Lily & The Parlour Tricks Premiere “Requiem”

Lily & The Parlour Tricks are premiering their newest single, Requiem, exclusively on Paste Magazine! 

It wasn’t long ago that Lily & the Parlour Tricks blew us away at CMJ with their vintage vibes, powerful vocals and on-stage chemistry. After their recent single “Belle Guinness” brought the band back onto our radar, we were thrilled to hear there was more new music with latest song “Requiem.”…

Click the link above to hear the track!

Lily & The Parlour Tricks Premiere “Requiem”

Review:: Rocket & The Ghost EP | Rocket & The Ghost

For those who like: Cayucas, phosphorescent, Islands, Perfume Genius

Listening to the self-titled EP from Rocket & the Ghost was a breath of fresh air. Something about this time of year makes the heart and mind want to listen to music that reflects the season and this EP does just that. It takes raw and melancholic elements of the Fall, while mixing in warm memories of the summer into a jangly groove induced record that makes you want to run and sing with the band, to just walk and give time to your thoughts.

Rocket & the Ghost recorded their five song EP live to tape at Excello Studios in Brooklyn working under the producer and creative director of Antfood, Wilson Brown. You can appreciate the sound and live feel that the record gives off. Something about the keyboard in this band really brings the sound together and molds it into a great creation that people want to hear. Especially in the track, “Howling” it begins a little slower than the previous songs, comparable to a gray day, then the falsetto vocals come in to reveal the lyrics “hide your own heart carefully” which make you analyze the song a little deeper. The vibe puts off a sad but hopeful tune with the ending words “keep on keeping on, keep on rolling on” which is simple but wise advice to give. However, the thing that truly gives it that extra kick is the keys.

“Gold” follows the aforementioned track, which also has a more melancholy way about it. It features the acoustic guitar, drums, and a tambourine and emits the yearning and love that the lyrics possess. 
You truly feel the love and want that Kiyoshi Matsuyama is singing about to his love.The closing track cleverly named “Goodbye” is my favorite on the album. The bass sounds similar to that of a Phosphorescent song, however progresses in the opposite way. The song is upbeat and is perfect for blasting with your windows down and heat on, on a crisp fall day.

Overall, the self-titled EP from the Brooklyn band, Rocket & the Ghost is simple yet complex, fun but mellow, and old but new. This album has a fresh and young quality to it that brings old school melodies to the new generation. It is a great melding factor that embraces duets with Lily Claire from Lily & the Parlour Tricks and that of extraumphs that tie it all together. Out of all the little pinches of something added to a record, some of the most beloved can be the most basic. This bands addition is that of harmonious “oooh’s and lala’s” which I have never experienced so often and dug so much at the same time.

Release Date: November 5, 2013
Rating: 3/5
Run Time: 22:37

1.         Daylight
2.         Shame
3.         Howling
4.         Gold
5.         Goodbye

Rocket & the Ghost Is:
Kiyoshi Matsuyama
Brian Kesley
Stuart Bidwell
Sean Gavigan
Alan Markley

Written By: Chelsea Conte