Tuesday Rewind: 11/15-11/28

Who’s ready for a Tuesday Rewind?! Here is our list of music videos, live videos, covers, lyric videos, and singles that have been released in the last two weeks! Some of our favorite releases so far include the Veronica’s music video for “On Your Side,” Chasing Safety’s music video for “This Is Hell,” The Queen and King’s cover of “Closer,” and a brand new single from The Y Axes. Check out our full list below!

Think we’re missing anything or just want to share what music has been on your radar? Let us know by reaching out to us on Twitter!

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ICYMI: Music From October

We recently shared that we will be running a bi-weekly collective post that will include all of the music currently on our radar (live videos, lyric videos, covers, music videos, singles)! As you guys can clearly see, we have taken the last couple of months off to regroup which has resulted in monthly roundups. After our October ICYMI posts are up, we will be running full-force with the bi-weekly version of these roundups and we are all kinds of excited!

That being said, below you can find all of the fantastic tunes released in October. Let us know what music you’ve been digging by reaching out to us on Twitter!

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New Live Video: “Three Feet From Gold” | Banta

This video is from the band’s new video series, The Warehouse Sessions, which were filmed in a downtown LA rehearsal space and features three songs off the band’s upcoming album, Dark Charms!