LOL EXCLUSIVE: First Look At Fritz Montana’s New EP, Scaredy Cat


This is a bit of a milestone for us over here.

Ever since our little website was started back in 2010, there has been the goal of doing some sort of exclusive features with bands. And, along with that, the hope has always been for an artist who shares the same passion for music as we do.

So, let me direct your attention to Fritz Montana – a soulful, indie, bluesy trio from San Francisco who are poised to make a splash bigger than a boulder falling from the Golden Gate Bridge.

After coming together in early 2013, soon releasing their debut EP less than six months following their formation, the band has since been hard at work for the last year, writing and recording their follow-up. Though Scaredy Cat isn’t due out until July, we were given (or better yet, graced with) the chance to get the first listen to the band’s newest seven tracks. And, while the band may still be in its infancy in terms of their time as a group, the music is packed with hooks and passion and excitement that let it speak for itself.

Instantly infectious, the bass-heavy “Let You Down” chugs its way in to start the album off on strong footing. While its usefulness and importance are sometimes forgotten in other genres, bassist Kevin Logan makes his presence known throughout the EP, whether it’s standing out on tracks like “My Body Does it All” or lending background support on “Fever.”

The drumming and rhythm provided by Matthew Hagarty is steady and solid throughout. Each member delivers a shining performance on the opening track, and each is given quick chances at stealing the spotlight at some point on the album. Hagarty’s first comes throughout the title track, though “Feel It in My Bones” features another worth-mention effort.

Lastly, it goes without saying that guitarist/vocalist David Marshall pulls his fair share of the weight. His voice has the ability to quickly shift from sharp to gritty, and his smooth, clean delivery juxtaposed with the less-than-sterile subject matter of tracks like “Bad Enough” or “Feel It in My Bones” add to their charm and bring about comparisons to The Hold Steady or The Strokes.

Bringing everything together on the last track – the catchy vocals, the sharp guitar-work, the concrete drumming and the rumbling bass, “A Long Way Out” just may save the best for last.

Like I had mentioned earlier, this band is young. Like, really young. But, despite this, they manage to make some pretty stellar music.

Fritz Montana are a prime example that disprove that old saying; you don’t have to learn to crawl before you can walk, because these three are off and running.

Give a listen to the first single off the new album below! 

Release date: Late July, 2014
Rating: 4.25/5
Runtime: 23:58

Track listing:
1 “Let You Down”
2 “My Body Does it All”
3 “Scaredy Cat”
4 “Feel It in My Bones”
5 “Bad Enough”
6 “Fever”
7 “A Long Way Out”

Written by Eric Riley