5 Questions With: Uh Huh Baby Yeah [SXSW Edition]

We spoke with rock/pop band, Uh Huh Baby Yeah, last week
during South By So Southwest! We asked the guys about their signing to Revival
Recordings, their current tour, and what fans can expect next from the band.
Check out the interview below!

Last month, you guys
signed to NC label, Revival Recordings. How has that experience been so far?

Revival is the ideal home for a band like
us. We’re a grassroots/word of mouth, family oriented type of band. Revival is
a very close knit, likeminded label. Working with them has honestly been one of
the easiest transitions of our career.

Since the signing, you guys also hit
the road with Lion In The Mane and Dreamcatcher. What has your favorite stop on
the tour been thus far and why?
I think our favorite stop thus
far would have to be Austin, TX for SXSW/Red Gorilla. The Chugging Monkey was
by far the most hospitable venue, and the crowd was bonkers! We still have 7
shows left, so there’s no telling what can happen though.

Being that South By Southwest is filled with tons of incredible acts, were
you excited to catch any artists in particular? Did you stumble across any new
artists that you are now a fan of?
Yes! There were quite a few bands
that pleasantly surprised me. One in particular was an all girl group comprised
of quadruplets. I don’t even remember their name. I just dug what they were

Everyone has a different way of defining how and when they make it, whether
it’s a radio single or playing sold-out shows. How do you measure your success?
I measure success by whether or
not I’m happy doing what I’m doing. This band, for instance, has consumed my
life for the past 11 years. In no way has I gotten old. I’m not burnt out or
contemplating my next project. We are consistently growing year over year. To
me, that’s success. We love what we do, so we don’t mind waking up every day
and making it happen.

It’s been almost 2 years since
Uh Huh Baby Yeah! released an EP. Is there any new music in the works right
now? If so, can you tell us a little about what fans can expect to hear?

Absolutely! Our new album is
slated to be released via Revival Recordings in late May/early June. We cannot
wait to unleash it upon the world. To me, it just shows the natural progression
of the band, and it touches on some real personal issues for us. It’s heavier,
it’s poppier, it’s dancier…it’s just an all around great record.

5 Questions With: Microwave [SXSW Edition]

One of the bands on our “50 Acts You Won’t Want To Miss At SXSW” list was Atlanta band, Microwave. A unique blend of genres, we were intrigued upon first listen and kept wanting more. We recently spoke with vocalist, Nathan Hardy, about their debut album, their experience at South By Southwest, and where the band name came from. Check out the interview below!

This was your first time performing at South By Southwest. Did you guys prepare differently for South By versus playing any other show you would normally play at?
We spent a couple weeks touring through the Midwest on our way out to Austin which was really fun. Aside from that, we had some delicious tortas and quesadillas at Licha’s Cantina where they held the Audiotree showcase. It was a beautiful place full of beautiful people.

Speaking of your debut album, Stovall was initially released in August of last year and it received a ton of great feedback. What song off the album was your personal favorite to write/record and why?
My personal favorite (Nathan) to write and record was Stovall cause I was in the midst of the bullshit which the song is about while we were in the studio recording it and it felt really good to get drunk and whine about it into an expensive microphone.

So we have to ask – where did the name Microwave come from?
When I was 2 years old, my babysitter put me inside a microwave and threatened to turn it on as a punishment for hardcore dancing in the living room while my parents were at a Megadeth show. (she was a big Chiodos fan and was heavily against hardcore dancing in the living room). I can’t be inside elevators or small spaces to this day and I hate bagel bites. Just kidding, we were just drunk one night and thought it was funny and I love
bagel bites.

Being that South By Southwest is filled with tons of incredible acts, were you excited to catch any artists in particular? Did you stumble across any new
artists that you are now a fan of?
We have been long time fans of Mew, a super sick space-rock band from Denmark. We didn’t have SXSW badges to get into see them, but we watched from side-stage through a gate. They walked out where we were standing afterwards and we got to shake Jonas’ hand (Mew vocals) and Tito (Microwave Drums) got to show him his Mew tattoo while his legs turned to jello like a young schoolgirl. We also discovered a band called Rozwell Kid
which is a hummus-themed power pop band from West Virginia. They were absolutely incredible and we hope to see them many more times in the future.

What can we expect next from Microwave?
We’re going to be in the studio at the beginning of May recording a song for a split which will be announced soon. Then, right after we finish recording, we’ll be headed out to the west coast for a tour which we will also be announcing soon. We have a lot of things in
the works for the rest of 2015 as well.

5 Questions With: The Vantage [SXSW Edition]

We sat down with indie-pop band, The Vantage, to discuss their upcoming music video, their experience at playing South By Southwest, and what the guys will be up to next! Check out our interview with the band below!

wasn’t your first time performing at South By Southwest. Was there any
difference in preparing for your performance, since you have played the
same festival before?

Yes, most definitely! The first time we played Southby was our first
performance as a band. It was a bit of a mad dash and we were all a little
nervous. We’ve grown a ton as a band in the past year and with that I think a
lot of confidence has come. Now the focus is more on creating a show and
engaging with the audience.

You guys will be releasing your new music video for “Place in the Water”
soon. Can you tell us a little about the concept for the video and where the
idea came from?

