New Music Video: “I Just Saw A Ghost” | Fine Fine Titans ft. T.J. Miller of Still Remains

This track is off the band’s debut album, Renaissance, to be released November 20th via CI Records! Pre-order the album here!

LOL Gallery: South By So What?! Music Festival – Part 3

What: South By So What?! Music Festival – Part 3
When: 3/20/15-3/22/15
Where: QuikTrip Park; Grand Prairie, TX
By: Mercedes Guzman

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5 Questions With: Fine Fine Titans [SBSW Edition]

We spoke with Michigan post-hardcore band, Fine Fine Titans,
about their experience at South By So What?!, new music, and the best advice
they’ve received! Check out our interview with the band below!

What act were you
most excited to catch at South By So What?! and did they meet your expectations?
It’s difficult to say which act we
were the most pumped about seeing as the lineup was incredible this year but we
can’t deny our love for Circa Survive and, of course, our hometown boys in La
Dispute. Both bands blew our expectations out of the water and after having
known and seen La Dispute for years, we knew to expect a great show but
somehow, they took their performance and musicianship one step further. So
proud of and excited for those guys.

It’s been about a year since you guys have released an EP. Is there any new
music in the works right now? If so, can you tell us a little about what fans
can expect to hear?
We actually just wrapped up recording
for a full length album in January! As the mixing is still in process, we’re
not sure when to expect a release for it but we can say that our direction is
one in which may or may not surprise a few of our fans. The music is more
dynamic and intricate. Maybe not so aggressive as past releases but perhaps
emotionally heavier. It’s a new turn for the band considering a modified lineup
and a natural evolution of us as people and as musicians.          

Where did the name Fine Fine Titans come from?
The original guitar player of the
band was the one who brought the name to us. We never really did pinpoint the
idea behind the name. I don’t think we cared much at the time what our name
was, we just wanted to do it quickly so we could start booking shows. It
definitely doesn’t hurt that it doesn’t make any sense because it causes people
to stop and wonder. It’s pretty ridiculous, really, but I guess that’s us.

You guys have played alongside some incredible bands including Dead Sara,
blessthefall, I See Stars, and Still Remains, to name a few. What is the best
advice any of the other bands you’ve performed with have given you?
It’s been an honor to share the stage
with the bands that we’ve been so lucky to. Over the last few years, we’ve
grown close to T.J. of Still Remains and he’s given great advice when it comes
to vocals, specifically screaming and keeping your voice healthy while on the
road. We’re also very close to our friends in Brighter Than a Thousand Suns and
any time we are having doubts or trouble with the band, those three (Angelika,
Randy and Andre) have really brought us back down to earth and empathized with
us. We often joke that if we could just combine bands, we would in a heartbeat.

What can we expect next from Fine Fine Titans?
An LP! With that album, the
possibilities are endless and right now, we’re in a hurry-up-and-wait
situation. We’re really working on keeping our eyes focused on the future with
open minds. In the mean time, you can keep your eyes peeled for another cover
in the near future in the same fashion that we released our Glassjaw cover on
Youtube. Go check it out!

And thank you, Lucy Out Loud!