Seven Bands To See At Boston Calling: #5, Jack Johnson

With Boston Calling exactly a week away, we’ve decided to make a list of seven bands you do not want to miss. Whether they’re a headliner or an opener, whether they’re hip-hop, dance, rock & roll, or something somewhere in the middle, there are a handful of sets that you’re definitely going to want to pencil into your schedule.

On our list so far: #7. Magic Man/The Box Tiger, #6. Bastille

Today we talk about our #5 pick – Jack Johnson!


Though I’ve never considered myself to be a huge fan of his, Jack Johnson is an artist that always seems to draw a bit of my attention. As someone who seems to be genuinely in love with the music he produces, his work ethic and his pride are commendable. Now, as the first artist to ever headline the newly-added Friday night show at Boston Calling, his massive following is sure to be out in full force. 

For fans of: Amos Lee, G.Love, the Format, Of Monsters and Men
For a taste, check out: “Better Together,” “Sitting, Waiting, Wishing,” “Flake”
When you can see them: Friday, 9:30 PM

Review:: Things Sure Have Changed | The Lonely Biscuits

For those who like: Atmosphere, Why?, Citizen Cope, Cage, G.Love

Imagine: it is 7AM on a Sunday in the peak of the summertime. It’s still cool enough to where the faint breeze coming through your window brushes your hair out of your face and the sunshine pouring in through your curtains paints the walls with yellow tones and hues. It is comforting. You could roll back over and go to sleep, but instead you wake up, go to your stereo and put on an album to compliment the summer feeling.

Dropping on October 29th, is the newest EP from the Nashville hip-hop/funk/chill foursome, The Lonely Biscuits. “Things Sure Have Changed” is a six-song piece good for an early morning full of chill vibes and an especially sunny attitude. However, the music that The Lonely Biscuits have complied on this latest EP sounds a little too familiar. With a title like mtvU’s reigning “College Artist of the Year” I was expecting something out of the ordinary. While the EP is the kind to pair with a summer day cruising to the beach and letting the rays hit your skin, it feels like something we have all heard before.

If you took Citizen Cope, Cage and Why? and put them all in a blender and hit mix, you would come out with a variation of The Lonely Biscuits. Their songs are mellow and cool and they tell you what they want. Don’t worry ladies, they like girls of all types: tall, short, blonde, pretty, pale, tan, fat and skinny, so you know exactly what they are looking for.  The name of the first track off of Things Sure Have Changed is “Causal Vibes” and that is no surprise. The song emits the laid back vibes of a summer day mixed with bubblegum lipstick and Hawaiian shirts. It’s a little unfortunate that this album didn’t drop earlier in the warmer months to compliment its chill factor. “Stay” and “Tone it Down” have a different feel than the rest of the album and personally those tracks are the most digable. The oohs and ahhs in the latter song give it an extra kick and create a nice contrast that ends up complimenting the tune tremendously.

Coming to “Pool Day” it sounds exactly like that. You can feel the splashes of someone doing a cannonball, hitting your legs as you lay back in your lounge chair and let the sun penetrate your pores. The closing track “Things Sure Have Changed” is the shortest on the EP and the slowest. It has a more prominent guitar sound and is the best way to wrap up the album.  Overall, you can picture the events that go along with this six song piece, walking on black tar to the ice cream truck to get a cool treat, looking at attractive people on the beach, and just messing around with your friends. Things sure have changed over the course of the EP, with different sounds, feelings, and levels of chill, but the most important message to take away from it is to live it up.

Release Date: October 29, 2013
Rating: 2.5/5
Run Time: 18:27

Track List:
1. Casual Vibes
2. Kinda Steady
3. Stay
4. Tone it Down
5. Pool Day
6. Things Sure Have Changed

The Lonely Biscuits is:
Grady Wenrich  (Guitar)
Sam Gidley (Drums)
John Paterini (Vocals, Guitar)
Nick Byrd (Bass)

Written By: Chelsea Conte