I crafted the idea after a brainstorm session I had with James and my roommate.
We had been throwing around a ton of ideas for the video. I put a few down and
tried to create some sort of ambiguous story that touches on the message of the
song, but also includes visually stimulating elements. It was kind of an
ambitious treatment given our budget, but we somehow made it work! The concept
involves water, color, and searching for “that place.”

Being that South By Southwest is filled with tons of incredible acts, were
you excited to catch any artists in particular? Did you stumble across any new
artists that you are now a fan of?

Yeah of course! Southby is a melting pot. You have to sift through a lot of
noise, but once you do there’s a ton of great acts. We were pretty busy this
year so unfortunately i wasn’t able to wander as much as previous
years. Future Islands, Big Data and Joywave all killed it. Same with our Austin
buddies, SPEAK. Too many acts to name.

You guys have landed placements with ABC Family, MTV Networks and LinkedIn –
all of which is very impressive. Everyone has a different way of defining how
and when they make it, whether it’s a radio single or playing sold-out shows.
How do you measure your success?

I’d like to think success comes when you’re working so hard, and pushing
yourself further that you don’t even see it coming. It just sneaks up and taps
you on the shoulder. You acknowledge it briefly with a wave and then get back
to work. Ultimately for me, I think success is measured by happiness and the
ability to evolve, create, and grow.

“Place in the Water” is the newest single you guys have released. Is there
any other new music in the works? Possibly another EP/album? 

Yes! We aren’t quite sure as of now how the material will be packaged or
released, but fans can expect some new music coming out in the next few months.
We’re constantly writing and working on new things, and have a slew of material
we’ve been sitting on. It’s all about the presentation though, so that’s where
we’re focusing our energy.

For more
on The Vantage: Facebook |
Twitter | YouTube

5 Questions With: Hotel Books [SBSW Edition]

It’s rare to come across a new band nowadays that will make
you think “damn – these guys are so different, but so damn great!” Well, that’s
where Hotel Books came in. A spoken word, indie rock band out of Porterville,
CA, Hotel Books has become one of my new favorite bands. We got to chat with
vocalist, Cam Smith, about their new album their writing process, and their experience
at South By So What?!. Check out our interview with Cam below!

You guys are one of
the more unique bands that we’ve heard in a while for the very reason that
you’re a spoken word, indie rock band. What gave you guys the push to form a
not so average band?

First off, thank you! I don’t think we
ever sat down and said “Let’s do something different.” I just loved writing
poetry and decided to use music and concerts as the platform in which I share
my poetry. Through the years, the musicians have come and gone, and I think
this latest installment of Hotel Books is the most diverse band we’ve ever
been. Dan comes from an emo/ indie background, Kaleb comes from heavy music,
and Andy comes from alternative country. I guess the uniqueness comes more from
synergy than anything else.

On top of the new album, you guys
recently toured with Hearts Like Lions before playing at South By So What?! and
you’re about to hit the road with Defeater for a month-long nationwide tour. Do
you guys prepare differently for festivals versus any other shows you would
normally play?

Yes and no. With SBSW, it was tough going
from playing forty minutes each night to a twenty minute set. As far as our
mindsets go, we try to approach every show the exact same way; Let’s play the
best we can and communicate our message of Love as honestly as we can.

You will be releasing your new album,
Run Wild, Young Beauty, on April 7th via InVogue Records. What track is your
favorite or most meaningful to you and why?

This is a very hard question to answer.
My favorite song changes quite often as I grow and face different
circumstances. As of right now, my favorite song would probably be “Constant
Conclusions” but I think the most meaningful song to me would be “I Died With
You”. That song meant a lot to us when we wrote it, and now that I have grown,
I have found even more meaning in it.

What act were you most excited to catch
at South By So What?! and did they meet your expectations?

We were very excited to see Hawthorne
Heights play “The Silence in Black and White” in full. I caught that set a
couple times last year and could not wait to see it again. I was very excited
to catch Cartel, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and The Maine. All those bands put
on a great set, even in the pouring rain. We caught a few bands that we weren’t
expecting to see but really enjoyed; Roam, Dear You, and Chon being a few!

I think my favorite aspect to you guys’
music is how you can really hear your emotions in a song – whether it be anger
or passion or love, etc. What is the process like for putting together a spoken
word song?

I write the lyrics. Dan, Kaleb and Andy
write the music. Sometimes I take a poem to them and they work out
instrumentals around it, and sometimes I hear an instrumental and think “I have
the perfect poem for this” while other times I am so moved by a song that I
write brand new lyrics. When recording, we try to do all vocals in one take. On
Run Wild, Young Beauty, nine of the twelve songs were tracked in one vocal
take. I like to get into the zone, channel the emotions as honestly as I can,
and pour it out steadily. I feel it’s a lot easier to capture the emotion when
all we focus on is emotion, rather than melodies, staying in key, and other
elements that singers deal with.

For more on Hotel Books: Website | Facebook | Twitter

5 Questions With: Typesetter [SXSW Edition]

Included in our “50 Acts You Won’t Want To Miss At SXSW”
feature, Typesetter’s punk/indie rock sound had us interested upon first
listen. We spoke with the guys about their signing to Black Numbers last year,
preparation for South By, and some performances they were able to catch. Check
out our interview with the band below!

