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Band Interview: Starship Romance

Chase Martinez of Starship Romance took some time out to answer some questions for us!


According to the Starship Romance Trailer you did with Yamo Films, you said that you’ve been playing music since you were a teenager. What led you into picking up an instrument in the first place?
Chase: Well my dad was a guitar player, and singer ever since I could remember so I always had a musical background of some sort. My first instrument was actually a drum set when I was like 3, so I’ve always loved the drums! When I was like 11 or so I got my first bass and kind of played that. Most of my playing then consisted of me jumping around in my bedroom slapping the bass to butt rock! hahaha I eventually learned how to play just listening to cds and learning covers…and somewhere along the line I got better I guess. haha

You started this project after you left your previous band, The Summer Soundtrack. What made you decide to leave and pursue the electronica/pop music that is now Starship Romance?
Chase: haha great question…it’s been awhile so it doesn’t matter if I say this but I was defiantly forced out of the band at the time haha. We were on our first national tour on the east coast in the middle of Jan. I had planned on a vacation to New Zealand my Nana was planning for even before the band got the tour offer, so I tracked all the bass parts and went on tour for the first 2 weeks then I left to New Zealand. We pretty much went broke by the 2nd week right before I left, and the headliner for the tour it was a mess. The guys against my wishes just went home after I left and wrecked the tour van which I owned btw, then proceeded to tell me AND kick me out after over a youtube “band update”. I found all this out after a 16 hour flight, across the world in Australia..haha. I was pretty pissed the whole 2 week trip haha! We are all cool again and are all able to laugh though…it is hilarious really. That’s the nut shell version. So basically I just was like…screw a band I don’t need drama. I can write music alone…so that’s what I’ve done since. It’s working out so far 🙂

You’ve only been making music as Starship Romance since August. How do you think the fan response has been so far? What do you think sets you a part from other local musicians?
The fans are great! I really haven’t done much publicly besides release one single and a youtube DVD. Sadly. I’m planning on doing a ton more this year though! I am super tech savvy where a lot of other musicians could care less,so that might set me apart. I always want to sound as good as possible and do some pretty nerdy things to achieve that. I grew up in a small town where you kind of have to learn a lot more than just playing an instrument to make a good show, or recording happen…so I hope that pays off someday…who knows though! haha

After watching A Night In Junktown, I have to say that your stage presence reminds me a bit of Breathe Electric, but I love it. I think the light show adds a touch of awesome to keep the crowd just as pumped and excited as you are. What’s your favorite part about performing live?
haha, yeah. You can’t help it with 4 on the floor and lights pulsing I guess. Grant actually showed me how to run the lights when The Summer Soundtrack played with Breathe Electric once a few years back. I think a lot of artists are going to be adding more visual elements to there live show in the future. You’re starting to see it with bands like The Ready Set and a lot of others. Hopefully the new songs and show will set things apart a little more though lol. As far as my favorite things…I love hearing people sing the songs. I haven’t done a ton of shows yet, but that’s defiantly the best I’d say!

Have you made any resolutions for the New Year? If so, what are they and do you plan on keeping them?
YES! Put out at least an EP by Spring or before! Make lots of videos, maybe do a tour if we can! I’m planning on hitting it hard this year! Last year was fun but not anywhere near as productive as it should have been.

If Starship Romance could create a dream tour, who would be on it and what would it be called?
That’s a hard question really…I don’t even know where to begin. A tour period would be great. Justin Bieber would probably be the biggest thing I can think of hahaha!

In A Night In Junktown, you also do a cover of Bon Jovi’s “Living On A Prayer”. What song would you love to cover next and why?
Funny you asked. I just finished a cover of David Guetta “Without You” I’m going to make a video for and put up soon. Idk if we’ll play it live but that’s coming out soon! I’ve got tons more up my sleeve this year though!

What can we expect next from Starship Romance?
Lots more things that bands are supposed to do! New Music, New videos, New pictures and shows!, etc! So stay tuned!

Last question – If you were a jellybean what flavor would you be? – Be creative!!
It may not be super creative, but I really like watermelon!

Thanks for reaching out and taking some time out to answer some questions. I hope Starship Romance blows up – in the best way possible, of course ha. Anything else you’d like to add?
Huge thanks to all my family, friends, and fans who continually support this thing!!!! I’m blessed, and very thankful for everything!

Where you can find Starship Romance: Facebook | Twitter | Youtube


Original interview posted on 1.28.12