DREAMERS Announce Debut Album

Los Angeles trio DREAMERS recently announced their debut album, This Album Does Not Exist. Back in 2014, vocalist Nick Wold began living in his Brooklyn practice room, writing more than 100 songs with many of them finding their way onto the album. Check out the latest single off the album, “Sweet Disaster,” and you can find the track listing and album art for This Album Does Not Exist below!

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Striking Matches Announce Debut Album

Nashville duo, Striking Matches, are making strides these days and have a promising year ahead of them! If you’re a fan of ABC’s Nashville, there’s a chance that you’ve heard these guys before considering eight of their songs have been featured on the show. Yes, we did say eight! 

The band recently announced their debut album, Nothing But The Silence, will be released on March 24th via Newly Revived I.R.S. To pre-order the album, click here.

Below you can find the artwork and track listing for the album!

Track List:
1) Trouble Is As Trouble Does
2) Make A Liar Out Of Me
3) Nothing But The Silence
4) Hanging On A Lie
5) Never Gonna Love Again
6) When The Right One Comes Along
7) What A Broken Heart Feels Like
8) Miss Me More
9) Like Lovers
10) Missing You Tonight
11) God And You