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Let You Down Fritz Montana

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First Day of Summer = Compilation Day!

We introduce to you, SPF14 – A Summer Playlist For 2014! Our 2014 Summer compilation features 12 artists including Fritz Montana, The Venetia Fair, Mike Fisher, Ionia and 8 other fantastic artists! By the way, did we mention it’s FREE?

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LOL EXCLUSIVE: First Look At Fritz Montana’s New EP, Scaredy Cat


This is a bit of a milestone for us over here.

Ever since our little website was started back in 2010, there has been the goal of doing some sort of exclusive features with bands. And, along with that, the hope has always been for an artist who shares the same passion for music as we do.

So, let me direct your attention to Fritz Montana – a soulful, indie, bluesy trio from San Francisco who are poised to make a splash bigger than a boulder falling from the Golden Gate Bridge.

After coming together in early 2013, soon releasing their debut EP less than six months following their formation, the band has since been hard at work for the last year, writing and recording their follow-up. Though Scaredy Cat isn’t due out until July, we were given (or better yet, graced with) the chance to get the first listen to the band’s newest seven tracks. And, while the band may still be in its infancy in terms of their time as a group, the music is packed with hooks and passion and excitement that let it speak for itself.

Instantly infectious, the bass-heavy “Let You Down” chugs its way in to start the album off on strong footing. While its usefulness and importance are sometimes forgotten in other genres, bassist Kevin Logan makes his presence known throughout the EP, whether it’s standing out on tracks like “My Body Does it All” or lending background support on “Fever.”

The drumming and rhythm provided by Matthew Hagarty is steady and solid throughout. Each member delivers a shining performance on the opening track, and each is given quick chances at stealing the spotlight at some point on the album. Hagarty’s first comes throughout the title track, though “Feel It in My Bones” features another worth-mention effort.

Lastly, it goes without saying that guitarist/vocalist David Marshall pulls his fair share of the weight. His voice has the ability to quickly shift from sharp to gritty, and his smooth, clean delivery juxtaposed with the less-than-sterile subject matter of tracks like “Bad Enough” or “Feel It in My Bones” add to their charm and bring about comparisons to The Hold Steady or The Strokes.

Bringing everything together on the last track – the catchy vocals, the sharp guitar-work, the concrete drumming and the rumbling bass, “A Long Way Out” just may save the best for last.

Like I had mentioned earlier, this band is young. Like, really young. But, despite this, they manage to make some pretty stellar music.

Fritz Montana are a prime example that disprove that old saying; you don’t have to learn to crawl before you can walk, because these three are off and running.

Give a listen to the first single off the new album below! 

Release date: Late July, 2014
Rating: 4.25/5
Runtime: 23:58

Track listing:
1 “Let You Down”
2 “My Body Does it All”
3 “Scaredy Cat”
4 “Feel It in My Bones”
5 “Bad Enough”
6 “Fever”
7 “A Long Way Out”

Written by Eric Riley

SXSW Guest Blog:: Fritz Montana

The Ballad of SXSW
Kevin of Fritz Montana

The 1700 miles between Fritz Montana and Austin, TX didn’t start to intimidate us until after our first hour on the road.  The plan was to drive 15 hours to Tucson, then continue the next day for an additional 16 hours- it would be everyone’s longest drive to date.  As soon as we arrived in Austin however, we instantly knew it was worth the two-day trek.

Graced with perfect weather and our very dedicated roadie/drum tech (Sean Leary), we hit the ground running on 6th street in downtown to play our first of seven shows during our week there.  Completely surrounded by awesome music at all times, we played at bars, in tents, and on huge outdoor stages to crowds that were just as happy to be there as we were.  Most venues during SXSW were backlined with their own drums and amps that helped minimize the ridiculous amount of gear we were afraid to haul around all week.  

Since we were busy through pretty much our entire visit, we failed at dining at a true Texas barbeque joint (unless you count Whataburger, which was fantastic).  Other regrets include missing a rodeo and having to pay $25 for parking on Thursday.  Even with our busy schedule, the band was able to indulge in Austin’s fine nightlife with a visit to the Coyote Ugly Bar (which was really just a bar where beautiful women bullied you into buying alcohol), and then almost completely killed our voices when we sang along at the Dueling Piano Bar. 

