin Tapes: Side A, back in November. The EP made waves by hitting the #1 trending article on Alternative Press for their fantastic stop-motion video for “Unimpressive.” Now, the band are spicing things up again by announcing the follow-up promptly titled, Franklin Tapes: Side B, which is set to be released on February 26th!

When discussing the EP, the band states, “For [Franklin Tapes] we decided to completely disrupt the way we had done things in the past…it was honestly time to uproot and change the way we had been doing things over past six years. We really wanted this release to sound honest. The whole group erased any thought of writing for a specific sound. The songs aren’t trying to be anything, they just are what they are. We like the rawness that resulted from that change of perspective.“

Check out the album art and track listing for Franklin Tapes: Side B below!

1. Don’t Wake Me Up
2. This Is Not A Dream
3. Everybody Is Dead