Get To Know:: The Millenium


Members: Matt Hasenmueller (Vocals), Kyle Culver (Guitar), Kyle Featherstone (Guitar, Keys)
Genre: Alt/Pop
Location: Eau Claire, WI
Recent Release: “Stay”

Some artists break into the
scene by starting things off slowly. They want to turn their band into a
household name, but they don’t want to put in the effort to build connections
and put out great music. The Millenium is not one of those bands. Only forming
in May of 2014, the Millenium quickly jumped into the scene by releasing new
music, playing tons of shows and going out to meet new people. Formed after
their two previous bands split, the Millenium is fully putting themselves out
there and receiving an incredible response in return. They recently released
the music video for their latest track, “Stay,” over on Alternative Press
(which you can see here)
and it’s safe to say we’ve been jamming out to it for the past month. Get to
know more about The Millenium below!

How did The Millenium form and come
to be what it is today?

We formed in
May 2014, after our two local bands, The Picture Perfect (Kyle Featherstone)
and The Last Semester (Matt Hasenmueller, Kyle Culver) had disbanded around the
same time. With of all us bringing different skill sets and expertise to the
table, it only seemed fitting to form out of the ashes of the former and create
something new.  

Who are some of your musical
influences – both as a band and individually?

We really have always aligned with anthemic bands like Coldplay,
The Killers, The 1975.

For us individually:
Kyle Culver: Absolutely Coldplay,
Sigur Ros, Billie Holiday
Kyle Featherstone: My biggest inspirations musically are
a lot of pianists and multi instrumentalists like Chris Martin from Coldplay,
Bryce Avary from The Rocket Summer, Josh Ramsay from Marianas Trench and Andrew
McMahon from Jack’s Mannequin.
Matt Hasenmueller: Max Bemis (Say Anything), Dan Campbell
(The Wonder Years, Aaron West and The Roaring Twenties).

What do you enjoy most about playing
It’s the idea when all of our preparation is showcased; hours of
rehearsing, writing, and the business side come together to give our friends
and fans the best live performance possible. It’s the chance to step away from
reality and be another side of yourself you may not be off stage. The angst,
raw emotion, sweat, and the interactions with fans…it’s really something

What do you do when you’re not playing music?
all have our days jobs, Kyle Culver is an active member in the community with
local creative projects. We really embrace the feeling of “home” when we are,
but the process of creating music is an on going and ever changing thing.

For more on the Millenium: Website | Facebook | Twitter