Review:: Nick Jonas (Deluxe Edition) | Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas announces his manhood through his self titled debut album shedding his innocent boy band persona as the past front man of the Jonas Brothers. Pop and R&B elements are infused throughout the album as his catchy hit “Jealous” is now playing on mainstream radio stations everywhere. Nick has noticeably transformed physically and musically as an older, sexualized male pop singer along the likes of Jesse McCartney and a younger Justin Timberlake.

His album maintains a level of simplicity through his lyrics that are PG enough to continue to adhere to a younger teen audience. Unique pop elements fuse 80’s sounding synths that can be heard on the tracks “Teacher” and “Wilderness”. However, Nick truly showcases his range and vocal talents on his slower, intimate R&B tracks that reveal a more raw, stripped down sound that can be more appreciated through his tracks “Santa Barbara”, “Push” and “Nothing Would Be Better”. The album also offers upbeat dance/club hits like “Chains” that comes with a second remixed version on the deluxe album and also a collaboration with rapper Angel Haze on the track “Numb”.

Overall, this album is a great representation of what Nick is good at: well composed pop hits. He experiments and takes risks in defining his own personal music style in the album by adding a spark of sass and a fresh R&B edge that is unexpected. It is apparent he will continue to have a strong following of loyal fans resulting from his Jonas Brothers days as a heart throb, boy band sensation. 

Release Date: November 10th, 2014
Rating: 3/5
Runtime: ~50 minutes

Track Listing: Deluxe Edition
1. Chains
2. Jealous
3. Teacher
4. Warning
5. Wilderness
6. Numb
7. Take Over
8. Push
9. I Want You
10. Avalanche
11. Nothing Would Be Better
12. Chains – Just A Gent Remix
13. Santa Barbara
14. Closer

Written by Kelsey Rzepecki