World Mental Health Day: There’s No Shame In Asking For Help

We’ve been silent for quite some time now, but today we are excited to relaunch Lucy Out Loud! When we realized that today also marks World Mental Health Day, collectively we decided to use our first post on our updated page as an opportunity to share our voices. Mental health is a topic that can be difficult for some people to talk about, but it’s one that deserves to be discussed.

We asked members our team to share their stories, whether it be their personal struggles, how they’ve found help, or just the importance of speaking up. Please read their stories below.

Although today marks World Mental Health Day, this is not the only day that mental health should be discussed. If you are struggling, do not be afraid to speak up. There is no shame in asking for help and someone will always be willing to listen.

Devon Anderson

I can’t ever remember a time I have felt truly “okay.” There are times I feel “less socially anxious” or “more bright than dark.” But, “okay” is a concept constantly existing in the periphery – slightly out of reach. I know it’s there, but sometimes the path to it is a bit difficult to traverse.

From incessant bullying in school to depression after loss, never feeling good enough to my daily struggles with social anxiety, my brain has always buzzed in its own way. Sometimes the buzzing is a nice, manageable low hum, like a bumble bee lodged behind my ear. It reminds me it’s there but doesn’t commandeer my focus. Other times, the buzzing is loud, pulsing, and mean, like a leaf blower sending gusts full of my sanity into the ether.

In any given day, I can experience the bumble bee to the leaf blower, and every level in between. As a writer and empath, I live in my head 99.9% of the time. I take everything in and let very little out. I know what helps me manage my internal buzzing – loud music (preferably live), a good book, laughter, writing. However, the one thing that helps me more than anything else is knowing I am not alone.

My friends talk about their struggles. We share a lot of the same. We discuss coping, self-care, and we are safe spaces for each other. My favorite bands write songs that are my anthems. Their lyrics sing my story. The pain in their words helps my heart know that they’ve been there. Their voices absorb the buzzing in my head and turn it into poetry. And my world becomes a little safer, a little smaller, and I grow ever closer to seeing the “okay” light in the forest of my mind.

Randy Asakura
There’s a social aversion to discussion mental illness, and I am glad that there’s a day to bring up the awareness. I believe a lot of issues could be reduced if we properly fund mental health facilities, as well as work to remove this terrible stigma when seeking help.  For many it’s a taboo. Some even think that mental health illness is a person’a fault. 

I know several people who have doubts about coming forth to seek help because they are afraid of how people will treat them afterwards. In these cases social media can be a good and bad thing. There will be an outpouring of support, but with it comes a fear of judgment as well. There is a point to be made that social media generally makes one view themselves lesser because, as they say, only the “highlight reels” are shown.

But I know it can also be used to create a sense of community amongst those who feel isolated- it’s an incredibly difficult thing to come forward with. I know of someone who called a suicide prevention hotline recently but was told that no one was available at the time of the call. The person had the strength to reach out, but there weren’t any resources available. I hope days like today encourage people to help those who seek any type of support or treatment. I cannot understand why something that would prevent suicides, homelessness, crime and unemployment would ever be ignored.

Mari Loth
With all that is happening in the world today it is awesome to be self aware, especially with your mental and emotional health. Know your limits, boundaries with yourself, there is no shame in needing a moment alone or regroup time. I’ve been a live show photographer for about 10 years, when I was younger it was a lot easier to move through crowds and be okay being submerged in a group of people. Nowadays, I can’t handle being in a sea of people squished together for hours, and it’s okay. I have figured out other ways to get the images I want and know when to push myself and when to stand back. Don’t feel discouraged, there is a lot of people who are efficient in work with depression and anxiety. What makes them successful is knowing what they can handle and working within those guidelines! It has helped over the years! 

Justine Be
Life is like an amazing roller coaster ride with highs that make you smile ear to ear and lows that can scare you to tears. When the roller coaster ride that is my life hits those lows, I turn to music to help soothe my soul. I put my headphones on, hit repeat on my favorite Twenty One Pilots song, close my eyes and sing my heart out until tears fall down my face – and in those moments, I am okay, I am enough. However, I do know that my self-imposed moments of solitude can’t last forever and it is important to ask for help. We must always remember that is okay not to be okay (for all the Emo lovers… scream “I’m not okay…trust me!”). Today on World Mental Health Day and every day, it is important to know that you are not alone when the ride gets a little bumpy and life seems to go off track. When I feel myself heading off the rails, I find safe spaces online where I can learn, listen and begin to heal. A few safe spaces that i’ve found online are: To Write on Love on Her Arms (, The Trevor Project (, and the Born this Way Foundation ( ).

