Interview With:: Nick Santino

We recently sat down to chat with Nick Santino about success, playing with Hanson and his latest release, Savannah. We recently reviewed the album, which you can read by clicking here!

You can read the interview below!

The last time we spoke with you was right before you hit the road for the Vans Warped Tour where you played in the Acoustic Basement. Following that, you hit the road again on your own headlining tour, The Long & Winding Roadshow -which is such a great name, by the way. What drives you to constantly tour and hit the road?
I love being on the road. It’s where the songs really come to life and become something special.  I love interacting with all of the people who come out to the shows.  I love it just as much as I love being in the studio making new music.

You previously shared with us that being solo allows you to be more honest and more yourself. What other positives and negatives are there in touring solo compared to touring in a band? How are you adjusting to it?
I enjoy playing solo shows yeah. It gives me a bit of practice to get my stage banter right and to be honest and true to myself as well as the people there.  I love playing with a band for the energy it brings and the over all good time it is.

I think everyone has a different way of defining how and when they make it, whether it’s a radio single or playing sold-out shows.  How do you measure your success? 
I think if you are able to do what makes you happy then that is being successful. If you want a family, a nice house, a good job and you eventually get that and you’re happy, that is success.  I think some people have big dreams and goals and that’s great to have. I just like to set mine a bit lower and gradually work my way up the ladder.

Savannah has a more melancholic theme to it than your previous album Big Skies. How was the writing process different for this EP?  Can we expect more songs like this on your next album?
I went into writing Savannah with the feeling of wanting to do an EP that would fit the season.  Something cold and wintery and I think I accomplished that.  I’m sure I’ll continue to make this kind of music but theres no telling what I’ll write next. I don’t set out to write in a certain genre. I don’t like having rules or guidelines. I let the songs write themselves.

My favorite track off of Savannah is “How to live with a Ghost”.  It’s kind of hauntingly beautiful, just to be punny.  What was your mindset writing this song? 
I wrote this song a year ago and I wanted to put it on Big Skies.  I’m glad I waited til now
because I wasn’t sure how exactly I wanted it to sound.  I think when I was gonna use it on Big Skies I made it more upbeat and had sort of a shuffle to it.  I think it was the best move to wait.  This song has such a strong message and I think it speaks louder with this chilled out vibe it has now

In your song “Rio” you talk about heading out to Mexico, and you happened to go to Mexico to play with Hanson.  Was that strategically planned or just a coincidence?
Just a coincidence .  I had actually never been to Mexico before I wrote that song. I for some reason kept singing the line/melody “We used to go to Mexico” and thought it sounded pretty so I rolled with it..

Speaking of Hanson, how excited were you about playing with them and how was the experience?
They are great.  That whole getaway was great and I hope we can do more things together.  David Ryan Harris was also a part of it and him and I were talking about writing some music together.  Everyone there was amazingly talented and I was honored to be a part of it.

When you’re not writing new songs or playing gigs, what do you like to do during your off-time?
I’m lazy.  I do normal boring people stuff.  Netflix, laundry, cooking, design work.  I try and stay busy. I like taking guitars apart and rebuilding them. Just anything to keep sane.

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Interview With:: Nick Santino


We recently interview Nick Santino of Nick Santino & The Northern Wind. Nick is currently on a co-headlining tour with This Century. Check out our interview below!
Photo by: Sarah Hoffman

Most people would be familiar with you as the frontman of A Rocket To The Moon. What has been the biggest difference between playing in a band and doing more of a solo project as you are now?

It’s a little more honest. I can be myself. I don’t care about being this front man rockstar type that a lot of guys in bands want so badly. I just like being me and playing songs about my life. 
 You’ve actually released two EPs under Nick Santino and The Northern Wind, one back in July and one last month. What is it about these albums that really represent who you are under this new project?

Life stories. Tour stories. Honesty. 
 What has the fan response been to these EPs? Was it what you expected?
It’s been real positive so far. It’s really showing me who the true fans are and they are nothing but kind to me. 

 In the past you’ve mentioned that Tom Petty and Ryan Adams are some musical influences of yours. Was the title Nick Santino and The Northern Wind inspired by them and their backing bands? (I.e. Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, Ryan Adams and The Cardinals). 
I’ve always had The Northern Wind as an idea in my iphone notes for if I ever went solo. I’ve always loved the heartbreakers and the cardinals. I think it’s an easier way for people to remember my name. 

On this tour you are playing most of the songs off of The Ones You Meet Along The Way live for the first time. What was your favorite song to write and record off of this EP? Do you think you have more creative control now that you are writing as a solo artist?
They were all fun.  Too good was fun because I was different. Very raw. One take guitar and one take vocal. I wanted that one to feel as real and painful as I could. 

 I’ve heard that you like to occasionally include a cover in your set. What is your favorite song to cover and why?
I love playing anything from Petty to Ryan to whatever’s cool these days. 

What can we expect next from Nick Santino and The Northern Wind?
More touring and a hell of a lot more music. 
 Thanks for your time! Anything else you’d like to add?
Come see a show and check out the music!

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