Last year, you guys
signed to Black Numbers and released your debut album in October. The album has
been receiving great responses, being referred to by some as an album that
you’d have on constant repeat, and we completely agree with that. What was the recording
process like and what was your favorite aspect of it?
Recording Wild’s End was a crazy,
wonderful whirlwind. Black Numbers took the plunge and signed us, we were
touring consistently, our drummer had decided to part ways and we had about 6
weeks to finish writing and get Stephen up to speed. About a week before
tracking, our engineer, Peter Carparelli, called me to let me know that he had
a brain tumor. Being a total bad ass, Pete said “so we might have to push
it back a week or two.” Pete is literally tough as nails, he’s got screws
in him from a bike accident and he still rides daily, but we didn’t have any
time to push back. We contacted Jeff Dean, who plays guitar in All Eyes West
and has produced a ton of awesome records, and I distinctly remember him saying
that he wanted to do the record as much for Peter as he did for us.

Wild’s End is a collection of tunes that were written as far as 18 months
before recording; it’s a messy sporadic ride through the first two years of a
band finding themselves, and I love it. We took a lot of chances in the
songwriting and tried every idea that came to mind. Tonally it’s fantastic,
Jeff and Jon Drew (mastering engineer) did an incredible job. Everyone
involved, in every step, from our first drummer Adam, to Dave at Black Numbers,
has put a touch on it and we couldn’t be prouder. And Pete’s fine; Wild’s End
is dedicated to him.

This was your first time performing at South By Southwest. Did you guys prepare
differently for South By versus playing any other show you would normally play

Typesetter approaches every situation differently, whether it’s a city or
festival we’ve played a million times before, or a melting pot like SXSW. We
always focus on making every single show that Typesetter plays the best show

Typesetter had never been to SXSW, so
it was definitely a wild learning experience. We had a total blast, got to
party with some homies and see our friends bands, wander around Austin, drink
Lone Star and slam vegan food from trucks. Shout out to Arlo’s, Frank and the
Vegan Yacht. One of the highlights of South By was the Ground Floor Booking
Showcase. Rey from GFB does a great job booking and every single band was

You guys have been touring quite a
bit lately and even announced that you would be releasing another batch of tour
dates later this week. What keeps you guys so driven to tour nonstop?
At a very basic level, we’re all
driven to play music every day. Even on our days off when we should relax, we
lament not getting to play. There’s also an aspect of wanderlust, of desiring a
nomadic lifestyle, of meeting new people and seeing new places. Practically,
however, consistent touring is the way that bands survive now. You make money
and spread your name by playing out and selling merch; you have to bring your
records to people rather than assume a label or store is going to shove it in
their face. To us it just makes sense: it’s what we want to do and what keeps
propelling us forward, to new fans and friends. We strive to write awesome tunes
and put on a great show, and we want to bring that show to everyone.  

Being that South By Southwest is
filled with tons of incredible acts, were you excited to catch any artists in
particular? Did you stumble across any new artists that you are now a fan of?

All Eyes West, Lifted Bells, Creepoid, What Moon Things, The Spits, Alaska,
Daddy Issues, Hard Girls, Closet Drama, Paul Cherry, Sidewalk Chalk, Mild High
Club… homies old and new. I wish I would’ve gotten to see Run the Jewels,
Waxahatchee, Chance the Rapper and BoneLang.

What can we expect next from Typesetter? Possibly new music in the works?
There will definitely be new
Typesetter music this year. We have a lot of plans and will be releasing music
in a variety of formats this year. There will definitely be a split with a rad
New York band. We’re playing Pouzza Fest in Montreal, Death to False Hope Fest
in Durham, The Fest in Gainesville again and we’re touring Europe this year.
Keep your eyes and ears peeled, and catch us at a show – we want to hang out
with you.

50 Acts You Won’t Want To Miss At SXSW (Part 4)


It’s that time of year again and South By Southwest (SXSW) is just around the corner! We’ve decided to bring back our “50 Acts You Won’t Want To Miss” feature, which will run from today until March 16th, the day before the Music section of SXSW begins! Check out our fourth installment (acts 31-40, in no particular order) of artists we think you need to check out below!

Previous posts: 1 | 2 | 3

*Note: some acts we’ve included are performing at South By So What?! and not South By Southwest. However, since the festival takes place during the week of South By Southwest, we’ve decided to still include them in our list!

These alternative rockers recently released their debut full-length album, The Smallest Light via No Sleep Records.
The album is already receiving tons of amazing feedback from fans,
publications, and everywhere in between. Their music is nothing short of
exceptional and we’re excited to see where there rest of the year will take
this band.
to catch Daisyhead:
3.21 – 8pm –
Spartan Records SXSW Showcase @ Bar 96.

