Show Review:: Illuminate Tour 3/22

Lydia’s Illuminate tour made its way to Washington, DC on Saturday, March 22nd, at the Rock & Roll Hotel. This tour was dedicated to their 2008 album, Illuminate and the band would be playing the entirety of the album, front to back. Lydia was joined by support acts HRVRD and Golden Sun.

Golden Sun was the first band to hit the stage. I had never heard of them before, but was instantly drawn to their music shortly into their set. They did a great job of warming up the crowd with their soulful music and getting everyone ready for a great show. They quickly won over the attention of the audience with their fun music and smiling faces.

HRVRD’s sound was much moodier than the upbeat opening act, Golden Sun. HRVRD style is very unique and I appreciate bands that aren’t afraid to challenge the rules of traditional music. During the show they recorded samples and loops as the show went along, making every show they play one of a kind. Not only was their music enticing, but they were very engaging with the crowd, which is always nice to see. Frontman, Jesse Clasen, was continuously making eye contact with fans and starting small conversations with the crowd in between songs. During the last song of their set Clasen jumped into the audience playing his horn instrument, walking amongst the crowd until the final note played. 

As soon as Lydia took the stage roars of excitement projected from the audience. It was now time for the band everyone had been waiting all night to see. Lydia kicked off their set with “This is Twice Now”, the first song off their album Illuminate, which could arguably be their best album to date. There was an amazing energy that filled the entire room throughout their performance. The crowd sang so passionately to every song and were ready to sing their hearts out every time vocalist, Leighton Antelman, held the mic into the crowd. The crowd became extra loud during fan favorite songs, “Stay Awake” and “I Woke Up Near the Sea”. After Lydia played their final song from Illuminate they left the stage, but shortly returned to play four songs off their album, Devil. Lydia finished strong and did not leave one person in the crowd disappointed. They left fans with a night that they would not soon forget. 

Written by Caitlyn Willard