perfect video. i’m subscribed to this channel, and have been for a while because they post incredible live videos. this one is from the final stop of the Dirty Work tour and has both a cover of Teenage Dream and Remembering Sunday with Mike/Cassadee.

again, perfect video. look at how fuckin clear the video is! and the sound! i love it. seriously, subscribe to this youtube channel. my free time is spent watching some of their videos of my favorite musicians. i’m a dork, deal with it. 🙂

ugh. i need to see them live. so fucking badly. </3

NEW: Teenage Dream(cover) – Sailing In The Clouds(@sailingitclouds)

met this dude at the last show i went to at the School of Rock. had no idea he was gonna be there, but saw him in the hallway and had to stop him to say hi. he was so nice, gave me a hug and all! go check him out