5 Questions With: Lion In The Mane [SXSW Edition]

We spoke with Lion In The Mane about their new album, the concept of their latest music video, and what fans can expect next! Check out our interview with  the band below!

You guys recently released your new album The Noise War last month. This was your first release since your EP back in 2011. How was the recording process different this time around?
We had a lot of time to prep this record and a lot of time in the studio. Dmitry and Andrew stayed down in Atlanta in the studio for a month. The rest of us flew in and out for our parts. It was a lot more relaxed this go around.

Being that South By Southwest is filled with tons of incredible acts, were you excited to catch any artists in particular? Did you stumble across any new artists that you are now a fan of?
For me, it was more about catching up with friends in other bands that I haven’t seen in a while. My ears needed a break at this point in the tour so I didn’t do too much exploring.

A couple weeks ago, the music video for “Waiting” was released. Where did the concept for the music video come from?
Dave Brick directed the video and he came up with the concept as well. It was a cool light show and to me it just showed two people going their separate ways.

You guys are currently on The Down South tour with Uh-Huh Baby Yeah and Dreamcatcher, where you’re playing the new album live for the first time. What is your favorite track off the album to perform and why?
I really like “California on Fire” this week. We also started playing “Now that I know” and the other bands are excited about that song. These guys bring so much energy every night so it’s cool to play some of our up beat tunes as well.

What can fans expect next from Lion In The Mane?
I see a new video in the near future. We’ve kicked around the idea of a couple cool covers. We have tons of new music ready to record and have been asked on a few tours. Excited for what’s next!

5 Questions With: Holiday Mountain [SXSW Edition]

We spoke with dance pop trio, Holiday Mountain, about their upcoming EP, how the band prepares for festivals, and some of their favorite acts they caught at South By Southwest. Check out the interview below!

You guys have such an energetic and whimsical presence about yourselves, which is refreshing to see. When forming the band, how did you decide that this would be the type of music you guys would be creating?
Thank you! We really appreciate hearing that.  It definitely didn’t happen over night. We went through a couple different phases of wiggling around in our collective musical space. I think it just took hours and hours and hours of playing together and discovering that we all really love hip hop, electronic music, and pop hits. As far as the energy level, it’s like this explosion of stomach butterflies that we have little control over. Something or someone else truly takes over- I recently watched a video of a performance of ours and thought “wow! who is that crazy bitch!?”
Even just the thought of getting on stage makes us wanna jump around!!

South By Southwest is filled with tons of incredible acts, were you excited to catch any artists in particular? Did you stumble across any new artists that you are now a fan of?
There were certainly a lot of shows we wanted to check out-mostly rap shows, but we were basically running from gig to gig the whole time. We played a show with an NY funk/soul inspired act called Great Caesar-they were awesome! Also, we got to meet the Australian neo-soul quartet Hiatus Kaiyote-we love hearing a band that can play the $hit out of their instruments!!

It’s been a while since we’ve seen an album from you guys. Is there any new music in the works, possibly a new album? If so, what information can you share with us about it?
Yasssss! We’ve been working hard for several years on our new recordings and are so excited to announce that we’ll be releasing ‘You Be You Pt.1’ on April 28th! The EP is available for pre-order on iTunes. There will be a ‘You Be You Pt.2’ to follow in the near future as well. We worked with producer CJ Eiriksson, who is most well known for his work with U2.  He taught us so much about perfecting song form and flow. We put our soul and sweat into these heavy dance tracks and are so grateful the time has come to share them with the world.

You’re no stranger to playing festivals, having previously performed at CMJ and South By Southwest last year. Do you guys prepare differently for festivals versus any other show you would normally play?
We often find festivals to be more about physical stamina and endurance-similar to  an athlete, we prepare for game time with a lot of emergen-C, high protein snacks, stretching, and lots and lots of coffee!!

What can we expect next from Holiday Mountain?
Soon we’ll be releasing our music video for ‘Feelin’ It’ which was shot with a 360° camera by Onion Creek Productions. We also have an Austin residency every Saturday in April at the Scoot Inn with national headliners like Man Man, Turquoise Jeep, MIS, Toy Selectah, and Suffers. Lastly, we have a 2 month tour to support ‘You Be You Pt.1’ from the beginning of May-June; we’ll be playing all around the US as well as parts of Canada and Mexico and we can’t wait to sweatily group hugs tons of new friends.

5 Questions With: COIN [SXSW Edition]

We spoke with one of our new favorite bands, COIN, about their upcoming tour dates with Passion Pit and Neon Trees, their experience at South By Southwest, and what we can expect next from the band. Check out the interview below!

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5 Questions With: Jukebox The Ghost [SXSW Edition]

We recently caught up with Jukebox The Ghost to talk about their Conan performance, their experience at South By, and what fans can expect next from the band! Check out our interview with guitarist and vocalist, Tommy Siegel, below!

