Review:: Aftermath | Fever Fever

Fever Fever, a Columbus, Ohio based band came out with their first ever album titled: Aftermath. It was released September 16th, 2014. It can best be described as chipper. While this album has some darker more sensitive soul type tracks (Fingertips, Windward) the bulk of their songs are upbeat in sound (Hypnotized, Line in the sand). I would describe their style as simple, the best kind, making Fever Fever the ultimate mix-tape “go to.”

It is no wonder this band has already found its way to the big screen. Receiving airtime on popular shows like, The Real L Word, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, and Teen Wolf. Their music has a unique muted pull, which drags the listener through a scene that can only be created with simple, clear, and harmonic music cohered with stunning visuals.

They have rich hallow vocals causing a low echo to ring through your head as you listen. The drums gradually lift your spirits as you begin the track, carrying you to the finish. Each individual track will pick you up emotionally, drop you to the floor, and then throw you through a metaphorical window.  This roller-coaster ride is worth every second. I highly recommend giving Fever Fever a try.

Release Date: September 16th 2014
Rating: 3.5/5
Runtime: ~36 mins

Track Listing
1. Aftermath
2. Blue
3. Hypnotized
4. Sea meets earth
5. Windward
6. Fingertips
7. Hope is a child’s toy
8. Beautiful Dream
9. Madness
10. Line in the sand
11. Inceptiones Novae
12. Collapse 

Written by Kristen Schell

Review:: Collapse | Dangerkids

As Collapse, the debut album from Dayton, Ohio’s Dangerkids begins, it carries with it a bit of a feeling of confusion. The use of heavy, intense sampling at the start of the record made me double-check to make sure my album wasn’t skipping.

But, after that brief instance of uncertainty settles, any second-guessings that the album brought disappear.

There are risks taken with this album. With the sound that Dangerkids aim for – harsh instrumentals, layered with a combination of textbook guttural screams paired with quick hip-hop lyricism, it’s an impressive relief to hear them get it right. For every artist to successfully capture this sound, there are a handful of others who get bogged down in mediocrity.

While the intensity rings throughout Collapse, it hits a high point near the midway point. The ambient “Unmade” begins with a deep breath and gives the album a chance to regain its composure, while the following “Where the Sky Breaks” intermission allows for further serenity.

“Dust” acts as a second interlude, starting with swaying strings and timid piano, building and growing with layered synthesizer and echoing drums before the concluding “Cut Me Out” crawls in. As a whole, the album displays the band’s combinative sounds with the majority of the tracks. With “Cut Me Out,” they capitalize on the use of the closing spot and, rather than ending with just another hip-hop/metal song, they lean heavier on clean vocals with supporting screams, delivering one of Collapse’s best performances.

On Collapse, the band produces a sound that is a mixture of electronic hardcore and rap/rock that is a very, very tricky median to reach successfully. While the idea may sound gimmicky to a closed mind, when the group’s seamless execution is heard, their ambitious vision comes to the forefront and the end product is a real treat.

Release Date: September 17th, 2013
Rating: 3.5/5
Runtime: 39:07

1. countdown
2. light escapes
3. hostage
4. we’re all in danger
5. waking up
6. destroy yourself
7. unmade
8. where the sky breaks
9. paper thin
10. fractions
11. dust
12. cut me out

Dangerkids is:
Andy Bane – Vocals
Tyler Smyth – Vocals/Emcee
Jake Bryant – Guitar
Jake Bonham – Bass
Katie Cole – Drums

Written By: Eric Riley