SXSW was an educating, ruthless, and extremely fun trip that really got us excited for things to come.  With a new EP coming out soon, we hope to keep making great music for our fans so that we can make the trip back to Austin next year.  

For more of Fritz Montana: Facebook | Twitter 

50 Acts You Won’t Want To Miss At SXSW (Part 5)


Since none of us here at Lucy Out Loud will be able to attend SXSW this year, we’ve put together a list of 50 acts(in no particular order) we think those of you that are attending shouldn’t miss! 

To check out our fifth and final installment (acts 41-50), click “Read More”!

*Note: some acts we’ve included are performing at South By So What?! and not South By South West. However, since the festival takes place during the week of South By Southwest, we’ve decided to still include them in our list!

Part 5 (Acts 41-50). Check out Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

  1. The Tontons
    Any band named after something Star Wars related is automatically a favorite in my book. The Tontons bring a psychedelic rock sound that we’ve previously referred to as a perfect mix of Lauren Hill, Under the Influence of Giants, plus a dash of Jimi Hendrix. The band recently released their sophomore album and after 3 years of touring (over 300 shows!!), The Tontons are definitely making a name for themselves. 
    Where to catch The Tontons: 3.12 – Big PictureMedia Showcase @ The Thirsty Nickel; 3.15- Dirty Dog Bar

  2. Lime Cordiale
    It feels as if surf-rock is alive and well when you listen to Lime Cordiale. With a mixture of smooth vocals and even smoother instrumentals, their infectious sound is unmatched by anybody else today. 
    Where to catch Lime Cordiale: 3.12 – 1:10pm – Big Picture Media Showcase @ Thirsty Nickel; 3.13 – 5:20pm – Sound Gallery @ B.D. Riley’s Pub; 3.13 – 9pm – Chugg Music Showcase @ TenOak; 3.15 – 12:15pm – The Aussie BBQ @ Maggie Mae’s; 3.15 – 9pm – Planetary Group Party @ Maggie Mae’s

  3. The Devil Wears Prada
    The guys of The Devil Wears Prada have been near the front of the pack for years. Amidst a constant cycle of writing, recording, and touring, the Ohio five-piece have always been able to please. As the headliners for this year’s Take Action! Tour, TDWP are going to have a very busy spring, but I don’t foresee anyone complaining. 
    Where to catch The Devil Wears Prada: 3.16 – South By So What?! @ Quiktrip Park

  4. Fritz Montana
    With a stellar blend of blues and indie, this Californian trio has shared the stage with the likes of Kings of Leon, Arctic Monkeys, AFI, and a handful of others, taking each opportunity to spread their massive sound to as much of an audience as possible. 
    Where to catch Fritz Montana: 3.11 – 8pm @ Shiner’s Saloon; 3.12 – 11pm @ Bourbon Girl; 3.13 – 2:15pm @ Lot323; 3.13 – 4pm @ Chuggin’ Monkey; 3.13 – 6:30pm @ Texas Rockfest

  5. Quiet Company
    This band formed back in 2005 and have spent the past few years developing a sound that is truly their own and really making a name for themselves. You may have even heard a song of theirs featured on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Real World New Orleans, Royal Pains or Sims 3: Showtime. The band is currently in the process of recording their 4th album!
    Where to catch Quiet Company: 3.11 – 11:30pm – SXSW Showcase @ The Main II; 3.14 – 1:45pm – Big Picture Media Showcase @ The Blind Pig Rooftop; 3.14 – 4:30pm – Roky Erickson’s Ice Cream Social @ Threadgills; 3.15 – 1am – Official SXSW Showcase @ SOHO Lounge

  6. Bring Me the Horizon
    Whether you’ve enjoyed them from the start, or it took a few albums before they roped you in, or even if you aren’t a fan, Bring Me the Horizon are indisputably great live. Oli Sykes’ command of the stage is mesmerizing, and they continue to get better.
    Where to catch Bring Me The Horizon: 3.15 – South By So What?! @ Quiktrip Park

  7. Vinyl Thief
    This Tennessee electro-rock quartet recently released their EP, Stop Motion, last month – and we’ve been addicted since. The EP encourages listeners to live their lives to the fullest without regrets, something that most people should live up to. At last years SXSW, the band stuffed their gear onto a tiny stage and according to Beautiful Buzz, “proceeded to slay that room to teeny tiny pieces.” If you’re catching them at a showcase this year…prepare yourselves.
    Where to catch Vinyl Thief: 3.13 – 4pm – Landshark Showcase @ Bayou Lounge; 3.14 – 2:55pm – Big Picture Media Showcase @ Blind Pig Rooftop; 3.15 – 8pm @ BD Riley’s