Emily Wolfe
Chances are, you’ve heard of Emily Wolfe at least once. If you haven’t,
where the heck have you been? Named one of NPR’s 5 New Bands To Watch At SXSW
last year and referred to as a “sparkling rocker” by the Wall Street Journal,
Emily Wolfe takes listeners on an amazing musical journey that everyone should
experience at least once.
Where to catch Emily Wolfe:
3.17 – 1pm – GCJR Showcase @ Empire Control
Room; 3.18 – 7am – KUTX Live Broadcast @ Four Seasons; 3.18 – 1pm – South By
San Jose @ San Jose Hotel (Parking Lot); 3.19 – 8pm – ICM Partners Official
SXSW Showcase @ Icenhauer’s.

When listening to BØRNS the other day, I came across an article that
referred to the band as “an indie prince who was raised by the Beach Boys
alongside unicorns and nymphs.” I have never read anything more perfect. Glam
rocker, Garrett Born, has been receiving praise from artists, including Taylor
Swift, and will surely be taking off before we know it. Incredible vocals with
a unique alternative style keep BØRNS’ music unique and hypnotizing, making us
want to hear even more.
Where to catch BØRNS:
3.18 – 12am – Official SXSW Showcase @

Travis Hayes
I may be a sucker for the acoustic, heartfelt, singer-songwriter types, but
Travis Hayes is one of my new favorite artists that I’ve come across. Having
shared the stage with artists including 3 Doors Down, Daughtry and The Rocket
Summer, Travis Hayes has a promising career of himself. Our recommendation:
crack open a bottle of wine or whiskey (apple juice if you’re not of age), and
sit yourself down with Young Daze
Where to catch Travis Hayes:
3.17 – 11am – Balanced Breakfast @ The
Jackalope; 3.20 – 7pm – The ATX Overload Festival @ Spinner’s; 3.21 – 7pm –
Tofu BBQ Blowout.

These Chicago punks will make you feel as if you’re reliving your teen
angst in the best way possible. Self described as “brewgaze,” the band knows
how to perfectly blend punk with indie rock while still completely enjoying
Where to catch Typesetter:
3.17 – 7:45pm – Rattle Showcase @ Rattle
Inn; 3.18 – Ground Floor Booking Showcase @ Love Goat; 3.20 – The Music Ranch

No stranger to the road and having previously played large festivals
including Glastonbury and Reading & Leeds Festivals, these UK natives are
making a name for themselves. In fact, they were named one of Rolling Stones’
“10 New Artists You Need To Know: January 2015 edition.” After performing at
South By later this week, you can catch the band on the road again, joining The
Used and Every Time I Die on tour. It’s a set you’ll surely want to see.
Where to catch Marmozets:
3.18 – 2pm – British Music Embassy @
Latitude 30; 3.20 – 9:45pm – Audiotree Showcase @ Licha’s Cantina.

Great Caesar
If you’re familiar with our site, you would know that we are huge fans of
any artists with both male and female vocals. There’s just something so
hypnotizing and incredible about it – and Great Caesar is another band to add
to our list of favorites. This year marks tremendous growth for the band, who
were recently announced by Billboard as one of New Music Seminar’s Artists on the
Verge 2015. For those of you who get to catch these guys, we are jealous. Oh so
very jealous.
Where to catch Great Caesar:
3.145 – 11am – Daybreaker @ Rio Dayclub;
3.15 – 11:30pm – General Assembly x Salesforce @ Old School Bar & Grill;
3.16 – 2am – Red Gorilla @ The Dizzy Rooster; 3.17 – 12:40pm – McDonald’s
Showcase @ McDonald’s parking lot; 3.17 – 3:35pm – Big Picture Media Showcase @
The Blind Pig; 3.18 – 12:45pm – Chicken Ranch Records @ Hole in the Wall; 3.19
– 12:30pm – Doc’s Motorworks Showcase @ Doc’s Motorworks; 3.20 – 11pm –
Official SXSW Showcase @ Esther’s Follies; 3.21 – 12pm – Home Slice Pizza; 3.21
– 4pm – Strange Brew.

Courage My Love
Recent addition to InVogue Records, Courage My Love has a lot going on
right now. The band will be re-releasing their last EP, this time as a
full-length album, later this month and after South By, the band can be found
on the “Stripped Down To The Bone” tour supporting Hawthorne Heights.
Where to catch Courage My Love:
3.20 – South By So What?! @ QuikTrip Park.

2014 was a whirlwind for these Utah rockers who hit the road alongside Neon
Trees and released their self-titled album. Now, the band is making 2015 their
bitch and it’s pretty damn impressive. Named Salt Lake City Weekly’s Best Band
of 2015 and elected by New Music Seminar as part of their “Artist on The Verge
Class of 2015,” we’re only expecting bigger and better accomplishments to come.
Where to catch Fictionist:
3.18 – 4:20pm – L Rock Entertainment Day
Party @ Darwin’s Pub; 3.19 – 1:45pm – Big Picture Media Showcase @ The Blind
Pig Rooftop; 3.20 – 10pm – Official SXSW Showcase @ The Trophy Club.