This one’s not so much a question as it is a statement, but you (just a little while ago) posted your summer tour with Ingrid Michaelson – that’s huge, congrats! How excited are you about that experience?

We are really excited about it!  We’ve never done a tour on that scale – The biggest shows we’ve done in the states have been clubs (and theaters at the absolute largest).  This tour is on the gigantic-outdoor-ampitheater end of the spectrum, and we are really looking forward to that totally insane new experience. In addition, Ingrid and her band are just fantastic people all-around, so we know the tour is gonna be a blast even before it starts.

You performed on Conan a month or two back, and then you were on VH1 earlier
this month – do you prep yourselves any different for a TV performance than you
would for a live show?

Not particularly.  The thing about touring is that you already know you’re going to have to play in a lot of wildly different situations – Sometimes you play to 30 people and sometimes you play to 3,000.  Sometimes you’re opening the show to a somewhat-disinterested crowd, sometimes you’re playing at a radio station for a single DJ and sometimes you play to a ton of your own enthusiastic fans.  Playing on a TV performance feels more like playing to an intimate/confused crowd than it feels like playing to the millions you’re actually performing for – The key is to make sure you don’t totally screw it up.  Which I kinda did on Conan.  Thankfully you can’t hear the guitar very well in the first post-chorus.  Phew!

Since South By Southwest is filled with tons of incredible acts, were you excited to catch any artists in particular? Did you stumble across any new artists that you are now a fan of?

South by Southwest is such a crazy event that it’s hard to find the time to see other stuff, so it’s best to just go with the flow – You might have three or four hours between showcases and I’ve found the best tactic is to check the schedule only at the last minute so you don’t get too let down. Thankfully, this year I got to catch Deerhoof (they’re my favorite band).

This one is a two parter, so here we go: The doodles you post online always seem to go over really well – A.) What’s the weirdest one that someone has requested? B.) If there could be one band/artist/celebrity you’d want to request a doodle from you, who would you want?

A. Someone requested us as the characters in Fifty Shades of Grey, which I imagined for a few minutes and then politely declined.

B. I would LOVE to draw a doodle from Cher, which is somewhat realistic because she spends an amazing amount of time on Twitter.

What can fans expect next from Jukebox The Ghost?

More touring this summer!  We’re excited to hit the road with Ingrid Michaelson for  May/June.  After that, who knows?  I’d love to start working on a new record before the year is over

5 Questions With: Fictionist [SXSW Edition]

We spoke with Utah rockers, Fictionist, about their crazy tour schedule, the possibility of new music, and their preparation for performances! Check out our interview with vocalist, Stuart Maxfield, below!

You guys have been crazy busy over the last 6-7 months. You toured with Neon Trees, released your self-titled album, toured with Mates of State, and performed at South By Southwest. What keeps you guys so driven to constantly be on the road and taking so many things on?
Fascination and obsession.  Fear of creative claustrophobia.  I need adventures.  

Fictionist was elected by New Music Seminar as an “Artist on The Verge, Class of 2015,” as well as Salt Lake City Weekly’s “Best Band of 2015” – congrats, by the way. We can only assume that 2015 will be an incredible year for you guys. What are you most looking forward to this year? Some more touring? A new album? 
We are going to be touring the self titled primarily this year.  We’ll be out with Neon trees again, and doing a number of higher profile one offs.  We are constantly writing and while we don’t have a firm release date in mind for the next record we defiantly aren’t waiting around to get working on it.  The new record is one of our primary focuses.

When you released your self-titled album, you mentioned that the concept of the album art had to do with the “overarching lyric theme” that can be seen throughout the album. Which track off that album was most meaningful to you and why?  
To me, I like the simplicity of miss you but I also appreciate the imagery and eloquence of can’t get enough. Difficult to narrow that down.  I can say that lyrics are important for me
and I have a hard time proceeding with a song until I feel the lyrics are resonating in a cool way.  

South By Southwest is filled with tons of incredible acts, were you excited to catch any artists in particular? Did you stumble across any new artists that you are now a fan of?
We went to all the Sego shows and had a fantastic time.  They are one of our favorite up and coming groups.    

You’re no stranger to playing festivals, having previously performed at CMJ and South By Southwest last year. Do you guys prepare differently for festivals versus any other show you would normally play?
The only thing thats different is how insane take down and set up is.  We try to trim down to accommodate to  rushed sound checks etc.   We make a special point to always do our thing regardless of the venue or festival.  

5 Questions With: Uh Huh Baby Yeah [SXSW Edition]

We spoke with rock/pop band, Uh Huh Baby Yeah, last week
during South By So Southwest! We asked the guys about their signing to Revival
Recordings, their current tour, and what fans can expect next from the band.
Check out the interview below!

