The Spill Canvas Announce Fall West Coast Tour

The Spill Canvas have been on a tour frenzy, recently playing a near sold-out East Coast headliner and direct support for Motion City Soundtrack’s farewell tour. And guess what? They aren’t stopping just yet. The Spill Canvas have recently announced Requestour, a fall west coast tour where fans can vote for which songs they want to hear each night on the set list (personally requesting “Lullaby”). This will be the band’s last tour before they take a break to write their first album in four years.

Check out the full list of tour dates below!

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Show Review:: The Wonder Years, Motion City Soundtrack 11/27

The Wonder Years, Motion City Soundtrack, State Champs, You Blew It!
Friday, November 27, 2015
Starland Ballroom; Sayreville, New Jersey
Written by Kelly Peacock

Bands start off local and work their way up to playing thousands of miles away from home. However, there is the sense that home is not necessarily wherever you grew up, but rather wherever the music is. Squished next to hundreds of sweaty people with loving faces, jumping around and pushing each other, I came to the surreal realization that we were all at home.

Kicking off the show was Orlando pop-punkers, You Blew It! who…well…blew me away. The drummer was simply booming with talent as he poured his all into the performance. The lead singer had a raspy voice that jumped between singing and screaming; no matter what he was doing with his vocals, they were strong. There was individual talent between each member that came together harmoniously.

State Champs’ set followed and was an out-of-body experience. The room illuminated with colored lights, flashing in sync with the first note of the guitar and the first boom of the drums in “Secrets,” a song off of their new album Around the World and Back. There was so much energy in the room and so many bodies crowd surfing towards the barricade as we sang along at the top of our lungs until the band’s last song, “Elevated,” from their previous album The Finer Things. State Champs always puts every bit of their being into their performance and I was so happy to be standing in that crowd.

Before the show, I had only listened to a few songs from Motion City Soundtrack, but nothing could compare to the live performance they gave. The band has had a number of albums out since ‘97, so there were a variety of fans of every age in the crowd.  For working as a band as long as they have been, I could practically feel how advanced the playing of their instruments were. The crowd shouted lyrics to fan favorites including “Everything Is Alright,” “My Favorite Accident,” and “The Future Freaks Me Out.” The band’s energy on stage was powerful and there was nothing but pure talent from this group.

Closing off the night was The Wonder Years, who opened with “Brothers &,” from their new album No Closer To Heaven, and
the chilling echo of voices shouting “we’re no saviors if we can’t save our brothers” boomed throughout the venue. Transitioning into “Cardinals” gave me such an elevated feeling. Hearing the live voice of Dan Campbell, the lead vocals of this brilliant band, almost knocked me to the floor. They played my favorite song, “You In January,” with the lights radiating above and behind them, giving off holiness to each body. Each song on their setlist was so much more powerful live, and things ended with an overwhelming cheer.

If you ever have the opportunity to see You Blew It!, State Champs, Motion City Soundtrack and The Wonder Years live, I most definitely think you should go. Drop everything, buy a ticket, and go to the show. Put yourself in the pit and sing your heart out. You can find a home with these people.

New Music: “Lose Control” | Motion City Soundtrack

This track is off the band’s upcoming album, Panic Stations, to be released September 18th via Epitaph Records. Fans can pre-order the album by clicking here!

2nd Annual Alternative Press Music Awards

It’s that time again, ladies and gents, the Second Annual Journeys Alternative Press Music Awards (APMA’s) fueled by Monster Energy Drink and hosted by Alex Gaskarth and Jack Barakat is just around the corner! July 22nd is only a month and a half away and there are big things in store for those who attend or watch the award show from home! The APMA’s will feature live performances from artists including Weezer, Panic! At The Disco, All Time Low, Halestorm, New Found Glory with Hayley Williams, Motionless in White, Taking Back Sunday, Sum 41, Simple Plan, PVRIS, Black Veil Brides, Corey Taylor of Slipkot and Stone Sour, and Tyler Carter of ISSUES!

