Updated So What?! Music Festival Lineup


Last month, the So What?! Music Festival announced the lineup for its ninth edition which will be taking place on March 19th and 20th at Quiktrip Park in Grand Prairie, TX. The lineup so far is pretty damn incredible, including acts Underoath, New Found Glory, Bayside, Blessthefall, State Champs and Saosin. Just a couple of weeks ago, the festival updated its lineup, adding over 20 additional artists. You can find the fully updated list below!

For more information on the festival, including tickets and packages, click here!

Saturday, March 19th:
New Found Glory, Bayside, Neck Deep, State Champs, Real Friends, Blessthefall, Citizen, Emery, Escape The Fate, Fenix TX, Have Mercy, Hundredth, Knuckle Puck, Miss May I, New Years Day, Slaves, This Wild Life, Turnover, Unwritten Law, 7 Minutes In Heaven, A Will Away, Bad Luck, Bonfires, Capsize, Capture The Crown, Forever Came Calling, Hotel Books, Like Pacific, Major League, Mariner, Milk Teeth, Movements, My Only Safe Haven, Myka Relocate, Outline In Color, Picturesque, Radio City, Seasons Change, Seaway, SECRETS, Sorority Noise, Speak Low If You Speak Love, The Plot In You, Too Close To Touch, Under Dog House, Where Crowds May Gather, Will Deely

Sunday, March 20th:
Underoath, The Devil Wears Prada, Saosin w/Anthony Green, Beartooth, Dance Gavin Dance, Silverstein, The Word Alive, Being As An Ocean, Born of Osiris, Emarosa, He Is Legend, I See Stars, Stray From The Path, The Contortionist, Zao, ’68, A Lot Like Birds, Artifex Pereo, Assuming We Survive, Chunk! No Captain Chunk!, Covet with Yvette Young, Cruel Hand, Currents, Fire From The Gods, Ghost Key, Hail The Sun, Hazing, Kingdom of Giants, Little Envy, Kublai Khan, Monuments, Rarity, Silent Planet, Stolas, The CMDWN, The Ongoing Concept, Tides of Man, Uh Huh Baby Yeah, Words Like Daggers

Show Review:: Zombie 5 Tour 4/6

The Devil Wears Prada, Born Of Osiris, The Word Alive, Secrets
Baltimore Soundstage – Baltimore, MD
Monday, April 6th, 2015
Review by Caitlyn Willard

Baltimore Soundstage was filled with anxious fans ready to see the “Zombie 5 Tour”, a celebration of The Devil Wears Prada’s Zombie EP which was released five years ago. Although most were there to see TDWP, plenty were just as excited for the openers: SECRETS, Born of Osiris, and The Word Alive.

SECRETS did a great job opening and were able to get the crowd energized for what would be a memorable night. Frontman Aaron Melzer took command of the stage as he crushed heavier tunes like ‘The Oath’ and ‘Artist Vs. Who?’. Clean vocalist/ guitarist Richard Rogers’ vocals intertwined beautifully with Melzer’s screams and he even stepped away from his guitar for ‘Dance of the Dead’ which brought the focus to his vocal abilities. SECRETS closed the night with ‘Live Together, Die Alone’ which really brought the crowd into high gear, and put a massive smile onto Melzer’s face.

Next up was, Born of Osiris, hailing from Chicago, IL. The quintet started the night with “Divergency” and two mosh pits began to open as the song progressed. There were obviously a decent amount of fans in attendance as the crowd began to get rowdy. Guitarist, Lee Mckinney, captivated the audience with his incredible guitar solos throughout their set. I have never seen Born of Osiris play before, but the group left me very impressed with their performance, finishing off their night with “Machine”.

By the time The Word Alive stormed onto the stage, the crowd had probably doubled in size.  Frontman, Telle Smith’s presence was infectious and the crowd went crazy as soon as he stepped on stage. Smith would change from high shrieks to burly growls in an instant, showing off the control he has over his voice. Guitarists Zack Hanson & Tony Pizutti were musically in sync throughout the night along with drummer, Luke Holland, who is always a pleasure to see perform. ‘2012’ was the most intense song of their set that night, the crowd started a massive circle pit which later turned into multiple mosh pits. TWA finished their set with crowd favorite ‘Life Cycles’, which had Telle jumping into the crowd, leaving fans with a night to remember.

