Show Review:: Walk The Moon 9/20

Walk the Moon returned to Boston, MA for the first time in two years on Friday, September 20th. Fans stood in line at the House of Blues with their faces painted, waiting for the doors to open. Painted faces is now a trademark of the band since the release of their video “Anna Sun”.

The show started off with a bang as Magic Man, a synth rock band from Boston, opened the show. They performed songs from their recently released EP titled, You Are Here. “Texas,” “Every Day,” and “Paris” were a few of the fun and upbeat songs they performed. Alex, the lead singer, was energetic as he jumped and danced on stage during the entire set. The band expressed how happy they were to be home, even though it was just for the night. Magic Man were the perfect band to open for Walk the Moon because they had a similar sound to them along with a lively performance.

Once Walk the Moon came on stage, there was a different feeling in the room. Fans moved closer to the stage, eager for their set to begin. Everyone was united as they sang “Quesadilla” at the top of their lungs. With a fifteen song set list, Walk the Moon did not neglect any songs off their self-titled album. Playing favorites like “Shiver Shiver,” “Tightrope,” and “Anna Sun,” the crowd was mesmerized by how talented the band was. Their catchy choruses and fun sounds from Nicholas’ synthesizer kept the crowd wanting more from the band. Fans were more than happy to hear new material from the band as they performed two brand new songs!

Emotions ran wild while the band performed one of their more popular songs, “Fixin.” After the song ended, Nicholas Petricca (lead singer), was so full of joy he started crying. Nicholas explained that the song was about his father who suffers from Alzheimer’s. Hearing everyone sing along to the song that Nicholas wrote for his father was too much for him to handle. Eli Maiman, the guitarist, had to give him a hug to calm him down. It was a bittersweet moment, but Nicholas did not let his crying ruin the mood of the show.

Before playing “I Can Lift a Car,” Nicholas told the crowd that they should forget their troubles and enjoy everything that was happening in that moment. He wanted everyone to forget anything that stressed them out like school and work. The crowd was captivated by his passionate performance during that song. “I Can Lift a Car” was the best song played that night because it helped everyone throw away their problems and only focus on what was happening at that point in time.

Walk the Moon played “Jenny” for their encore. By that time, the crowd had let loose and let the music consume them. At one point, Nicholas stood on the edge of the stage and fans pushed as hard as they could to get closer to him. The band left fans with the memory of a fantastic concert that would not be forgotten.

Written By: Kerianne Wilson