Interview With:: Stop Dead

We had the chance to speak with Stop Dead’s Ryan Gose on his second EP, on March 18th. Check out our interview below!

Dirt and Dust is your second EP released under Stop Dead. How was the writing and recording process different (or not) with this EP?

The writing and recording were somewhat similar to my first EP. Writing in the moment and not over thinking things too much. On the recording side it was again another DIY effort but this time with a little extra knowledge & expertise.

Where did the name Stop Dead come from?

The name Stop Dead came from a lyric in a song off of my first EP. The phrase became imbedded in my brain. Kind of the feeling that inspired me to start the Stop Dead project in the first place.

Prior to this project, most This Century fans had no idea that you were not only a drummer, but a singer as well. What gave you the push to finally put these songs you created on the side out for people to hear?

Originally I was writing and recording new material for myself exclusively without any intention of releasing it. I had shared a couple of tunes with my manager Tanner Radcliffe of 8123 Management and he really helped motivate me to turn Stop Dead into something that could be shared.

The cover of Dirt and Dust is actually a childhood photo of yourself. What made you decide to use that as the artwork?

We had tossed around a few different ideas for the EP art & a childhood photo was one of them. Originally I was going to title the EP Supernova and work off of that….but after stumbling across an old cowboy like photo and having a song titled Dirt & Dust I couldn’t resist.

It seemed to me that Dirt and Dust was such a solid EP to represent who you are as an artist. Are there currently any plans to release a full length?

Thanks, I’m glad you think so! I am currently working with my fellow members in This Century to finish up our 3rd album. I plan to start writing and recording Stop Dead’s next collection of songs soon after. Also plans to get out and start playing live! 

Thank you for your time! Is there anything else you’d like to add?

If you have not yet heard Stop Dead’s EP “Dirt & Dust” please do so! You can pick it up on iTunes here:

For more info on Stop Dead: Facebook | Twitter | Tumblr | Soundcloud

Interview With:: Eagles In Drag


Please introduce yourself and tell us what you do in the band!
My name is John O’Callaghan and I am moral supporter and attempted empower-or of weirdness  the individuals that are a part of EID. I’d like to think of this as more of a creative project than as a band. 

Eagles In Drag seemed like a project that appeared out of the blue, but you guys actually formed back in 2012. Why did you guys decide now was the right time to release your debut EP?
I really wanted to wait for a time when 8123 had a clear plate and no other artists were really pushing any new material. It seemed like the right to release it and we did so without much (if any at all) marketing to reiterate the idea that this project was simply an outlet for expression and not something to get hung up on.

How did the name Eagles In Drag come about?
I remember hearing it while watching some Willem Dafoe movie. He called some front lawn flamingos by that name and I thought it was sort of clever.

This project has a completely different sound than that of previous projects that you guys have worked on (This Century, The Maine, A Rocket To The Moon). When writing the EP, did you guys know what kind of sound you wanted to go for or was it just something you played around with to try and create something that was unexpected?
I definitely brought a vibe to the table while writing and that laid the basis for the tunes. We all pulled from our subconscious inspiration and created what you hear now. The writing and recording all happened so fast that we didn’t have time to think too hard about what we were doing. In retrospect, if we had spent more time I’m sure things would have come out differently but that’s the beauty of making music. 

I’m personally a huge fan of the EP (which our site rated a 4.5/5), One Four Six being a favorite track of mine. Which song is your favorite and why?
Thank you! Hard to really pick just one because it all came about so quickly, but I suppose if there were a gun to my head I’d say the first tune Pretty Girl Monster. That track feels like one that went from vision to reality in the most seamless fashion, not much changed from the writing to recording with that one. 

Can we expect a giant collaborative tour of This Century, The Maine, and Eagles in Drag sometime in the near future? For instance, Max Bemis recently went on tour under his own name, but also performed as Perma (a project with him and his wife), Eisley (his wife’s project), etc.
It’s not in the cards. I’m sure if demand were to grow to a point we couldn’t ignore then something like that could happen, but for now we’re all still too involved with our respective groups. It would be a blast though. 

Thank you for your time! Is there anything else you’d like to add?
Thank you for your time! It’s great to be alive. The Sun is shining where I am, and that is nice.
Talk soon.

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Review: Dirt and Dust | Stop Dead

For his third release, Stop Dead (side project of This Century’s Ryan Gose) steps out from behind the drum kit and grabs the microphone once again. Diverging from the pop/punk of This Century and tackling a more indie-rock sound, Gose’s work with Stop Dead illustrates his diverse skill set.

