perfect video. i’m subscribed to this channel, and have been for a while because they post incredible live videos. this one is from the final stop of the Dirty Work tour and has both a cover of Teenage Dream and Remembering Sunday with Mike/Cassadee.

again, perfect video. look at how fuckin clear the video is! and the sound! i love it. seriously, subscribe to this youtube channel. my free time is spent watching some of their videos of my favorite musicians. i’m a dork, deal with it. 🙂

ugh. i need to see them live. so fucking badly. </3

Remembering Sunday(cover) – Cody Carson(@codysio)

they FINALLY fixed this video. youtube took the audio off, i don’t even know how long ago, so i was never able to hear it. it’s not his best, but it’s still really good. i’ll post my favorite covers by Cody in a few 🙂