Manic Pixi
After changing their name and releasing a full-length album, Manic Pixi
strive to preserve the Rock N Roll spirit they always knew they had. Referring
to themselves as a “ballsy, genre bending sound all their own,” the band knows
exactly how to grab an audience’s attention with pop-grungey sound.
Where to catch Manic Pixi:
3.19 – 1:15pm – Sonic Tonic Showcase @ Amli

Interview With:: Night Riots


Kara Kokinos, a new addition to the LOL team, had the opportunity to sit down with Nick Fotinakes, Travis Hawley, and Mikel Van Kranenburg of Night Riots this past Sunday (3/8/15) at the Brighton Music Hall during the East Coast leg of their tour with Draemings. The CA gentlemen, previously known as PK, released their “Howl” EP this January and have been featured on Sirius XM Alt Nation and placed on the Billboard Heatseekers chart.

Catch up on the band’s recent signing with Sumerian Records, Kickstarter, and SXSW and be sure to follow their socials for upcoming tour dates!

LOL: Hi guys! First off, I want to congratulate you guys on the release of the “Howl” EP! So how has the reception to that been so far?
Travis Hawley: It’s been great!
Nick Fotinakes: Yeah, it’s going surprisingly pretty well. Well, not surprisingly, but you never know what to expect. It’s been received super well and all these shows we’ve been playing have been really great, people are responding to the new stuff. So better than anticipated.

LOL: Very nice! You guys premiere the first single, ‘Contagious’, a while back and did a video for that. Can you tell me a little bit about that process?
Travis Hawley: Yeah, I mean we have a certain aesthetic that definitely follows us, it’s just how we like to see the world in general. But we’ve been working with a music video director named Chris Buongiorno and he has kind of captured that for us and it’s really helping realize that. We’re discussing different ideas, we had some really elaborate plans before and then, with the label, we wanted to put a simple, solid performance video out first before we got into the crazy stuff, that’s for the future.

LOL: You guys are a newer Sumerian Records signing, how’s that been going?
Travis Hawley: It’s been amazing, it’s been a platform for us and we’ve been surprised how many people have been greeting us with open arms. Especially because we’re an alternative band on a metal label, it’s very different. But it’s cool, we’re not the black sheep, we’re set apart and we stand out, which is very cool.

LOL: You guys actually crowdfunded the last EP you did before signing to Sumerian, “Young Lore”, how was that process for you guys? Did you enjoy it or was it more of a struggle?
Travis Hawley: I think that the decision to do it was a little bit of a struggle. Just because it’s hard to ask people who have always supported you and they’ve already given so much coming to your shows so it’s hard to say, “Would you give us money?” We really tried to give cool, unique rewards out. We tried to make it worthwhile for everybody and put everything we could into it. We figured that’s the only way people would give back to us. And they did! It was huge, we didn’t want to be one of those bands that starts a Kickstarter and then gets halfway through and then just dies. So for us it was amazing because we got our goal really fast. And it wasn’t even a rich aunt or uncle that came in and was like, “Hey, here’s five grand. We’re gonna give it to you.” It was just a bunch of little purchases all over the United States. All over the world, really. So that was really cool.

LOL: Have you guys seen a lot of those people who donated when you’ve come through on tour?
Travis Hawley: We’ve seen the shirts and sweatshirts!
Nick Fotinakes: Part of the rewards for it was doing a string of acoustic, private shows so it was a good chunk of those people that we see at shows all the times and have become friends with too. We basically went over to their house and played and ate dinner with them.

LOL: Very nice, how is this tour going?
Nick Fotinakes: Good! It’s been cold.
Travis Hawley: Best tour.
Nick Fotinakes: Yeah, that’s for sure.
Mikel VK: I like it, it’s a nice change of pace.

LOL: Well you guys are going back down to SXSW next week-
Nick Fotinakes: Is it that close?
Travis Hawley: Yeah, and that’s usually hot and humid. But last year it wasn’t too bad.
Nick Fotinakes: It was pretty cool.

LOL: How was your experience there last year?
Nick Fotinakes: It was good! We weren’t there for too long, it was a pretty quick trip.
Travis Hawley: It was perfect. We played really good shows and that’s actually where we met Sumerian for the first time. They came to a show and we had some perfectly packed performances.
Nick Fotinakes: We were there for three days, we weren’t there for the whole time. So we came in, played a couple cool shows. We had a hotel right down town and we got to come in and get out of there really easily. Got to get out of there before all the bands and before we got too tired so that was the perfect SXSW experience.

LOL: What does this year’s SXSW look like for you guys?
Travis Hawley: I think it’ll be a good one.
Nick Fotinakes: Pretty similar, we’re only there for two or three days.
Travis Hawley: You know what I think it is? I think that everybody in the industry is so pumped on SXSW. Everybody is, except, and I can’t say this for all bands, but I will say that for our band, we’re not super pumped on it. This thing is that it is amazing, you get to see a lot of great artists but it is so overwhelming. And we do this all the time, we’re on tour living that lifestyle, the party atmosphere, all the time. So for us it’s just another one of those except to the tenth degree.
Nick Fotinakes: Yeah, times one hundred.

