Review:: Scan The Blue | exmagician

There’s nothing to make you feel so powerless as complaining about the weather.

I really want it to be spring. It seemed like it would be a few times already, when the temperature and the sun have collaborated together to make a March day lovely, once or twice. And then, to my utter dismay, we’re back to the bite of winter.

It’s not that I don’t like winter. Winter can be great. And I realize that hoping for an early spring feels like hoping for global warming, which much smarter people than I say will doom us all. But in this early April, I am just so ready to sit on my porch, and ride my bike, and look up at the expanse of blue without having to wear a jacket, because for the past few days, I’ve been listening to exmagician’s excellent debut album, Scan The Blue, and dammit I just want to be outside all the time.

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exmagician Announces Debut Album

exmagician is not your ordinary band. Your ordinary band would release an EP and then spend months supporting it while playing shows and then slowly they’d release a single with an album announcement and a few weeks later would finally release the album. Why is exmagician not your ordinary band? The duo released their latest EP, Kiss that Wealth Goodbye, on November 20th. This month, the band announced their debut full-length, Scan The Blue, to be released March 25th. AND they just released their latest single, “Job Done,” which you can check out here! They’re simply amazing and you need to go give them a listen now.

The artwork and track listing for Scan The Blue can be found below!

1. Kiss That Wealth Goodbye
2. Bend With The Wind
3. Place Your Bets
5. Feet Don’t Fall
6. Job Done
7. Smile To The Gallery
8. Plan Retrieval
9. The Rot Set In
10. Wild Eyes
11. Scan The Blue