Review:: Golden Hour | Ghost Town Jenny

It’s an impressive feat when a release from a new[-er], young[-er] group can impact a listener on its first play-through. 
Ghost Town Jenny’s latest EPdoes just that.
Soft yet soulful, Golden Hour beautifully tells four stories throughout four tracks; stories of homesickness and finding oneself, of nostalgia and saying goodbyes.

The sound on Golden Hour is carried greatly by Kim Kylland’s remarkable vocal capabilities, which is instantly hypnotizing. Supported by string arrangements that are both delicate and forceful, in addition to graceful piano work, synths, and percussion, each piece falls perfectly into place.

To name one song to focus on would be to slight the other three. Each brings its own specialties that are worth mention, while still holding the record together as a whole. Introductory “Suwanee” is folky and the closest thing to upbeat, lead along by steady thumping percussion. The Gatsby-inspired “Lights” gives total freedom to Kylland’s vocal range, which she takes full advantage of.  

The title track tells of breakup and heartache as Kylland wails “Obviously we saw different things / and now that I’m back these shades won’t match up / Now every day is colored blue / I feel I can’t reach you / though you’re just across the room,” before a beautiful Corey Christopher violin outro. Finale “See You in Eternity” is reminiscent and hopeful, written as a gentle tribute to Kylland’s father and serving as a nice closing to the record.

What I felt most after Golden Hour was how quickly I realized that it was over. Just as the group ropes you in, they release you. Though, not really. The gorgeous vocals, the classical violin, the playful piano keys and percussion, resonate long after the last notes of “See You in Eternity” fade out. I can’t say for sure what we’ll get from Ghost Town Jenny in the coming months, but I can hope that we get much more.

Release Date: January 28th, 2014
Rating: 4.20/5
Runtime: 17:30

1. “Suwanee”
2. “Lights”
3. “Golden Hour”
4. “See You In Eternity”

Ghost Town Jenny is:
Kim Kylland: Vocals, guitar, piano
Johan Svensson: Synths
Corey Christopher Mike: Violin
(Percussion on this EP was played by guest drummer Chris Nishimoto)

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Written By: Eric Riley