Show Review:: Tauk 4/11

Tauk & Mr. F
Red Square – Albany, NY
Friday, April 11th 2014

Capturing an audience’s attention can be a difficult task, especially for an opener. Because it’s usually a safe bet to say that the crowd isn’t there for you, and you’re standing in between them and the band they came to see. When you combine this with a small stage in the back of a bar and a late show, it could be a potential disaster. Potential.

Or, for Tauk, it could be a wild success, and another notch in their growing popularity.

Opening for Mr. F, who were releasing their newest record that night, Tauk set the pace of the night wonderfully. Whether those in attendance had heard of the group before or not (or were aware of their lack of vocals or not), it didn’t take long for them to become fans. The small-capacity room became steadily packed, nearly filling up by their set’s halfway point.

Like I said before, sometimes it can be hard to gather a room’s attention. But if you have some catchy lyrics that can be learned quickly, the crowd can join in on a chorus or two. However, as an instrumental band, the guys in Tauk don’t have that luxury.

Then again, based on crowd reactions and the feel of the room, the New York quartet didn’t seem too concerned. During their forty minutes on stage, the group rumbled through a near-endless set, picking up steam the entire way and coming to a close on the receiving end of roars of applause.

Friday’s show was one that I nearly had to miss due to a scheduling conflict. But, when some things fell through, my night opened up. And with that, I was lucky enough to watch a band that is doing some seriously great things. With their unique blend of pop, jazz, funk, and old rock n’ roll, Tauk has created their own brand of musical fusion that shouldn’t be missed.

Photos and written by Eric Riley

Tauk Fall Tour Dates


8.28 – St. Louis, MO @ The Gramophone w/ Acoustics Anonymous
8.29 – Columbia, MO @ The Bridge w/ Acoustics Anonymous
8.30 – Chicago, IL @ Cubby Bear w/ Spread and Acoustics Anonymous
8.31 – Urbana, IL @ The Canopy Club w/ Acoustics Anonymous
9.1 – Dayton, OH @ Canal St. Tavern w/ Glostik Willy
9.4 – Ypsilanti, MI @ Woodruff’s
9.5 – Columbus, OH @ Woodland’s Tavern
9.6 – Lakewood, OH @ Mahall’s 20 Lanes w/ Vibe & Direct
9.11 – Portsmouth, NH @ Thirsty Moose TapHouse
9.12 – Baltimore, MD @ Nobles Bar & Grill
9.13 – Washington, D.C. @ Rock & Roll Hotel w/ Mission South
9.15 – Asheville, NC @ The One Stop Deli w/ Jahman Brahman
9.18 – Atlanta, GA @ Smith’s Olde Bar
9.19 – Athens, GA @ Green Room ** FREE
9.20 – Wilmington, NC @ The Calico Room
9.21 – Boone, NC @ Boone Saloon w/ Nomadic
9.25 – Starkville, MS @ Zorba’s Greek Tavern
9.26 – Charlotte, NC @ The Evening Muse
9.27 – Chantilly, VA @ Bungalow Billiards
9.28 – Brooklyn, NY @ Music Hall of Williamsburg w/ Dopapod
10.3 – Worchester, MA @ Electric Haze
10.11 – Chicago, IL @ Martyr’s
10.12 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Mullen’s Bar & Grill
10.13 – Morgantown, WV@ 123 Pleasant Street (Fall Break Fest)
10.23 – Syracuse, NY @ The Lost Horizon w/ Aqueous
10.24 – Oneonta, NY @ The Black Oak Tavern w/ Aqueous
10.30 – Frederick, MD @ Cafe 611
10.31 – Philadelphia, PA @ The Blockley
11.15 – Rochester, NY @ The Dubland Underground w/ Aqueous
11.16 – Buffalo, NY @ Nietzsche’s w/ Aqueous

Tauk To Release Their First Entirely Instrumental Full-Length

With great feedback from the group’s first ever instrumental EP, Pull Factors, the NYC rock/fusion quartet Tauk will be releasing their first entirely instrumental full-length album on April 30th. What can we expect the album, Homunculus, to sound like? Click “Read More” to find out. You can also find the tracklisting and where to pre-order the album below.

So what can we expect Homunculus to sound like? Well, that’s all up to the listener to figure out. Matt Jalbert(Tauk guitarist) explains, “being an instrumental band leaves a lot of our music up to being interpreted in different ways”. For those of you unfamiliar with Tauk, they are a unique experimental blend of instrumental funk, jazz, pop, and rock. The group has experimented with their sound throughout the years and are always working to find their ideal sound. The band hopes that this new album will be a statement as to what Tauk is all about. 

You can pre-order Homunculus beginning April 9th over on

Track Listing:
1. Dead Signal
2. Afro-Tonic
3. Hello Narwhal
4. The Spot
5. The Chemist
6. Dirty Mouth
7. Curtain Call
8. Carpentino’s Rebirth
9. When in Doubt
10. In The Basement of the Alamo

Tauk: Facebook | Twitter | YouTube