New Music Video: “Nothing More Beautiful (Deconstructed Version)” | Night Argent

This track is off the band’s upcoming self-titled EP, to be released April 22nd! Frontman Chase Manhattan had this to say about the video, “’Nothing More Beautiful’ has always had such a big sound, so we decided to challenge ourselves and see if we could bring out a more chill and raw ambiance to the track while maintaining the emotional impact of the original. We wanted a video that accomplished the same rich, lush simplicity we set out to capture with the new recording. We decided to shoot the video in black and white to allow the focus to be on the contrast of the light vs dark and the quality of the light itself, with our individual performances playing the supporting roles in each shot.”

New Music Video: Nothing More Beautiful | Night Argent

“Nothing More Beautiful” is Night Argent’s debut single and was self-produced by the band. This track also holds a deep meaning to the band. They state, “The song ‘Nothing More Beautiful’ is a reminder to those who have been stripped of everything they have, everything they once thought defined them, that it’s in those moments that we find out who we truly are. We aren’t defined by the tragedies in our lives, but rather how we react to those tragedies.“ Pick up this track on iTunes by clicking here!