FREE DOWNLOAD: “Come Alive” | Tanner

NYC rocker, Tanner, recently released his self-titled EP and is now giving away one of the tracks off that album for free download!!

Check out the link above to download the song!

FREE DOWNLOAD: “Come Alive” | Tanner

Picture of @DCtannerHO spreading the love! 🙂 to all my new followers, let me explain this a bit. I have a thing called Love Out Loud{trying to stay within the L.O.L. thing like the name of the blog}. the point of you taking pictures with your favorite band or with the band themselves, is to spread love. i love, Love. i don’t know how many times i can say that. so whenever i go to shows i ask a musician to make a hand heart. gotta spread the love somehow. who cares if you start small? at least your doing something. this picture was taken by JR who knew I am a huge Disco Curtis fan and this made me smile beyond belief. It was the first thing he did when he went to Warped Tour. So when you go to shows, ask a band member to make a hand heart and send it in!

So… are YOU loving out loud?? 🙂