In addition to the performances listed above, the APMA’s will also include appearances made by members of ‘68, This Wild Life, Mayday Parade, As It Is, Senses Fail, August Burns Red, Set It Off, Bullet For My Valentine, Parkway Drive, Motion City Soundtrack, Real Friends, While She Sleeps and more to be announced soon! For information on ticket offerings and travel packages, click here!

In addition to the APMA’s, Alternative Press Magazine also announced the launch of their special Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame + Museum exhibit which will open on Tuesday, July 21st. Below you can find more information regarding the exhibit.

On July 21st, the day before the APMA’s, Alternative Press Magazine will be unveiling a special new exhibit, Never Give Up: Alternative Press Magazine at 30, by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum presented by Roadrunner Records, Fueled By Ramen, and Jakprints. The exhibit will feature “a history of the magazine, its best stories and photos, and how the publication contributed a much-needed voice to the underground scene over the years.” It will also include letters to the magazine from fans and celebrities, video interviews, and more! The exhibit will kick-off with a special Sonic Session with New Politics and Vinyl Theatre. More information can be found here!

Show Review:: Motion City Soundtrack 2/17


Motion City Soundtrack
Hawthorne Theatre – Portland, OR
Monday, February 17th 2015

Motion City Soundtrack made a stop in Portland for their 10th year
Anniversary tour in celebration of the 2005 album, Commit This To Memory. It was only appropriate that the small,
intimate venue of the Hawthorne Theatre hosted this event giving a subtle nod
to the nostalgic feel of small, underage emo-punk shows despite the nights
“sold out” status.

Lead singer William Beckett of the band The Academy Is… joined along
as the opener belting out classic emo pop hits from the bands old days as well
as his own work deriving from his solo career. Motion City Soundtrack put on an
incredibly electric performance from the start coming greatly from the
enthusiastic keyboardist, Jesse Johnson, who was head banging
uncontrollably throughout the show and at one point was whacking a cowbell like
nobodies business. The overall onstage chemistry of all the band mates was something to be
admired and caused a rowdy atmosphere among the crowd.

While performing the Commit This To Memory album in its entirety, the group reminded
everyone how relevant their music still is today. The show came to a climax as
the most beloved sing-along classics “L.G. FUAD”, “When You’re Around”, and
popular “Everything Is Alright” put the venue in a state of bliss. Motion City
brought just about everything anyone could ever want in a good show; a long set
running more than two hours, minimal breaks between songs, and a consistent
on-stage energy that brought you alive.

Personally only being 13 years old at the time of their album release,
it wasn’t surprising that most of the audience deemed to be of an older crowd,
and long time fans of the Minneapolis born group. Constant sing-a-longs were
unavoidable for the majority of tracks as their signature catchy pop/punk
melodies have been engrained in their fans’ minds over time.

I felt I was channeling my 15 year old self during its entirety achingly
wishing that jelly bracelets and Hot Topic would make a mainstream comeback.
Among the other iconic emo-pop bands of the early 2000’s such as Taking Back
Sunday, All-American Rejects and Yellowcard, it is easy to forget about how
those dusty mixed CD’s stashed away under your bed or drawers truly influenced
your overdramatic teenage angst years and played as a soundtrack to your life.

Motion City proved that since their first performance back in 1998,
their music is ageless and still pertinent to everyone young or old. You could
feel the lead singer Justin Pierre’s pure emotional connection he continues to
possess behind his lyrics and music even though he’s played them a million
times; this made for a deeply sentimental performance.  

The band came back with an encore of the care-free tracks “The Future
Freaks Me Out” and “My Favorite Accident” that satisfied the fan in all of us. Once the lights came on, it was back to reality as everyone put their childhood memories to rest.