LOL: And you guys just did CMJ.
Travis Hawley: That was different though, that was cool cuz it’s kind of spread out over the city, which I thought was cool.
Nick Fotinakes: SXSW is that whole party crammed into that one street so it’s just like a Mardi Gras for bands and no one cares that you’re playing music because everyone’s i  a band there so it’s like, “’Oh, I’m playing a show, you should co- oh shut up.”
Travis Hawley: Well how we did it last and year and how we’ll do it this year is really fun if you come in there and you’ve got a place to stay. We went the year before and we stayed in our van, we had bunks in the back, and we were about two miles out.
Nick Fotinakes: {groans} It was really hot.
Travis Hawley: So we would park outside of the downtown and just hike.
Nick Fotinakes: About a mile out.
Travis Hawley: We would carry all of our gear, it was humid and hot. You would wake up and you’re drenched in sweat and then you have to load in gear. We were playing shows at around ten in the morning at a bar on the outskirts and there would be nobody there.

LOL: Looks like it paid off though!
{all agree}
Travis Hawley: I was just about to say that.
Mikel VK: It’s not to say that SXSW is a terrible place, there are upsides to it as well.
Travis Hawley: There are so many rad bands.
Mikel VK: You get to see awesome bands, there are awesome people, you make tons of connections, and we’re super grateful for the showcases that we do have this year, they’re going to be awesome. It goes both ways.
Nick Fotinakes: Yeah, I think it’s about how you go into it. That first year we had no idea what to expect so we did it completely wrong so now that we’re going into it knowing things –
Mikel VK: That first one just put a sour taste in our mouths.
Nick Fotinakes: But we have good showcases, we get to see a lot of friends. We get to see bands that we never cross paths with and hang out. We saw some cool people last year like The 1975, CeeLo, Young The Giant, it’s great.
Travis: I really liked CeeLo.

LOL: Is there anything you want to tease after the end of festival season?
Nick Fotinakes: Aww man, is there anything we want to tease?
Travis Hawley: Do a little tease.
Nick Fotinakes: I don’t know if we have anything teasable, we’re playing a couple of festivals, one in FL after this, doing something in NY too. Hopefully maybe some UK stuff, that’s a tease.
Travis Hawley: We’re also at South By So What.
Nick Fotinakes: Oh yeah, that’s at the end of SXSW for us, we go there. I guess the only tease is that we’re going to be touring all of the time, you won’t be able to get rid of us. We’re going to be in your backyard all of the time, in your ear like a little bird chirping.
Travis Hawley: It’s true.

LOL: Sounds great, thanks guys! Anything you want to leave us off with, social plugs?
Nick Fotinakes: Oh yeah, follow us on Facebook.com/nightriots. Instagram is @nightriots. Twitter is @nightriots. The website is nightriots.com. It’s really easy.
Travis Hawley: Night Riots across the board
Nick Fotinakes: You can follow Mikel’s personal account as well.
Mikel VK: Oh yeahhhh.
Travis Hawley: You can also find that @nightriots 😉

50 Acts You Won’t Want To Miss At SXSW (Part 2)


It’s that time of year again and South By Southwest (SXSW) is just around the corner! We’ve decided to bring back our “50 Acts You Won’t Want To Miss” feature, which will run from today until March 16th, the day before the Music section of SXSW begins! Check out our second installment (acts 11-20, in no particular order) of artists we think you need to check out below! For installment one, click here!

*Note: some acts we’ve included are performing at South By So What?! and not South By South West. However, since the festival takes place during the week of South By Southwest, we’ve decided to still include them in our list!

Down and Outlaws
It’s safe to say that 2015 is a pretty incredible year for Down and
Outlaws. Not only is the band performing at four showcases next week, but they will
also be releasing their highly anticipated debut full length later this year.
Our favorite fun fact about their album? It was recorded at Studio 606, aka the
recording studio owned by Dave Grohl. Needless to say, we can only expect
bigger and better things from this band. Keep them on your radar.
Where to catch Down and Outlaws
: 3.17 – 4:45pm – Big Picture Media @ The
Blind Pig; 3.18 – 11pm – Red Gorilla Music Festival Showcase @ Touche; 3.20 –
Noon – Another Planet Entertainment Showcase @ Red Eyed Fly; 3.22 – 5:15pm –
Bon Vivants Showcase @ Half Step.

Uh Huh Baby Yeah!
A little bit Head Automatica, a little bit Escape the Fate, a little bit
pop-punk, Louisville four-piece Uh-Huh Baby Yeah! find their sound by not
allowing themselves to be pigeonholed into just one. While I’m not entirely
sure just exactly what’s happening when I listen to them, that should translate
into an interesting set. ¯_(ツ)_/¯
Where to catch Uh Huh Baby Yeah!
: 3.18 – The Side Bar; 3.19 – SXSCongress @
Doc’s Motorworks ; 3.20 @ Icenhauer’s; 3.21 – MerchCat Indie Showcase @ Lucky

Colony House
From the first time I stumbled across Colony House’s album, I’ve been
hooked. Whether it is the nostalgic lyrics of personal struggles and heartbreak
or the blend of pop, folk, and indie genres, there’s just something about this
band that has me on the edge of my seat waiting to see what they produce next.
It’s easy for me to say I’m jealous of anyone and everyone who gets to catch
one of their sets.
Where to catch Colony House:
3.18 – 10pm – BMI Showcase @ Bar 96; 3.19 –
5:40pm – IFC Showcase/Party Fairground @ Palm Park; 3.20 – 3:45pm – Audiotree @
Licha’s Cantina; 3.20 – 8pm – Rachel Ray Party @ Rachel Ray House; 3.21 – 3pm – Noistrade @ Blackheart.

