Get To Know:: Mr Shiraz


Members: Mike ‘The Mike’ Mike, Tim Power, Blackula Spectacula, Stixx Destruction, New Boy
Genre: Groove punk rock
Location: Land of the Gods
Recent Release: 21 Grams 

Though a not-so-familiar name to most right now, Mr Shiraz is one to keep your eye on. The UK natives just released their newest EP, 21 Grams, less than two weeks ago. Filled with groovey electric punk sounds, the EP showcases Mr Shiraz’s fun, imaginative and ridiculous attitude in the best way possible. Get to know more about Mr Shiraz below!

How did Mr. Shiraz form and come to be what it is today?
: Shiraz has taken on various line up changes over the years and once included a brass section. The core has always been Tori and Mike. I joined back in 2006 and over the past couple of years Iain joined on drums and Steve on guitar. The line up now has so much energy and as a band are more creative than ever and the reason why we are still doing what we do is because we all love writing and playing music with each other.

Who are some of your musical influences – both as a band and individually?
: We all have similar bands that we listen to but also very different ones as well. Anything from weezer, pixies, ice cube, mastodon, the Bronx, Zeppelin, incubus, deftones, pearl jam. Mike got really into Gansta rap when we toured America. We were based in LA when we flew in and Mike basically joined a gang by accident. Be careful what colours you wear around him. He can sometimes be seen throwing gang signs.

What do you enjoy most about playing shows?
Tim: We spend a lot of time writing and rehearsing so when we get on stage it’s like an explosion of energy and excitement for people to hear us. We’ve played on stages all over the world and it doesn’t matter how big or small the stage or crowed we just have a blast. Playing live is and always has been the main reason for being in a band. It’s the end product of all the practicing, writing, travelling. Seeing people dance, jump up and down and sing your songs back at you is like no other feeling you can get from anything.

What do you do when you’re not playing music?
Mikey: We all have jobs, it’s the way of the world nowadays. Surely someone will one day give us a load of cash to do it full time. We’d be so good at that. My main job is as a music promoter. I book about 20 gigs a month for a venue called The Parish in our hometown, its a rad little place and has some killer acts coming through many who are far too big to play a venue so small. I also write and chef.

Tim (guitar) likes going on holiday. He’s wicked at it! He has had 17 this year, he also has a job but none of us are really too sure what it is, we doubt he actually knows. I know he has to dress smart for it.

Iain (drums) is a courier, he also likes riding and racing bikes and going really fast and also hitting things (typical drummer really). He has a crazed addiction to Costa coffee and energy drinks. You will never see him without one of these in his hands, even when racing his bikes.

Tori (bass) is manager of a cool little bar/bistro in Huddersfield called The Blue Rooms. She rules with an iron fist. She is also a philosophy genius. Tests have shown that Tori may also be the most intelligent person to ever walk the earth. True fact.

Steve (guitar) is a manager at a bar called Herberts, he also runs their acoustic nights, he’s very good at it. Like a none dead Michael Jackson playing an acoustic guitar. He is also very good at drinking. You can never really tell how drunk he is. With the rest of the band it’s very easy. I get hyper and take my pants off. Tim just laughs and pukes, Iain knocks peoples hats off (its really fucking annoying) but Steve you never can tell. Sneaky drunk hiding new boy!

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