Promise Of Redemption To Tour with Best Ex This Summer

Adding to the list of incredible summer tours, here comes another fun one! Promise of Redemption, the solo project of Valencia’s Shane Henderson, will be hitting the road next month with Best Ex (Formerly Candy Hearts) with additional support from Kozie, June Divided, and Baggage on select dates.

Check out the full list of tour dates below!

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Tuesday Rewind: 5/2 – 5/15

Well, it’s another Tuesday meaning we’ve got another roundup for you! Tuesday Rewind is a compiled list of music videos, acoustic videos and singles that have been released within the last two weeks and on our radar. Check out the full list, including PVRIS’ new video for “Heaven,” Dan Black’s new video for “FAREWELL,” and This Wild Life’s cover of “Heart-Shaped Box” below!

Think we’re missing anything or just want to share what music has been on your radar? Let us know by reaching out to us on Twitter @_lucyoutloud!

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Yonder Mountain String Band Announces New Album, Love. Ain’t Love

It’s been two years since Yonder Mountain String Band released their last album, but the Colorado-based progressive bluegrass outfit is back with their most creative and energetic album to date. The new album, Love. Ain’t Love, will be released June 23rd and was produced by the band and longtime collaborator John McVey.

Love. Ain’t Love is a testament to the band’s organic, dynamic, and intensely personal brand of contemporary bluegrass-fueled Americana. Find the artwork and track listing for the album below!

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This Wild Life Announce Summer Tour

Last week, California indie alt duo This Wild Life shared details regarding their North American summer tour. In continued support of their album Low Tides (available now), the tour will kick off on July 1st in Sacramento and wrap on August 5th in Las Vegas.

Singer/guitarist Kevin Jordan shares, “We’re flipping this record cycle on its head and putting together a unique This Wild Life performance that is unlike anything we’ve ever done before. This Summer I’ll be singing sad songs with a smile on my face, because through these experiences we’ve shared, I’ve come out from the other side stronger and happier than ever before. We want our fans to feel the same way, so this tour we will be getting you all involved in the performance itself. From playing instruments, singing along, all the way down to production, you will be a part of the show.”

Fans can head on over to for ticket information.
A full list of tour dates can be found below!

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Envy On The Coast Announce New EP In Seven Years

Seven years ago fans of Long Island’s Envy On The Coast were nothing but heartbroken to learn that the band were calling it quits. Scattering to form new musical ventures, fans held hope that the band would return and recently were given the good news. The band is back, with original members Ryan Hunter and Brian Byrne, and pleased to announce they will be releasing their new EP Ritual on June 30th via Equal Vision Records.

Check out the band’s newest single “Manic State Park” here.
Below you can find the artwork and track listing for Ritual.

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Review:: Listen To The River | The Collection

Whatever the craft, whether you are a musician, a writer, an artist, actor, athlete, anything whatsoever (artistic or not, really), making a strong impact is something to be desired. And while impact is one thing, legacy and lasting value are what separate the sudden fads from the reveled and remembered.

Now in the process of building on the foundation that was their debut, 2014’s stellar Ars Moriendi, North Carolinian mini-community The Collection have returned with Listen to the River, a second exploration into the struggles and stumbles that lead us to where we’re heading.

Vocalist/lyricist David Wimbish describes the album as a way of “reexamining and reorienting” a sunken sense of faith, courage, and spirituality while, alongside ex-wife and vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Mira, “processing the divorce and recontextualizing the relationship.” With the collision of these two struggles, River’s songs were a way to approach both simultaneously. Within the first moment of the album, Wimbish croons “Oh, there was sorrow in every word / Oh, how it longed to be heard. / But for the first time, I am not speaking / I am just listening until I can hear you / On my own.”

Where the first single “You Taste Like Wine” keeps things joyous and bright with horns and keys dancing, followed by the snap-along “Mama,” we hear the first and few instances of upbeat tempos. Each track is worthy of praise (and I’ll try to remember to circle back to them) but what follows is the first true standout Listen to the River offers us.

The booming drums that lead into “Birds,” each beat louder and heavier than that which preceded it, build their way to something huge. The combination of the echoing percussion, ethereal backing instrumentals, and Wimbish’s tender-at-times vocals culminates in a chilling anthem of dealing with uncertainty. As it draws to a close, he bellows “They say ‘You ask too many questions / You start too many fires / You dream of resurrection / But you’re too scared to die.’ ” Initially perceived as a criticism, its effect changes when Wimbish no longer has to sing it alone, joined by the support of vocals behind him. By the time its last round is sung, this notion of disapproval and self-doubt transforms into one of potential and oneness and optimism.