We were introduced to this band not too long ago and they’re one that we
were pleasantly surprised by. This duo, comprised of Spencer Harrison and
Libbie Linton, deliver bright, ambient, hooky tracks to please fans of anybody
from A Fine Frenzy to St. Vincent to Eisley or anywhere in between. The band
creates an oddly hypnotic sound that is both complex and melodic – unusual, yet
beautiful. Judge for yourself.
Where to catch Mideau:
3.20 – 2pm – Powerhouse Party @ Fado’s; 3.20
– 12am – Official Play @ Trophy Club.

Set It Off
When it comes to artists who have progressed and change their sound over
time, I immediately think of Set It Off. From their initial pop punk/symphonic
rock days to their orchestral rock days to whatever you want to classify their
current sound as, this is a band that continues to grow and progress in the
best way possible. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing this band a handful of times
and they put on one of the best shows you will ever see. If you can’t make it
out to South By, don’t fret! The band recently announced they would be joining
this summer’s Vans Warped Tour. I suggest that you NOT miss out on their set. You
will hate yourself if you do.
Where to catch Set It Off:
3.20 – South By So What?! @ QuikTrip Park.

Holiday Mountain
This past October, I was able to catch Holiday Mountain perform a short set
at CMJ and was amazed at how energetic and uplifting this trio truly was. As
someone who is (semi) obsessed with the music and fashion of the 80s, this band
makes you want to grab your legwarmers, glitter, and teasing comb and basically
go ham. No complaints.
Where to catch Holiday Mountain:
3.17 – 2:30pm – Paypal Party @ Empire
Control Room; 3.17 – 4:10pm – Big Picture Media Showcase @ The Blind Pig; 3.19
– 2:15pm – Flatstock Stage @ Convention Center; 3.19 – 5:30pm @ Tiniest Little
Bar in Texas; 3.20 – 9:20pm –
Bill Music/Convoy Group Showcase @ Palm Door on Sabine; 3.21 – 2pm – Best of
Austin Party @ Holy Mountain; 3.21 – 6pm – Future of Music Showcase @ Shiner

The Stone Foxes
This San Fran band is fully dedicated to keeping rock engaged and
succulently alive. They achieve this in a multitude of ways including raising
awareness of hunger and homelessness on tour, personally delivering any and all
food that was collected, and by staying true to their roots when creating their
music. The band doesn’t release their new album until August, but in the
meantime, they will be releasing a new song on the first Friday of every month.
Check out the hashtag “#FoxesFirstFriday” to hear some of the new tunes.
Where to catch The Stone Foxes:
3.20 – Party In My Pants @ Little Woodrow’s

Just a few days ago, Frankie released a brand new track over on Nylon.com
where she is referred to as “the musical embodiment of California.” Now, never
having been to California, I can’t say I agree with this; however, Frankie is
most certainly a breath of fresh air. Not only has she written every song
herself, but also her music is filled with empowerment and energy. If listening
to her music has us dancing in our seats, we could only imagine what it would
be like to see her perform live.
Where to catch Frankie:
3.18 – 5pm @ The Blackheart; 3.18 – 6pm @
Shiner’s Saloon; 3.19 – 4:50pm – SpokesBUZZ Showcase @ 512 Bar; 3.19 – 9pm @
Maggie Mae’s; 3.20 – DeliRadio Party @ The Jackalope; 3.21 – Brooklyn Country
Cantina @ Licha’s Cantina; 3.21 – 8pm – Powerhouse Party @ Peckerheads.

Parlour Tricks
Parlour Tricks are no stranger to playing music festivals. They’re
previously performed at Bonnaroo, Summerfest, Lollapalooza, CMJ, and last
year’s South By Southwest. Self-described as “PRETTY/GRITTY” (AND FROM NEW YORK
CITY), this sextet blends dirty synth, clean rhythms, beautiful vocal
harmonies, and thumping drums into an end-result that is inarguably
Where to catch Parlour Tricks:
3.17 – 8pm – Conflict of Interest @ Hype
Hotel; 3.18 – 5pm – Annual Back Alley Bash @ Tequila Mockingbird’s; 3.19 –
2:55pm – Big Picture Media Showcase @ Bling Pig; 3.19 – 11pm – Bar None Records
Showcase @ Valhalla; 3.20 – 7pm – Rachel Ray’s Feedback House.

Making the trek all the way from Glasgow, these three have been making
waves throughout Scotland, thanks in-part to opening slots for Panic! at the
Disco, Twin Atlantic, and a handful of other notable acts. After the release of
2014’s beautiful debut I Am An Island, it would be wise to check these guys out
while they’re here.
Where to catch Fatherson:
3.17 – 2pm – Big Picture Media Showcase @
The Blind Pig; 3.18 – 3:50pm – Daytime Rock Showcase @ British Embassy; 3.19 –
8pm – APA Agency Showcase @ The North Door; 3.22 – 8:30pm – Conscious
Immaturity Charity Showcase @ Stubb’s.