Last month, you guys
signed to NC label, Revival Recordings. How has that experience been so far?

Revival is the ideal home for a band like
us. We’re a grassroots/word of mouth, family oriented type of band. Revival is
a very close knit, likeminded label. Working with them has honestly been one of
the easiest transitions of our career.

Since the signing, you guys also hit
the road with Lion In The Mane and Dreamcatcher. What has your favorite stop on
the tour been thus far and why?
I think our favorite stop thus
far would have to be Austin, TX for SXSW/Red Gorilla. The Chugging Monkey was
by far the most hospitable venue, and the crowd was bonkers! We still have 7
shows left, so there’s no telling what can happen though.

Being that South By Southwest is filled with tons of incredible acts, were
you excited to catch any artists in particular? Did you stumble across any new
artists that you are now a fan of?
Yes! There were quite a few bands
that pleasantly surprised me. One in particular was an all girl group comprised
of quadruplets. I don’t even remember their name. I just dug what they were

Everyone has a different way of defining how and when they make it, whether
it’s a radio single or playing sold-out shows. How do you measure your success?
I measure success by whether or
not I’m happy doing what I’m doing. This band, for instance, has consumed my
life for the past 11 years. In no way has I gotten old. I’m not burnt out or
contemplating my next project. We are consistently growing year over year. To
me, that’s success. We love what we do, so we don’t mind waking up every day
and making it happen.

It’s been almost 2 years since
Uh Huh Baby Yeah! released an EP. Is there any new music in the works right
now? If so, can you tell us a little about what fans can expect to hear?

Absolutely! Our new album is
slated to be released via Revival Recordings in late May/early June. We cannot
wait to unleash it upon the world. To me, it just shows the natural progression
of the band, and it touches on some real personal issues for us. It’s heavier,
it’s poppier, it’s dancier…it’s just an all around great record.

5 Questions With: Microwave [SXSW Edition]

One of the bands on our “50 Acts You Won’t Want To Miss At SXSW” list was Atlanta band, Microwave. A unique blend of genres, we were intrigued upon first listen and kept wanting more. We recently spoke with vocalist, Nathan Hardy, about their debut album, their experience at South By Southwest, and where the band name came from. Check out the interview below!

This was your first time performing at South By Southwest. Did you guys prepare differently for South By versus playing any other show you would normally play at?
We spent a couple weeks touring through the Midwest on our way out to Austin which was really fun. Aside from that, we had some delicious tortas and quesadillas at Licha’s Cantina where they held the Audiotree showcase. It was a beautiful place full of beautiful people.

Speaking of your debut album, Stovall was initially released in August of last year and it received a ton of great feedback. What song off the album was your personal favorite to write/record and why?
My personal favorite (Nathan) to write and record was Stovall cause I was in the midst of the bullshit which the song is about while we were in the studio recording it and it felt really good to get drunk and whine about it into an expensive microphone.

So we have to ask – where did the name Microwave come from?
When I was 2 years old, my babysitter put me inside a microwave and threatened to turn it on as a punishment for hardcore dancing in the living room while my parents were at a Megadeth show. (she was a big Chiodos fan and was heavily against hardcore dancing in the living room). I can’t be inside elevators or small spaces to this day and I hate bagel bites. Just kidding, we were just drunk one night and thought it was funny and I love
bagel bites.

Being that South By Southwest is filled with tons of incredible acts, were you excited to catch any artists in particular? Did you stumble across any new
artists that you are now a fan of?
We have been long time fans of Mew, a super sick space-rock band from Denmark. We didn’t have SXSW badges to get into see them, but we watched from side-stage through a gate. They walked out where we were standing afterwards and we got to shake Jonas’ hand (Mew vocals) and Tito (Microwave Drums) got to show him his Mew tattoo while his legs turned to jello like a young schoolgirl. We also discovered a band called Rozwell Kid
which is a hummus-themed power pop band from West Virginia. They were absolutely incredible and we hope to see them many more times in the future.

What can we expect next from Microwave?
We’re going to be in the studio at the beginning of May recording a song for a split which will be announced soon. Then, right after we finish recording, we’ll be headed out to the west coast for a tour which we will also be announcing soon. We have a lot of things in
the works for the rest of 2015 as well.

5 Questions With: The Maine [SXSW/SBSW Edition]

The guys of The Maine have been crazy busy lately, performing at both South By Southwest and South By So What?!, releasing their new album in just a few days, and heading out on the American Candy tour. We caught up with guitarist, Jared Monaco, about what they’ve been up to, what it was like performing at both South By festivals, and the band’s new album! Check out the interview below!

So we talked with you guys a while back, on the Anberlin tour. Other than the album, what’s new?
Right now we’re at home preparing for the American Candy tour! As I write this, I’m in the middle of fixing up a couple of my guitars to bring on the road.

