Review:: #LoveLoud | Justin Morrell


I feel like the “unsigned singer/songwriter living in New York City” thing is the stuff of movies and television. But, while the idea of it may feel a bit clichéd, that doesn’t mean it’s unrealistic or strictly a product of Hollywood.

For instance, there’s Justin Morrell. Falling into the previous category, Morrell’s latest release, the LoveLoud EP, packs a handful of tracks that could fit in on a city street corner, a dimly-lit coffee shop, or a sold-out club.

“Second Chances” is Morrell’s first impression, and it leaves a good one. Part acoustic, part electric, and all hook, the song starts the EP off on good footing. “I Should Have Known” continues down the same path, carrying pop sound with hints of soul.

Where the first two tracks find success, the second eclipse them. “Heart On A String” is darker and rougher, relying mostly on acoustic guitar and solid vocals. The bouncy, light “Love Melody” closes out the album playfully, coming to a close with tambourines and gang vocals, ending with one of the better moments heard here.

While I want to have high praises for LoveLoud, I feel like I have to refrain. Morrell does provide a decent display of musicianship and ability, though there are few instances where he truly shines. The EP isn’t one that should be passed over or ignored, nor is it one that is likely to astound. All in all, Morrell sticks to a core sound that he finds comfortable and sees success with, but stepping outside of that comfort zone could potentially yield some nice results.

Release Date: July 9th, 2014
Rating: 2.75/5
Runtime: ~13 min.

1.    Second Chances
2.    I Should Have Known
3.    Heart On A String
4.    Love Melody

Written by Eric Riley