Get To Know:: Quinell


Members: I usually hit the road on my own. However, I play some local shows with some really talented musicians/friends – Dallas Reedy (Drums), Ty Teixeira (Guitar), and Sam Derting (Bass/Guitar/Vocals)
Genre: Folk/Rock/Indie
Location: Pasco Washington
Recent Release: From The Woods: Inside Llewyn Davis

Musicians can fund their musical career in a multitude of ways including playing small shows and raising money through Kickstarter. Then you have Quinell, a folk singer/songwriter who has funded his musical career through something a little different – commercial fishing trips in Alaska, where he spends four months on a boat with only a handful of people. Named after the Bob Dylan song “The Mighty Quinn,” Quinell focuses on combining heartfelt lyrics with catchy melodies to send messages of hope and love through his music. Get to know more about Quinell and how he first began playing music below!

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New Video: From The Woods: Inside Llewyn Davis | Quinell

From The Woods: Inside Llewyn Davis is a folk-inspired mini documentary. When discussing the project, Quinell shares, “There’s something so familiar and comforting about a folk song. The stripped back vulnerable delivery of lyrics paired with the perfect melody make for songs that can stand the test of time. My good friend, Justin Frick had been trying to get me to watch, Inside Llewyn Davis for a while and when I finally got around to watching it, I was glad that I had. As soon as I heard, “Hang Me O Hang Me” in the opening scene, I knew that I wanted to do something with this particular soundtrack. As luck would have it, Justin was going to be up at his cabin on Priest Lake for a few weeks, and he loves these songs/movie as much as I do. He had the idea to record and shoot these songs in one day out in three different locations around the lake. In an era of hyper-produced music and a lot of noise, we set out to bring some stripped back folk songs and remind people that it’s alright to slow down for a while. With that in mind, we bring you From The Woods: Inside Llewyn Davis.“

Track start times:
Hang Me O Hang Me – 2:25
Five Hundred Miles – 6:23
Fare Thee Well – 10:22