Review:: Damage With Care | Moving Units

Moving Units proved to be ahead of their time marrying dance music and punk since 2002; the vocals glorifying this unique union. Now with their fourth album Damage With Care out, the band has found a home with their catchy electronica-like tunes with guitars and drums turning rock shows into dance parties.

It’s a winning formula of indie vocals, EDM, and low-key rock melodies that’s found throughout their latest album that is sure to keep all types of fans coming back for more – whether it’s at Coachella or at an underground club. The album’s opener “Hyatt Girls” kicks off with explosive catchy tunes and the singe of indie-punk energy that is familiar with longtime fans. The song is the highlight that’s able to turn the craziest mosh pit into
the emo kid’s version of a dance party.

The energy mellows down through the rest of the tracks and is heavily influenced by indie-pop notes. The listener is carried into a journey of very similar songs that work together like a story.  Low key synth beats with the shrill thrums of guitar in “War on the Floor” and “Teacher” create consistent beats to keep any beach party going til’ dawn. “Fragile Magic” has a futuristic sound that’s a bit edgier contrary to the name while the album closes with “House of Dolls,” a more disco-like song not signaling the finality but asking for one more time and maybe for another replay.

Moving Units is all about the art of bringing some dance to the rock aspect.  Every song is only one piece of a very solid album begging to be played over and over again.  The melodies on Damage With Care are enough to get your feet moving and head shaking, but the eerie vocals bring an unexpected element that really brings together contrasted interests. It’s hard to pick just any song to single out that shines above the rest.

Release Date: April 8th, 2016
Run Time: ~33 minutes
Rating: 3.5/5

Moving Units.jpg

Track listing:
1. Hyatt Girls
2. Opposite of Rhyming
3. Wishful Thinking
4. American Infantile
5. I Don’t Mind
6. Fragile Magic
7. Going Out
8. War on the Floor
9. Teacher
10. House of Dolls

Mercies To Release New Album

Indie forest-pop rockers, Mercies, have announced details of their sophomore album. The 11-track album, titled Blue Against Green, will be released March 31st via Randm Records. When chatting about the album, the band says, "Blue Against Green is a culmination of our life experiences, both professional and personal. It’s about our move to the west coast and the subsequent life changes, the desire to venture out into the unknown, and the will to keep moving forward.“

Below you can find the artwork and track listing for the album!

Track Listing:
1. Every Echo
2. Open Ocean
3. Zalea
4. Only At Night
5. Atwater
6. Something To Lose
7. White Fir
8. Deep Sleeper
9. We Tried
10. No Blue
11. Buffalo

Review:: Pedals | SPEAK

An electronic journey, taking you back to the 80s and 90s at the same time. SPEAK provides you with the ultimate fusion of electronic, dance, and indie. Grab that G&T and some comfy shoes because you’ll be shakin’ and groovin’ all night long.

“Gates,” from their new album Pedals, is hands down my favorite; it leaves you with chills from being such an uplifting and powerful track. The entire album is fantastic! They have romantic lyrics, upbeat tempos, and diverse sounds in every track. Not only is their album great they also recently collaborated with RAC in their track “I Should’ve Guessed,“ another song worth checking out! Their strength is in the harmonies that pull the listener from beginning to end. Pedals is a light up-beat album that has a “robust” flavor that can be played around all musical tastes. 

SPEAK has so much promise, I have a feeling we will be hearing a lot more of them as they continue to gain rapid popularity! Go download their album on itunes or check them out at Jump on board before they hit the radio!

Honorable mentions: Pedals & Nightlight

Release Date: June 24, 2014
Rating: 4/5 
Runtime: 55 min.

Track listing:
1. Gates
2. Mystery Lights
3. Nightlight
4. Weiss
5. This Much I Know
6. Peaks
7. Oh Lord
8. Modern Art
9. Be Reasonable, Diane
10. Congo
11. Heavy Metal War
12. 11/12/13
13. The Meantime
14. Trials

Written by Kristen Schell