50 Acts You Won’t Want To Miss At SXSW (Part 1)

It’s that time of year again and South By Southwest (SXSW) is just around the corner! We’ve decided to bring back our “50 Acts You Won’t Want To Miss” feature, which will run from today until March 16th, the day before the Music section of SXSW begins! Check out our first installment (acts 1-10, in no particular order) of artists we think you need to check out below!

*Note: some acts we’ve included are performing at South By So What?! and not South By South West. However, since the festival takes place during the week of South By Southwest, we’ve decided to still include them in our list!


Royal Teeth
After being a standout at the second Boston Calling festival, Royal Teeth have found continued commercial success over the last eighteen months or so. While they’ve been heard in a handful of ads or trailers, don’t mistake them for sellouts – it’s not their fault that their dual-vocalled brand of high-energy pop is unignorably catchy. Or, well, I suppose it is.
Where to catch Royal Teeth: 3.20 – 5pm – NoiseTrade Day Party @ Swan Dive; 3.21 – 5pm – BAM! The Future of Rock and Roll Vol 2 @ Peckerheads; 3.21 – 10PM – Official SXSW Showcase @ Buffalo Billiards; 3.22 – 4pm – South By Sendoff @ Stubb’s.

Following the success of their revival, coupled with a 5-year anniversary Illuminate tour, Lydia have been keeping busy. With performances booked at SXSW, Bled Fest, and a nationwide tour in support of The Early November, there are plenty of chances to catch these guys play. But why would you want to wait any longer than you have to?
Where to catch Lydia: 3.20 – South By So What?! @ QuikTrip Park.

While their first full-length is still eagerly awaited, what we’ve gotten thus far from COIN (a three-track EP that will dance you out of your shoes) leaves me very optimistic for its June release. I’m sure their set will be more than three songs, so I’m jealous of anyone who will get to hear what else this band has to offer.
Where to catch COIN: 3.18 – 8pm – Hype Machine @ Hype Hotel; 3.18 – 1am – Paradigm @ Maggie Mae’s Rooftop; 3.19 – 3:45pm – Most Definitely @ La Barbecue; 3.19 – 11pm – SONY @ Tap Room At The Market; 3.21 – 4:30pm – IFC @ Palm Park.

Night Riots
In support of their latest EP, Howl, a half-dozen songs packed with bright, moody electronic pop, this LA five-piece are preceding their summer on Warped Tour with a run at SXSW. If you miss your chance to catch them now, you’ll have another shot when Warped stops in your city, though their crowd is bound to be much bigger by the time that rolls through.
Where to catch Night Riots: 3.19 – 4:20pm – Big Picture Media Showcase @ The Bling Pig; 3.19 – 10pm – Official SXSW Showcase @ Buffalo Billiards; 3.20 – South By So What?! @ QuikTrip Park.

Dylan Gardner
This time last year, Dylan Gardner’s record landed in my inbox. And it didn’t take long for me to hear that there was something special about this 17-year-old kid’s self-written, self-recorded, self-produced debut album. And after jumping at the chance to sign such a great young talent, it seems it didn’t take Warner Bros. Records very long to realize it, either.
Where to catch Dylan Gardner: 3.20 – 8pm – Official SXSW Showcase @ Victorian Room at The Driskill; 3.22 – 7pm – House of Blues Cambridge Room.

One of the newer bands we’ve been introduced to, Denver’s Redlands blend together elements of country, pop, and old-fashioned rock & roll into a tightly-structured sound that could appeal to most music fans. Before their newest album hits shelves early this summer, this is a band you’ll want to get acquainted with.
Where to catch Redlands: 3.18 – 7pm – The Prophet Bar; 3.20 – South By So What?! @ QuikTrip Park.

The Maine
Since the announcement of American Candy (expected March 31st), The Maine have had their fanbase in a stir since word of their fifth album hit the internet. As a band that has progressed and matured with each album or tour, I’m always interested in whatever The Maine have lined up next.
Where to catch The Maine: 3.18 – 9:30pm – Official SXSW Showcase @ Emo’s; 3.20 – South By So What?! @ QuikTrip Park.

Whether it’s lead vocalist Mandy Lee’s soaring voice, the band’s catchy dance-pop sound, or any combination of these along with countless other factors, there’s a lot to be said for MisterWives. But whatever I could say about them wouldn’t do justice to what they’ll show you themselves.
Where to catch MisterWives: 3.19 – 6pm – The Spotify House; 3.21 – 7pm – House of Blues Dallas; 3.22 – 7pm – Fitzgerald’s.

To help celebrate 10 years of Chroma, one of the most solid pop/punk records of the era, Cartel are embarking on an anniversary tour later this Spring. But before they hit the road, they have their sights set on Austin, ready to make all of those high school emotions flood back.
Where to catch Cartel: 3.20 – South By So What?! @ QuikTrip Park.

MC Lars
The self-proclaimed master of lit-hop puts on a show that few can rival. Energetic, entertaining, and potentially educational, Lars shouldn’t be missed (if you’re hyphy enough to handle it).
Where to catch MC Lars: 3.17 – 10:25pm – Official SXSW Showcase @ Flamingo Cantina; 3.19 – The Bedlands.