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Women in the
music industry are constantly in competition with males; they are either
overlooked entirely or not credited enough. In contrast to the usual
same-gender lineups, or the occasional female-fronted group, Secret Someones is
a talented group of alternative rockers of females and one male. (Girl power!)

singer-songwriters, Bess Rogers, Lelia Broussard, and Hannah Winkler, play bass
and guitar while Zach Jones plays the drums. Their ten-track self-titled album
is filled with talent and passion and inspired by Weezer, Talking Heads, and
Tom Petty.

Opening track “I
Won’t Follow,” is a super catchy, fun tune and the harmonies are strong and passionate.  

“Quit Pulling Me
Down” and “Let You Go” are two of the stronger, most empowering songs –  two girl-power ballads about deserving respect
and standing up to someone each deserve a listen.

Listening to
“Hey Hey Honey,” I noticed how powerful the guitar was, especially in the
second verse with the guitars getting stronger during the transition into the
chorus and once again with the guitar solo during the bridge.

The first two
seconds of “Headfirst” made me dance. Towards the end of the song, there were a
few seconds of instrumentals that beautifully transitioned into harmonic
voices. The beginning of this song, as well as “Only One I Want,” convinced me
I was at a rock concert in outer space, as weird as it sounds. It was cool.
They are two songs I would never get tired of listening to.

starts off with a slower, romantic vibe, then transitions into the upbeat
chorus and back into the slower verses. The voice was strong and the guitar was
played with such force, such passion influenced me in feeling like I had
complete control over my life and how I dealt with love.

The beginning of
“Dead Weight” sounds like the opening drums in “Crazy Train” by Ozzy Osbourne. Noticing
other bands in music proves how connected and talented musicians really are.

My favorite part
of “Surrender,” hands down, was the drumming. Jones did a fantastic job of
making me wish I knew how to play the drums. Instead, I played the air drums
with my fingers and pretended I was as talented as him.

The last track
on the album, “Chase Your Shadow,” started off slow and almost with a techno
kind of vibe. The singers’ voices were smooth and powerful, and
one heck of a talent to end the album. The harmonies were fantastic and I could
listen to it for hours.

Secret Someones
identify as an empowering, strong-voiced, instrumentally talented group of
Do not let them
be a secret anymore.
These someones
are worth a listen.

Release Date:
October 2nd 2015
Run Time: ~37 minutes
Rating: 3/5
Ultimate Jams:
“I Won’t Follow,” “Let You Go,” “Dead Weight”

Track listing:
1. I
Won’t Follow
2. Quit
Pulling Me Down
3. Let
You Go
4. Hey
Hey Honey
5. Headfirst
6. Only
One I Want
7. Heartbreaker
8. Dead
9. Surrender
10. Chase Your Shadow 

Written by Kelly Peacock

Interview With:: Nick Santino


We recently interview Nick Santino of Nick Santino & The Northern Wind. Nick is currently on a co-headlining tour with This Century. Check out our interview below!
Photo by: Sarah Hoffman

Most people would be familiar with you as the frontman of A Rocket To The Moon. What has been the biggest difference between playing in a band and doing more of a solo project as you are now?

It’s a little more honest. I can be myself. I don’t care about being this front man rockstar type that a lot of guys in bands want so badly. I just like being me and playing songs about my life. 
 You’ve actually released two EPs under Nick Santino and The Northern Wind, one back in July and one last month. What is it about these albums that really represent who you are under this new project?

Life stories. Tour stories. Honesty. 
 What has the fan response been to these EPs? Was it what you expected?
It’s been real positive so far. It’s really showing me who the true fans are and they are nothing but kind to me. 

 In the past you’ve mentioned that Tom Petty and Ryan Adams are some musical influences of yours. Was the title Nick Santino and The Northern Wind inspired by them and their backing bands? (I.e. Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, Ryan Adams and The Cardinals). 
I’ve always had The Northern Wind as an idea in my iphone notes for if I ever went solo. I’ve always loved the heartbreakers and the cardinals. I think it’s an easier way for people to remember my name. 

On this tour you are playing most of the songs off of The Ones You Meet Along The Way live for the first time. What was your favorite song to write and record off of this EP? Do you think you have more creative control now that you are writing as a solo artist?
They were all fun.  Too good was fun because I was different. Very raw. One take guitar and one take vocal. I wanted that one to feel as real and painful as I could. 

 I’ve heard that you like to occasionally include a cover in your set. What is your favorite song to cover and why?
I love playing anything from Petty to Ryan to whatever’s cool these days. 

What can we expect next from Nick Santino and The Northern Wind?
More touring and a hell of a lot more music. 
 Thanks for your time! Anything else you’d like to add?
Come see a show and check out the music!

You can check out an interview with tour-mates, This Century, in Amplified Magazine’s latest issue, which can be viewed here!