The short EP – which is four songs, totaling just over thirteen minutes, is enjoyable throughout its entire stay, as short as it is. Taking the Ace Enders via I Can Make a Mess Like Nobody’s Business’ Gold Rush route and recording vocals and instrumentals on his own, Gose delivers a performance that impresses on its own, but really makes an impression due to the individual effort.

“Light My Fire” and opener “We Own the Night” are textbook new-age/indie, with crisp guitars, shaking tambourines and cymbals, and a bit of extra rasp added to the vocals to make sure it sticks.

On the infectious “Supernova,” Gose channels Gin Wigmore-esque hooks to produce a real standout, while the title track not only closes the EP, but acts as its shining moment.

Gose gets creative on Dirt & Dust, taking a step away from his pop roots and finding himself and his music in grittier territories. Luckily, he handles the transition cleanly and serves up a handful of songs that show that he’s proficient in much more than just the rhythm section.

Rating: 3.5/5
Runtime: 13:21
Release Date: March 10th, 2014

1. “We Own The Night”
2. “Supernova”
3. “Light My Fire”
4. “Dirt & Dust”

Written by Eric Riley

Review:: Eagles In Drag EP | Eagles In Drag

Side projects are a touchy subject for some.

On one hand, fans sometimes see a member from a band venturing off into some other direction, causing them to worry about the future of the initial group.

Then, at the other end of the spectrum, a side project can be a blessing – an artist’s chance to momentarily reinvent their sound, to blow off some steam in a new arena, to reignite their creativity and bring a new life back to the main project (which is why I’m constantly thankful for The Horrible Crowes, but that’s another story). Here, we have the latter.

As a whole, Eagles in Drag – which is built from The Maine’s John O’Callaghan and Jared Monaco, Eric Halvorsen (ex- A Rocket to the Moon) Trey Nickelsen, and Ryan Gose of This Century and Stop Dead, takes the members’ various musical backgrounds and styles and compresses them into a mix that’s heavier, darker, even psychedelic at times, and a good way’s away from anything we’ve heard from their main projects.

Within the first seconds of “Pretty Girl Monster,” which carries a vapor-like eeriness and a heavy bassline, it’s clear that, while these may be some familiar names, this will be anything but customary. Later, “One Four Six” thrashes its way in with an introduction that feels like it caught a flight from ‘90s Seattle, while the masterfully-scattered “Dog Days,” which is the baby of the EP just shy of the 3:30 mark, could find a home just about anywhere.

On the chanciest of the five tracks, the 5-minute “Buzz” perfectly captures what a side-project should be. With its unusual instrumentation and O’Callaghan’s vocals being pushed to their limits (and impressively delivering), the end result is something exceptional. By the end, the group musters any last traces of energy and madness and crams it into the six and a half-minute finale “Black Dolphin,” concluding with a four-minute instrumental outro filled with cackling voice samples, reverberating guitar feedback, thumping basslines, and plenty more.

As I had mentioned before, there’s a danger that comes along with trying something new. But, O’Callaghan has preemptively calmed all doubts and worries over this new endeavor, assuring that this was just the product of his “thirst for songwriting and passion for creating music. … The Maine is my true baby.“

So, we can breathe easy over that. And if this project is just “a few dates with a chick you know you’re never going to call again,” as he puts it, then let’s hope that this hypothetical metaphorical couple bumps into each other on the street again sometime in the future.

Release Date: March 25th, 2014
Rating: 4.5/5
Runtime: 24:43

1. Pretty Girl Monster
2. Dog Days
3. Buzz
4. One Four Six
5. Black Dolphin

Eagles in Drag are:
John O’Callaghan – Vocals, guitar
Trey Nickelsen – Guitar
Jared Monaco – Guitar
Eric Halvorsen – Bass
Ryan Gose – Drums

Written by Eric Riley

Eagles In Drag Release Debut EP

Constructed by lead singer of The Maine, John O’Callaghan, Eagles In Drag formed in 2012 with bandmate Jared Monaco. The group also includes Trey Nickelsen, Ryan Gose (This Century, Stop Dead), and Eric Halvorsen (ex-A Rocket To The Moon).

You can pick up the EP on iTunes by clicking here! Below you’ll find the album art and track listing. 

Track listing:
1. Pretty Girl Monster
2. Dog Days
3. Buzz
4. One Four Six
5. Black Dolphin