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We introduce to you, SPF13! Our 2013 Summer compilation features 10 artists including Spose, The Golden Youth, NGHBRS, and 7 other fantastic artists! By the way, did we mention it’s FREE?

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Review:: The Peter Sparker Mixtape | Spose

It’s pretty safe to say that when we think about hip-hop, all of our minds instantly think of white dudes from Maine, right? No? Oh, hm. Well, if that’s not the case, then that’s probably a reason Ryan Peters, AKA Spose, stands out. The 27-year-old Gold-certified rapper’s most recent mixtape, Peter Sparker, was released at midnight on June 10th. All dick jokes and weed puns aside, there’s a lot worth checking out.
The mixtape starts with “Salami,” which Peters has tweeted his own personal praises about, saying that some of his favorite lines are on the intro track. And as a Bruins fan, a shout-out to the black-and-yellow is a bonus point. A short sample from a newscast introducing “The King of Maine” leads into the next track, of that title, which has Spose impressively sprinting through verses.

“All R’s” is just that – it’s all R’s. And really, it’s ridiculously radical. (see what I did there?) The track slows down into soft piano keys and a lightly plucked acoustic guitar with mumbled vocals before picking back up and dropping right into “03 Altima.” The track is solid, but the ending made me contemplate a few things – apparently life isn’t all about getting drunk and eating chicken fingers. How depressing.

Chris Webby’s guest spot on “In Your Dreams” adds even more to a track that already shimmers. My personal favorite, “Bob Johnson,” as well as “Nineteen,” both have poppier vibes and are extremely upbeat, with guest vocalists singing through the choruses. “Fresh Raps” drops in with a huge, hotel lounge-like guitar riff, and while it barely reaches the two-minute mark, it’s one of the best examples of Spose’s speed, cleverness, and all-around skill.

Here’s the thing: I don’t really know how to grade a hip-hop album. I could base the score off of how much I enjoyed it, but that’s not what it’s supposed to be. I was entertained the entire time, which is always a good sign. And I could definitely recognize his abilities and whatnot, so here’s what I’ll do – I definitely recommend the record, so go check it out; I’ll leave the grading up to all of you.

Release Date: June 10th, 2013
Rating: /5
Runtime: 49:25

1. “Salami”
2. “The King of Maine”
3. “All R’s”
4. “’03 Altima”
5. “I’m Starving”
6. “In Your Dreams (feat. Chris Webby)”
7. “Hipsterlude”
8. “The People’s Douche”
9. “Nineteen (feat. Max Cantlin)”
10. “Cows Come Home”
11. “Fresh Raps”
12. “Still Bimpin’”
13. “Bob Johnson”
14. “I’m Done”

The Peter Sparker Mixtape can be downloaded at a name your own price by clicking here.
Written By: Eric Riley

Spose To Release Free Album June 2013

Maine rapper, Spose, has announced that he will be releasing two free albums in 2013; The Peter Sparker Mixtape and Dankonia. For those of you unfamiliar with Spose, his hit single “I’m Awesome” was certified gold after selling over 800,000 digital copies, thus scoring him a recording contract with Universal back in 2010. He soon cut ties with the label and in 2012 would independently release another album via his own label, Preposterously Dank Entertainment.

The first of the two albums to be dropped in 2013, The Peter Sparker Mixtape, will be released on June 10th. What can we expect to hear on the new album? According to Spose, “the album is packed with very lyrical verses, wordplay, and honestly, sounds a lot like the proper follow up to my first album (Preposterously Dank) that I would’ve made if I hadn’t ever signed with Universal”. The tracklisting for The Peter Sparker Mixtape can be seen by clicking “Read More”.

1. Salami
2. The King of Maine
3. All Rs
4. 03 Altima
5. I’m Starving
6. In Your Dreams (ft. Chris Webby)
7. The People’s Douche
8. Nineteen
9. Cows Come Home
10. Fresh Raps
11. Still Bimpin
12. Bob Johnson
13. I’m Done 

For more information on Spose: Website | Facebook | Youtube | Twitter