Review:: Oh, Common Life | Fireworks

Recently back from the short hiatus they took after their 2011 album, Detroit-based band Fireworks has released their newest work of musical art, Oh, Common Life. No doubt a shout out to the normal lives they led for a few years, Oh, Common Life gets two thumbs-up from me.

Fans of New Found Glory or Fall Out Boy will appreciate music by Fireworks, whose vocalist David Mackinder sounds like a mix of FOB’s Patrick Stump with that of NFG’s Jordan Pundik. With catchy beats and melodies to match, Oh, Common Life is sure to keep you listening again and again. Each track on this 11-song album stays true to the band’s sound but no two songs are the same. Although the album is said to be incredibly personal, full of reflection and melancholy after the death of Mackinder’s father in 2011, I believe there is only one slower, sad-sounding song on the album to reflect this – in the form of “One More Creature Dizzy With Love.” The rest of the Oh, Common Life seems to feel surprisingly more upbeat than expected, though their lyrics share the secrets behind the songs (as lyrics always do).

Each song has the potential to be an instant favorite, so much so that I couldn’t even decide on one favorite myself. The way that Mackinder’s vocals mix effortlessly with the tunes from his bandmates makes for easy listening and an album worth returning to on a regular basis.

Time Length: ~37 minutes
Rating: 4/5
Release Date: March 25, 2014

Track Listing:
1. “Glowing Crosses”
2. “Bed Sores”
3. “The Back Window’s Down”
4. “Flies on Tape”
5. “Woods”
6. “Play God Only Knows At My Funeral”
7. “One More Creature Dizzy With Love”
8. “The Only Thing That Haunts This House Is Me”
9. “The Sound of Young America”
10. “Run, Brother, Run”
11. “The Hotbed of Life

Fireworks is:
David Mackinder (vocals),
Brett Jones (lead guitar),
Chris Mojan (guitar),
Kyle O’Neil (bass),
Adam Mercer (keyboard)

Written by: Rachel Policano

Fireworks Premiere New Song, “Flies On Tape”, on Stereogum

Off the band’s upcoming album, “Oh Common Life”, out March 25th! 
Catch them on tour with The Wonder Years which kicks off tonight!

Fireworks Premiere New Song, “Flies On Tape”, on Stereogum

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