Mizgin Releases “If I Said I’m In Love (Suicide)”

A few months back, we sat down to chat with the fierce and ultimate female badass, Mizgin. At the time she had released a new track and remix EP for her song, “Get You Off.” Now she’s back with another killer song and remix EP for “If I Said I’m In Love (Suicide).” You can check out the premiere of the new track over on PopCrush by clicking here or stream the EP over on Idolator here!

What do you guys think of the track? 

Interview with:: Mizgin

recently sat down with Mizgin, to discuss her musical influences, her remix EP,
her music video for “Get You Off,” and what we can expect to see next! You can check
out the interview below!

off, thank you so much for taking some time to chat with us! Can you introduce
yourself and tell us a little about yourself?

Thanks so much for having me. My Name is Mizgin, I’m a recording artist and I
love to tell stories through my music.

You were born and raised in a small town
in Sweden and played as many shows and events that you could from school shows
to small venues. How do you think the music scene differs in Sweden versus
the US? Do you think you were limited with what you could do with your music in

I was definitely limited by growing up in a small town when it comes to music.
I mean the biggest thing you could do was to perform at the school show and the vision
I had for myself was way bigger than that. 

Where did your passion for music and
performing come from? Some people have family members who played and inspired
them to start performing while others just felt like it was their calling
in life. What inspired you to begin your singing career?

I simply can’t function without music in my life. It’s just something that’s
always been a part of me, I’ve always felt that way. I remember being a little girl
and imagining myself on stage performing, dancing, just being an artist. I
think it’s been in my blood since birth. The funny thing is that no one in my
family was very musical so I don’t know where it all comes from.

Your single, “Get You Off,” is a super
catchy and high-energy track and your vocals on it sound incredible. You
recently released a remix EP for the track on February 12th. Where did the
idea come from to release a remix EP?

Thanks so much! It was really a team effort. We shared some great ideas and
that’s what ended up turning into the remix ep. The original record is such a
good song, it was interesting to flip in different ways.

Some people have said your sound is
reminiscent of Rihanna & Skrillex. What artists have influenced you and
your song writing?

I love and respect a lot of great artists out there, but I try to build a sound
that’s more my own. Of course as an artist you’re always going to be influenced by
what’s around you, not just music, but I think creating something that’s unique
to who I am is what inspires me the most.

Speaking of song writing, you’ve been
sharing tons of photos and posts about being in the studio. Can you tell us a
little about what the writing and recording process has been like?

People might think that you just go in the studio and sing and that’s it. But
it’s much more than that.  One of my goals is to break down the segregation
in music and to create music that’s influenced by everything. I want to
make music that dominates pop culture.  I spend days sometimes with the
producers working until every word and line evokes the emotion we want it to.
As a singer, you need to bring the truth, the emotion, the story of the
song so that is what I try to do.

The video for “Get You Off” is
definitely edgy and a little scandalous, but it works really well with the
track itself. The video actually went viral within only a few hours, which
is amazing! What was your reaction to that?

It was surreal! It feels great to have so many people liking the song and
video… I am really thankful for the support.

I know in the past you’ve said that this
video was something you are proud of because it’s something you wanted and in
the end it’s your vision. What would you say to people who are afraid to
be a little more edgy because they are afraid of what people might say about

I would say that it doesn’t matter what people might say about you. You have to
believe in what you’re doing, otherwise you’re living someone else’s life. I
think it’s a really powerful when young people can stand behind their ideas and
be like…’this is what is good’ and if someone else has a different opinion
it really shouldn’t matter in the end. Some people will love you for you and
others will judge, in the end you have to believe in yourself.

What can we expect next from Mizgin?
Maybe a full length?

I have a new single coming out in the next few weeks and I am in the studio now
finishing up the album which is dropping this Summer. The records we are doing are
really exciting and I can’t wait for the world to hear them. This album
will be like nothing you have heard before.

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Mizgin Announces Remix EP

Mizgin has announced a remix EP for her hit single, “Get You Off,” which will be available on February 12th! The single was mixed by Phil Tan (Katy Perry, Rihanna, Beyonce) and presents Mizgin’s sexy and fierce persona. You can watch the viral video for “Get You Off” by clicking here!

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