The lights dimmed and the signature logo lit up, The Devil Wears Prada made their way on to stage, ready to play for a very eager crowd. They started off with a bang, heading straight into ‘Assistant To The Regional Manager’. TDWP played for a little over an hour straight without even stopping to take a break. That time was filled with an abundance of crowd surfers, crowd sing-a-longs, and massive pits. Prada played a variety of older songs like ‘Reptar: King of The Ozone’ and ‘Hey John, What’s Your Name Again?’ which left the die hard fans very pleased. Of course the night also included ‘Zombie EP’ being played front to back for the first time ever. Fans were also delighted to hear a brand new track that is yet to be released. Prada left the stage, but quickly came back out to perform an encore that consisted of “ Born to Lose” and “Danger: Wildman”. TDWP gave their all into their performance and the crowd gave them the same energy back.

5 Questions With: Fire From The Gods [SBSW Edition]

We spoke with Austin natives, Fire From The Gods, about their experience at South By So What?!, The Alumni Tour, and the best advice they’ve been given! Below is our interview with vocalist, AJ Channer!

You guys are actually
from Austin, TX, so South By So What?! is almost like a hometown show for you
guys. Was there any pressure in putting together a better performance because
of this?
The show totally felt like a hometown
show. There were so many bands on the bill that we have played with on the
past. We each had to step it up when we played in front of our friends as well
the folks from Texas that know the music but haven’t seen fire live!

For those that aren’t aware, Fire From The Gods was chosen to join The Alumni
Tour from over 1000 unsigned bands. Can you tell us a little about the tour and
what your reaction was to learning that you guys had been chosen as the tours
It was a huge honour. We played the
first leg of the Alumni tour earlier this year so we were pumped to play the
2nd leg as well. We have been involved in the headbang program for about a year
now and there are some incredible local artist involved in the headbang set up.
So it was huge for us to get the slot.

What act were you most excited to catch at South By So What?! and did they meet
your expectations?
Oh man there were a lot of bands I
wanted to see all weekend but I was most stoked for Norma Jean and  Beartooth. Perfect blend of heavy with
hardcore roots.

You guys are all about diversity and not fitting into any cookie-cutter mold,
which definitely plays a role into how successful you guys have been thus far.
Everyone has a different way of defining how and when they make it, whether it’s
a radio single or playing sold-out shows. How do you measure your success?
We are pumped on everything right now
as well as all the buzz surrounding the band.
We are still just scratching surface with a lot more to go. Diversity is
a huge part of fire from the gods but we will see in a few years where the
sound is and how that impacts our success.

The list of performers you have played alongside is extremely impressive and
includes acts such as Slipknot, Killswitch Engage, Of Mice and Men, The Devil
Wears Prada, Five Finger Death Punch, etc. What is the best advice that one of
those bands has given you?
Great question. Chris met Corey
Taylor at Knotfest and he told Chris to just smile and wave. Most of the dudes
you meet in bigger bands always say the same thing stay humble and  stay busy.

Show Review:: Take Action Tour; 3/30

Take Action Tour
3/30/2014 – 7pm. 
Upstate Concert Hall 

The end of winter is always a pretty disgusting time. It rains constantly, which means all of the snow is melting into this gross, sloshy mess. There’s not really any grass yet, so tramping around in mud becomes a daily thing. And it’s grey. Everything is grey. All the time. 

That’s what it was like outside on the day of the Take Action! Tour in Clifton Park; gloomy, dull, dreary, bleak.

Luckily, inside, it was a much different story – pack wall-to-wall with bright, lively, anticipatory chatter.

When I first reviewed Dangerkids’ debut album a while back, there were the wary critics that warned about their sound coming off as gimmicky. I kept this in mind, but very soon found myself not concerned with this, drawn in by how well it was executed. As taken as I was, I didn’t take into consideration how well their intensity and energy would translate to a live show. And that was a mistake. Their set, which ran just short of thirty minutes, brought their rap/rock sound and their hardcore mindset to life beautifully and was easily one of the better opening acts I’ve seen. There was an undeniable buzz throughout the building, where established fans mixed with people who had just watched a band they were now going to spend time following – perfect execution from an opening act. 

To follow, Australia’s I Killed the Prom Queen, kept things rolling along. Being regulars to the area, I had seen this band perform a handful of times. But, something each time just hadn’t clicked before. Since their last round, either I’ve become a better listener or they’ve honed their sound since their last visit, probably both, but this time was their best performance to date. Despite a minor technical flaw, leaving the clean vocal microphone inaudible and low, they still managed. They left nothing on the table for closer “Say Goodbye” which turned out to be their strongest moment. This can be taken two ways – on a positive note, the band finished impressively strong, though during the rest of their time, they just couldn’t match what they produced at the end. 