  8. The Grahams
    The Grahams recently released the deluxe edition of their album Riverman’s Daughter on February 4th. The country/folk duo will be on tour until mid-May showcasing their soulful music.
    Where to catch The Grahams: 3.12 – 3pm – Midcoast Takeover @ Shangri La; 3.12 – 8pm – Sony Music Showcase @ The Market

  9. Carbon Tigers
    Last year was a rocky one for the Carbon Tigers who had their equipment, merchandise and van stolen. But the best part of that mess is that they crowd funded over $12,000 to purchase new gear – they have awesome fans. Admit it. Recently featured on Zimbio, Guitar World, NYLON, and NYLON Guys, this indie-rock band is one we can only expect to see make huge waves.
    Where to catch Carbon Tigers: 3.12 – 12:35pm – Big Picture Media Showcase @ Thirsty Nickel; 3.12 – 1am – The Nekkid Armadilla Presents @ Lucky Lounge; 3.13 – 1:30pm – AEMMP Records Presents @ Bat Bar; 3.13 – 9pm – Audiotree SXSW Showcase @ Licha’s Cantina; 3.15 – 2pm – RedGorilla Music Fest Showcase @ Thirsty Nickel

  10. The Lonely Biscuits
    After winning mtvU’s 2013 “College Artist of the Year” award, The Lonely Biscuits have proved that full-time students can still be kickass musicians. They kicked off 2014 with a new music video and will be performing a ton of shows this year – so make sure you find yourself at one of them!
    Where to catch The Lonely Biscuits: 3.12 – 11pm – BMI Showcase @ Bar 96; 3.14 – 1:10pm – Big Picture Media Showcase @ The Blind Pig Rooftop

Interview With:: Fritz Montana

First off, please introduce yourselves and tell us your roles in the band.

We are Fritz Montana, a blues/indie rock trio centered in the Bay Area. David Marshall is our guitarist/vocalist, Matthew Haggarty bangs the drums, and Kevin Logan slaps the bass.

Although Fritz Montana has only been a band for less than a year, you guys released your debut EP this past May and you’ve really made a name for yourselves. What do you think sets you a part from other local bands?

David’s voice really helps our music stand out from many of the local bands. The raw, natural feel really mixes well with our variety of rock and is a cool signature to our sound.

You guys basically classify yourselves as a blues/indie rock band, but your sound is much more than that. When forming Fritz Montana did you know what direction you wanted to go in as a band or was it a lot of experimentation to create your sound?

We originally wanted a female vocalist in order to emphasis a soul sound (a la Alabama Shakes) and it’s definitely recognizable in our EP. After we decided on David to sing lead, we’ve started doing some experimenting and having fun with what sort of songs we would want to write more of. 

Within the past few months you’ve received some great exposure through Infectious Magazine, Substream Magazine and you most recently played LIVE 105’s Not So Silent Night alongside Kings of Leon and Queens of the Stone Age. When forming Fritz Montana did you ever imagine receiving so much exposure in such a short amount of time?

Never did we think we’d have this sort of exposure six months into releasing our first EP.  Playing at NSSN was an incredible experience and it was entirely thanks to all the support we’ve received.  Now we hope we can pay everyone back by doing some great things.

After reading that Substream interview and as an extreme Die Hard fan it is only fair for me to ask – which Die Hard is your favorite movie?

The original for the holidays, With A Vengeance all other seasons.

You guys have played shows here and there, but you’ve yet to do a full tour. If you could create a dream tour, who would be on it and what would it be called?

The Neighborhood would definitely be someone we’d want to tour with- we really like their music. But since this is a dream tour we’d also want Bob Marley and The Rolling Stones.

It’s been a few months since you’ve released new music. Are you working on anything now/can we expect a new album in the near future?

We have tons of new music to release and are planning to record at The Panda Studios in the very near future, so we will have a new album early next year to release! Yeah!

What can we expect next from Fritz Montana?

…the unexpected…and new music.

Fritz Montana:: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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