Not only did you play South By So What?! this past weekend, but you also played South By Southwest. What is the difference in atmosphere between the two
festivals? Do you have a preference in which you prefer playing?
I think South by Southwest has become this weird blend of music and branding and tech stuff and corporate sponsors and yada yada. It’s cool to be there and play a show, but I don’t think we have any interest in impressing labels or agents or any of the industry related stuff that goes with it. Our goal is to play a show for anyone willing to
watch. We were lucky enough to play at Emo’s in Austin, which is isolated from
the hustle and bustle of the main events. It was a great show! South by So What
was cool too! It was rainy and outdoors and messy, but it was punk rock, it was
just a throw-and-go kind of show. I think I lean more towards club shows, but I
don’t mind a rainy festival too.

People seem pretty excited for the new record and singles that have been released thus far. How have you all felt about the initial reaction?
Personally, I’m fired up. It’s nice to be releasing new material, and it’s a bonus to see it received so well. I’ve had such a positive attitude towards these songs ever since we finished the album in Joshua Tree. To me, I felt like I could sense how our fans would react
to the new stuff. After releasing 2 tracks already, I just want to keep this momentum and keep moving forward. All good vibes.

Since both South By So What?! and South By Southwest is filled with tons of incredible acts, were you excited to catch any artists in particular? Did you stumble across any new artists that you are now a fan of?
Yeah! I watched Title Fight at South By So What. It was rad. I love their new album. Also, our good friends in Mayday Parade! Love running into that group of hunks.

American Candy is being released in just a few days. Is there one song on the new album that you’re most proud of or you’re the most excited for people to hear? If so, what song is it and why?
I really love the title track, “American Candy”. It started out as a mid-tempo, piano-based tune, and we had this idea to make it as loud and as rocking as possible. It became more of an anthemic vibe instead, and I think lyrically it conveys one of the strongest messages on the album.

5 Questions With: Michael McQuaid [SXSW Edition]


We spoke with Michael McQuaid about his first timeperforming at South By Southwest, new music, and the best advice he’s received!

Check out our interview with him below!
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5 Questions With: Fatherson [SXSW Edition]


One of our “50 Acts You Won’t Want To Miss At SXSW” included Scottish alternative rockers, Fatherson. We spoke with the guys about formingthe band, their tour with Enter Shikari, and their experience at South By
Southwest! Check out our interview below!

You guys formed
Fatherson at only 17 years old. What inspired you guys to form a band and begin
creating music together?
We were actually younger than that
when we decided to play music together, I think we just got bored and wanted to
start something that our friends back home were doing. When we were growing up
the scene in our hometown of Kilmarnock was really strong and it inspired us to
start playing. Then after that we just learned off of each other and found that
we really enjoyed what we were doing.

Last month you hit the road in the UK with post hardcore band, Enter Shikari,
which sounds like an incredible tour. How was that experience like and what is
the best advice that they gave you?
The most surreal part of that tour
was that since we were young we almost idolised Enter Shikari, with only a
slight influence on the music we play, but getting to see them every night was
incredible. They have always been my favourite live band, and with the
combination of a crazy light show and an awesome new album they seemed
unstoppable on the mindsweep tour. I think the best advice they gave us was
just to enjoy what you do, some people will love it and some will hate it, just
play with harder for the people that love it and hope that it’s hard enough to
turn a few heads of the haters.

South By Southwest is filled
with tons of incredible acts, were you excited to catch any artists in
particular? Did you stumble across any new artists that you are now a fan of?
I was really excited to see Chon
when we were over but unfortunately scheduling made it impossible to catch them
which was a shame, but we did get to see one of our favourite bands More than
conquerors a couple of times over the week. We did however discover a band from
Norway called “cold mailman” and a japanese band called “LITE” that was
awesome. I am also now addicted to “Seinabo Sey” after seeing her in the Hype

You guys are actually from
Glasgow, Scotland, which has its own impressive music scene. What do you think
is the biggest difference between playing shows in Scotland versus in the
We were born and raised slightly
south of Glasgow in a place called Kilmarnock, but we have been living and
operating out of Glasgow for a while now and being a part of the scene here has
been incredible. I think that the states is very similar to play in, which is
possibly why Scottish artists seem to be so well received across the pond.
Every show we played in the states over the last few weeks and when we were
over a couple of years ago for Yellowphone music conference have been awesome
and we’ve met so many awesome people who were into what were doing. It feels
like people embrace music the same way in America as they do back home, which
is a great thing.

Your debut full-length was
released in April of last year. Is there any new music in the works, possibly a
new album? If so, what information can you share with us about it?
We are currently just writing new
material, and seeing what we are going to do with it in the future. You never