If there was any indication of a lull or a calming within the crowd between acts, The Ghost Inside shattered it in seconds. It had been a year or two since the last time I got to watch this band (Warped 2012 I believe?) and I think I forgot just how great it is to see then perform. Hearing the crowd shout “What do you stand for?” in unison during “Between the Lines,” fists in the air and house-lights flashing, brought chills. 

Jonathan Vigil took a moment to thank a young girl’s father for bringing her to the show, holding her hand from over the barricade and telling him that it’s more than just screaming, that there’s love and passion in the music. It isn’t just violence, like some would think; it’s about being comfortable with who you are, and more than that, proud of yourself. 

At this point, The Ghost Inside had unquestionably been the best band of the night. 

But, headliner The Devil Wears Prada were not going to allow themselves to be outshined. 

By this point in the night, I had progressively made my way about midway into the center of the venue. Just before the lights went off, a girl found her way into the pit next to me. She was by herself, with X’s on her hands, dressed in a worn TDWP t-shirt that had visibly been shown a lot of attention. She was shaking, excitedly telling me that this was the first time she had ever been able to see her favorite band on her own. 

Then the lights dropped. 
And she started crying. 
She wasn’t crying in a way that was intentional, but it was just that she was smiling so widely that her eyes were watering. 

Entering the stage under low lights, their triangular logo pulsing neon green in the background, they began with “Sailor’s Prayer,“ kicking off an hour-long set that ran nearly uninterrupted, segmented only by waves of applause. 

Favorites like "War,” “Born to Lose, and “Assistant to the Regional Manager” gave extra life to the crowd, as the recorded sample introduction to “Zombie” built tension and eagerness before the song began.

Regardless of my varied pasts with whichever band that was performing, having seen them repeatedly like I Killed the Prom Queen, every once in a while like The Ghost Inside or The Devil Wears Prada, or watching them for the first time like Dangerkids, the night itself was one that I hadn’t experienced in months – no camera slung over my shoulder, no equipment bag hanging at my side, no fear over ruining some of my most-valued possessions.

Just a crowd, a stage, and bands. And it felt remarkable. 

As if the performances weren’t enough, 10% of all ticket sales from Take Action! were donated to charity, furthering Vigil’s conviction that it’s about love and passion, further supporting Dangerkids’ Tyler Smyth’s earlier plea that, even if there are people holding you back or keeping you down, there will always be those who support you, and to never let people tell you that you can’t be yourself. 

Take Action! is winding down soon, but you can, and should, catch three of these (no IKTPQ) bands on the Vans Warped Tour this summer.

The Devil Wears Prada played:
Sailor’s Prayer
Assistant to the Regional Manager
Care More
Born to Lose
First Sight
Danger: Wildman

Written By: Eric Riley

50 Acts You Won’t Want To Miss At SXSW (Part 5)


Since none of us here at Lucy Out Loud will be able to attend SXSW this year, we’ve put together a list of 50 acts(in no particular order) we think those of you that are attending shouldn’t miss! 

To check out our fifth and final installment (acts 41-50), click “Read More”!

*Note: some acts we’ve included are performing at South By So What?! and not South By South West. However, since the festival takes place during the week of South By Southwest, we’ve decided to still include them in our list!

Part 5 (Acts 41-50). Check out Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

  1. The Tontons
    Any band named after something Star Wars related is automatically a favorite in my book. The Tontons bring a psychedelic rock sound that we’ve previously referred to as a perfect mix of Lauren Hill, Under the Influence of Giants, plus a dash of Jimi Hendrix. The band recently released their sophomore album and after 3 years of touring (over 300 shows!!), The Tontons are definitely making a name for themselves. 
    Where to catch The Tontons: 3.12 – Big PictureMedia Showcase @ The Thirsty Nickel; 3.15- Dirty Dog Bar

  2. Lime Cordiale
    It feels as if surf-rock is alive and well when you listen to Lime Cordiale. With a mixture of smooth vocals and even smoother instrumentals, their infectious sound is unmatched by anybody else today. 
    Where to catch Lime Cordiale: 3.12 – 1:10pm – Big Picture Media Showcase @ Thirsty Nickel; 3.13 – 5:20pm – Sound Gallery @ B.D. Riley’s Pub; 3.13 – 9pm – Chugg Music Showcase @ TenOak; 3.15 – 12:15pm – The Aussie BBQ @ Maggie Mae’s; 3.15 – 9pm – Planetary Group Party @ Maggie Mae’s

