Road Blog:: On My Honor. (Update 3)

On My Honor, a pop-punk band from TN, has just started their fall tour and will be on the road until early November. The band has a busy month ahead of them as they are currently touring with GA pop-punk band, Veara (Epitaph Records), will then meet up with The Swellers (No Sleep Records) and will also play Fest in Gainesville, FL next month before ending their tour. Needless to say, these boys will be busy and we have your behind the scenes look of their life on the road!

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Update 3.
From guitarist, Lucas Sams

October 6th- The Hoosier Dome | Indianapolis, IN
Today we played The Hoosier Dome in Indianapolis. We always love playing at The Hoosier dome and they’ve always treated us well. Tonight was special to me because someone that had been wanting to see us play for a few years finally got to see us. She was the first person to pre-order “I Never Deserve the Things I Need” when they went up earlier this year. Stuff like that means a lot to me, so I’m glad we got to meet and play for them. There was also a foot switch that controlled the lights on stage and I got to play with that, which was pretty awesome/funny.

October 7th- Dugan Best Rec | Owensboro, KY
This show was awesome. Our friend Jesse put it on for us, on a day that was supposed to be an off day. Owensboro doesn’t get a lot of shows and everyone seemed to genuinely appreciate us and Veara coming out. There were about 75 kids on a Monday in Kentucky, not something that happens too much. It was at a rec center that had a really nice basketball court; us and Veara wanted to play but they wouldn’t let us. Despite this, we still had a great fun time.

October 8th- The Riot Room | Kansas, City
This venue was awesome and the staff were really cool. There was a dubstep party going on in the other side of the venue. Draw your own conclusions to this one.

October 9th- The DAV building at the South Iowa Fairgrounds
This was our first time playing in Iowa. We’ve driven through it a lot, but never had the chance to play. We had a great time and played with some really cool bands from the area. All the kids seemed to have had a good time. We got to stay in the fairgrounds after the show and it kind of felt like a big camping trip. It was pretty cool to just chill there, use the shower houses and get some rest. When you’re in a van for 10 hours a day, a night to just hang out, shower, and rest is pretty awesome.

October 10th- The OBEC | Springfield, Missouri
Another really fun show in a place we haven’t gotten to play a lot. We’ve played St. Louis quite a bit, but that was pretty much it as far as Missouri goes. Nothing crazy happened here. We played, Veara played, and we ended up hanging out at someone’s house all night.

October 11th- Vanguard Music Hall | Tulsa, Oklahoma
Tulsa was a pretty fun place to hang out. I spent most of the day on the computer doing band related business and I had an hour long phone conversation with some people interested in working with us. The show was a good time. We had our set cut to about 15 minutes because the show was running behind- that wasn’t so fun. We made the best of it and had a really good time watching Veara on such a nice big stage. I got Brian from Veara to work some pretty funny stuff into their mosh call. We had a super long drive to San Antonio that night so we just left right after the show and started the drive.

October 12th- The Ten Eleven | San Antonio, Texas
Today was a fun show. We always love playing in Texas. It was one of the hottest shows we’ve ever played. We were all sweating so much we thought we were going to pass out. Our shirts were so soaked it looked like we just dipped them in the river or something. Everyone that was there really got into the show and moved around, so we had a great time. We also got to check out The Alamo and the River Walk, which were both really cool to see. We stayed at a friend’s house and their mom made us breakfast the next day. Can’t ask for more than that.