A bit later, there’s a slight feeling of nostalgia for the group’s previous album. Ars Moriendi, featured a trio of songs titled “The Younger One,” “The Middle One,” and “The Doubtful One,” each One a four-to-five-minute storybook. Here, we are introduced to “The Older One,” who “finds light in the darkest of rooms, sun in the smallest of moons … taught movement can be safe.” Whether fictional character or autobiographical pseudonym, these moral dichotomies  presented by “The Older One” show the protagonist’s change, growth, and maturation.

Much like The Younger and Middle Ones, a drop around halfway through breaks the song in two. The gentle fall and rebuild throughout the final hundred seconds or so are both placed and performed perfectly – muffled vocals fading away, making room for a soft, haunting piano exitlude. The change in direction is sudden, though not unexpected from The Collection. Where the final minute is nothing more than simple pianowork, the conclusion feels like the tapes kept rolling because there was just a bit more story to be told.

Listen to the River comes to a close with “The Listener,” and it is a perfect example of what makes The Collection such a special group. The song itself is, bear with me, admittedly lackluster at times. But with that said, by taking full advantage of their size and range and the weapons at their disposal, they buff and shine a simple piece of sea glass into a souvenir.

As mentioned before, this album was written as a way of processing and dealing. And with that comes questions. If there are meanings to be searched for or answers hoping to be found, “No Maps of the Past” contains the questions – “where did all of our time go?” “How did I used to hold you before you knew that you needed it?” “If everything always feels new, then what if nothing is?” It may seem hyperbolic to say each word is as important as the next, but in this instance, the song as a whole is more powerful than it would be dissected into lines. Throughout, the song maintains a perfect balance of strength and delicacy, shelter and vulnerability, wretch and reconciliation. In the end, it presents what the group set out to achieve – the creation of something, hoping to honor the past while accepting the present.

So, to circle back to my initial point, what do we have here – just a strong first impact or a lasting value?
For The Collection, it isn’t a this-or-that; the answer is just yes.
Three summers ago, Ars Moriendi hit my life like a lightning bolt. It was an album that sang to me every word that I couldn’t myself conjure.
And now, once again able to find the bright and the beautiful within the dark and despaired, Listen to the River is a testament in learning you can hold onto the past without it holding you down, and that you must allow yourself to let things go where they go, let things happen as they happen, let the currents carry you where they will.

Release Date: March 24th, 2017
Rating: 4.75/5
Run Time: ~45 minutes
Check Out: “No Maps of the Past,” “Birds,” “Mama”

The Collection

Track listing:
1. ”Threshing Floor”
2. “You Taste Like Wine”
3. “Mama”
4. “Birds”
5. “No Maps of the Past”
6. “Siddhartha (My Light Was a Ghost)”
7. “Sing of the Moon”
8. “So Many People”
9. “The Older One”
10. “The Alchemy of Awe”
11. “The Listener”

Tuesday Rewind: 4/18-5/1

Our last rewind for the day includes all of the tunes we’ve been missing out on for the last two weeks – and man, did we miss a ton. We’ve got new music from Paramore, Plain White T’s, Kiefer Sutherland, Goody Grace, MisterWives, Sarah Solovay, Civil Youth, and All Time Low, among others, and we are so excited for some of these artist’s to release albums later this year!

Check out these new tunes and more below and let us know who you’re most excited to hear from by tweeting us at @_lucyoutloud.

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Tuesday Rewind: 4/4-4/17

Who’s ready for round two?! Our second rewind of the day includes all of the tunes that landed in our inbox from April 4th to the 17th and we’ve got to say April has been a great one, musically. April had some must-watch late night performances, such as Craig Finn and Lillie Mae, acoustic videos from A Will Away and Felicity, and the final music video from Yellowcard. Check out these and more in our roundup below!

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Tuesday Rewind: 3/21-4/3

As most of you have probably noticed, our site has been down for the last few weeks due to health issues and a family emergency. However, we are back and ready to bring you guys all of the tunes that have landed up in our inbox over the last few weeks!

Starting things off, here is our Tuesday Rewind featuring new music videos, lyric videos, covers, and singles that have been released from March 21st to April 3rd. Our list includes the lyric video for Knox Hamilton’s “Pretty Way To Fight,” Civil Youth’s cover video for “Down,” and Emarosa’s new music video for “Sure.” Find these and more in the full list below!

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Tuesday Rewind: 3/7-3/20

Well, it’s another Tuesday meaning we’ve got another Tuesday Rewind for you! If you have no idea what we’re talking about, Tuesday Rewind is a compiled list of music videos, acoustic videos and singles that have been released within the last two weeks and on our radar. Check out the full list below!

Think we’re missing anything or just want to share what music has been on your radar? Let us know by reaching out to us on Twitter @_lucyoutloud!

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