  3. The Devil Wears Prada
    The guys of The Devil Wears Prada have been near the front of the pack for years. Amidst a constant cycle of writing, recording, and touring, the Ohio five-piece have always been able to please. As the headliners for this year’s Take Action! Tour, TDWP are going to have a very busy spring, but I don’t foresee anyone complaining. 
    Where to catch The Devil Wears Prada: 3.16 – South By So What?! @ Quiktrip Park

  4. Fritz Montana
    With a stellar blend of blues and indie, this Californian trio has shared the stage with the likes of Kings of Leon, Arctic Monkeys, AFI, and a handful of others, taking each opportunity to spread their massive sound to as much of an audience as possible. 
    Where to catch Fritz Montana: 3.11 – 8pm @ Shiner’s Saloon; 3.12 – 11pm @ Bourbon Girl; 3.13 – 2:15pm @ Lot323; 3.13 – 4pm @ Chuggin’ Monkey; 3.13 – 6:30pm @ Texas Rockfest

  5. Quiet Company
    This band formed back in 2005 and have spent the past few years developing a sound that is truly their own and really making a name for themselves. You may have even heard a song of theirs featured on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Real World New Orleans, Royal Pains or Sims 3: Showtime. The band is currently in the process of recording their 4th album!
    Where to catch Quiet Company: 3.11 – 11:30pm – SXSW Showcase @ The Main II; 3.14 – 1:45pm – Big Picture Media Showcase @ The Blind Pig Rooftop; 3.14 – 4:30pm – Roky Erickson’s Ice Cream Social @ Threadgills; 3.15 – 1am – Official SXSW Showcase @ SOHO Lounge

  6. Bring Me the Horizon
    Whether you’ve enjoyed them from the start, or it took a few albums before they roped you in, or even if you aren’t a fan, Bring Me the Horizon are indisputably great live. Oli Sykes’ command of the stage is mesmerizing, and they continue to get better.
    Where to catch Bring Me The Horizon: 3.15 – South By So What?! @ Quiktrip Park

  7. Vinyl Thief
    This Tennessee electro-rock quartet recently released their EP, Stop Motion, last month – and we’ve been addicted since. The EP encourages listeners to live their lives to the fullest without regrets, something that most people should live up to. At last years SXSW, the band stuffed their gear onto a tiny stage and according to Beautiful Buzz, “proceeded to slay that room to teeny tiny pieces.” If you’re catching them at a showcase this year…prepare yourselves.
    Where to catch Vinyl Thief: 3.13 – 4pm – Landshark Showcase @ Bayou Lounge; 3.14 – 2:55pm – Big Picture Media Showcase @ Blind Pig Rooftop; 3.15 – 8pm @ BD Riley’s

  8. The Grahams
    The Grahams recently released the deluxe edition of their album Riverman’s Daughter on February 4th. The country/folk duo will be on tour until mid-May showcasing their soulful music.
    Where to catch The Grahams: 3.12 – 3pm – Midcoast Takeover @ Shangri La; 3.12 – 8pm – Sony Music Showcase @ The Market

  9. Carbon Tigers
    Last year was a rocky one for the Carbon Tigers who had their equipment, merchandise and van stolen. But the best part of that mess is that they crowd funded over $12,000 to purchase new gear – they have awesome fans. Admit it. Recently featured on Zimbio, Guitar World, NYLON, and NYLON Guys, this indie-rock band is one we can only expect to see make huge waves.
    Where to catch Carbon Tigers: 3.12 – 12:35pm – Big Picture Media Showcase @ Thirsty Nickel; 3.12 – 1am – The Nekkid Armadilla Presents @ Lucky Lounge; 3.13 – 1:30pm – AEMMP Records Presents @ Bat Bar; 3.13 – 9pm – Audiotree SXSW Showcase @ Licha’s Cantina; 3.15 – 2pm – RedGorilla Music Fest Showcase @ Thirsty Nickel

  10. The Lonely Biscuits
    After winning mtvU’s 2013 “College Artist of the Year” award, The Lonely Biscuits have proved that full-time students can still be kickass musicians. They kicked off 2014 with a new music video and will be performing a ton of shows this year – so make sure you find yourself at one of them!
    Where to catch The Lonely Biscuits: 3.12 – 11pm – BMI Showcase @ Bar 96; 3.14 – 1:10pm – Big Picture Media Showcase @ The Blind Pig Rooftop

Bring Me The Horizon(@bmthofficial) UK Tour

Featuring: Parkway Drive and The Devil Wears Prada