Written by: Kelsey Rzepecki

Review:: Sound/No Sound | The Company We Keep

There is a massive section in my heart dedicated to Boys Night Out. Trainwreck is one of the best albums that I’ve ever heard. Every second of that record bursts with story, emotion, and talent, resonating long after the album comes to a close.

Now, The Company We Keep, which features the multi-talented Brian Southall, one of the components of that masterpiece, has emerged with a full-length debut album, Sound / No Sound – a powerful collection of electronic pop/rock from a collaborative supergroup effort.

While the lyrics and melodies were written by Motion City Soundtrack’s Justin Pierre, the vocal execution by Haden Brightwell does them a great justice. (sidenote: a recent update from the band states that on their upcoming tour, while Brightwell is unavailable, ex-BNO keyboardist and vocalist Kara Dupuy will be filling in, touring with Southall for the first time since the band’s split).

Variation is a constant throughout Sound / No Sound. Whether it’s the instrumental intermission “The Guardian,” the quick, theatric “Exposed,” the electropop gem that is “Miles Away,” or anything else in between, the eleven songs here provide for eleven separate experiences.

Like I had mentioned earlier, Brightwell gives a stellar vocal performance on the record. But, when heard nearly on its own on the album’s finale “Closure,” backed by sleigh bells, looped guitar, and simple drumming, her voice soars as she carries the album to its close.

Sound / No Sound is not like other albums you’ll hear this year. The Company We Keep make strides towards an individualized sound while still capturing an accessible style. The record is a compilation of the diverse musical histories of its members, leading to the whole being greater than the sum of its parts. (And if that sounded insulting, my mistake, because it really wasn’t supposed to.)

Release Date: October 29th, 2013
Rating: 3.50/5
Runtime: 38:27

1. Control
2. I Will Be What Haunts You Most
3.  Miles Away (Get Me Out Of Here)
4.  Shadowing
5.  Held Together
6.  The Guardian
7.  Rabbit Without A Hat
8.  Deserter
9.  Exposed
10. The Better Half Of Nothing
11. Closure

Haden Brightwell  – Vocals
Brian Southall – Guitar, bass, programming
Justin Pierre – Guitar
Branden Morgan – Drums

Written By: Eric Riley

Review:: New Again | The Press War

There are a handful of things that I really enjoy. Music, for starters. Obviously. And writing. And then there’s always that little place in my heart for good pop-punk. And I love Boston.
And now there’s this – The Press War; a pop-punk band from Boston with a brand new EP. Rad.
We added The Press War to our most recent compilation back in June, and rightfully so – their sound is a perfect fit for a playlist meant for summertime. And that sound, which combines the likenesses of The Starting Line, Motion City Soundtrack, and Anberlin into one, is present throughout the EP.

The first taste on the release, the sprint-paced “Pandering” is quick, bitter, and lashes out. The theme and tone follow through into “New Again.” The angst-y side ends quickly, as the positively-longing “Only You” begins abruptly and hugely – filled with soaring vocals surrounding a chugging bassline, clap-along drums, and trio of swirled guitars.
“Fault Lines” (which is track #5 on our compilation, just saying, for those who haven’t gotten it *cough* for free yet) is a fast-paced piece of pop/punk by the textbooks. Three and a half minutes, full of gang-vocal whoa-oh-ohs and the leftover story of someone leaving.
New Again concludes with the slowed “The End of the World Party,” a fitting finale for the EP. It starts calmly, and steadily builds throughout. It’s a safe bet to say that this is the band’s best performance on the release – it sounds very good, has a serious tone to it that pleasantly contrasts the feel and topics of the other tracks, and is an all-around good listen, finishing the EP with a plus.
Rating: 3/5
Runtime: 14:57
1. Pandering
2. New Again
3. Only You
4. Fault Lines
5. The End of the World Party
James Moody – Bass
Pat McDonald – Drums
Cedric Wager – Guitar
Chris Kinney – Guitar
Anthony Rainville – Vocals/Guitar

Written By: Eric Riley