Remember you are loved and stay alive friend. 

Lucy Binetti
I’ve struggled with anxiety since I was in middle school, but over the years that anxiety grew. It turned into something I didn’t know how to handle and it became increasingly difficult to do normal day-to-day activities. I wouldn’t be able to sit in a class lecture, walk into a mall, sit on a bus, or attend a show without feeling like I was on the verge of a panic attack. I became afraid of living my life the way that I once used to and the most terrifying part about it was that I didn’t know how to control it.

My first panic attack was one of the worst experiences of my life. I was at a show, somewhere I would consider a safe space, but I didn’t feel right. My mind and body had other plans for me. I left that show and went home thinking the next day things would be better, but they weren’t. I had one doctor tell me I was fine, it was in my head, and to just get some rest. That didn’t help. I didn’t feel myself and it was difficult for me to pinpoint what I was feeling. Every time someone asked, all I could say was that I felt off. I knew something was wrong and I refused to accept the fact that it wasn’t real. Eventually I went on to discuss what happened with a second doctor, one who was kind and understanding and truly wanted to help me figure out what was going on. That changed everything. 

It’s not easy to open up, especially when you’ve done so in the past and it led to not getting help, but just because it’s not something physically seen doesn’t mean that it should be ignored. The thing about mental health is that it needs to be discussed. Everyone has their own struggles, anxiety just happens to be mine. Truthfully, it’s something I still deal with every day and I’m sure it’s going to always be a part of me; however, I will not let anxiety define me. I am stronger than that. And if you are struggling with mental health, please know that you are stronger than it. Do not let it define you.

Eric Riley
If you were ever looking for an indicator about my feelings toward the need for openness and discussions surrounding mental health and how it is approached, it’s 2:21am and I haven’t really slept a whole lot over the last two weeks or so and I’m talking about my feelings toward the need for openness and discussions surrounding mental health and how it is approached. 

Before I get going, I wanna cover a few bases. For starters, I don’t like to or want to throw around terms like “depressed, “anxiety,” etc etc. – I’ve never been diagnosed by a doctor, I’ve never spoken with a therapist/shrink/whatever, I’ve never been prescribed a medication, I’ve never even booked an appointment to discuss it.

They’re important, serious, personal conditions and I think a big part of the stigma surrounding them is the wide misuse of them.

I won’t say that I have depression, or that I have anxiety, or that I have a mental health disorder (if “disorder” is the wrong word, I’m very sorry – it’s all I’m coming up with right now); but, that said, I do often feel depressed, I do often feel anxious, I do often worry over the state of my mental health. 

And that’s fine.
But everyone has their bad days.
And I have my bad days.
I do what I can to work through the bad days, but nothing is perfect.
And that’s fine!
(Yeah, sure, “fine/alright/okay” is purely relative, but whatever. A win is a win and sometimes you have to tell yourself to take them when you can get them.)

There are the days where I think “how many bad days in a row am I allowed to have before maybe they’re not just ‘bad days?’” There are the days when I’m able to wake up with the sunrise, get a few miles in, have some breakfast, run some errands, and make it to bedtime without my mind going dark. There are the days where I wonder if getting out of bed is really necessary every day!? There are the times where maybe I forget to shower for a day or two, yet every piece of laundry in the house gets washed, dried, and folded. There are the days where I stay in the shower for thirty minutes and then sit on my bedroom floor in a towel for the next ninety. There are times I think about killing my self. There were times I tried killing my self. There are times I know that if I killed my self, my grandma would kill me.

There are days where I daydream about my next sixty years; a dog, a job, a partner who cares about me in shitty apartment we both love, and there are days where I wonder if I’ll make it to next week. There are days where I have too much to do so I do none of it. There are days where I know I have so much left to do with life my that I won’t, can’t go anywhere any time soon. 

So yeah, it varies. But adapting is a weapon.

Sometimes I stay awake until 3 or 4 or 5, but by then I’ve cleaned under the bed and organized my closet and did the dishes. Sometimes it gets to a point where I need to list the reasons to stay around, but by then, I’m left with a list of reasons to stay around. 

Everyone handles their struggles differently.
Because everyone struggles differently.
There’s no shame in feeling like you don’t have it all together.
And there’s no shame in not having it all together.

There’s no shame in wanting help.
There’s no shame in needing help.
There’s no shame in asking for help.
There’s no shame in getting help. 

If you want help, if you need help, ask for help, get the help.

Someone will always help.

GirlTalk with Jocelyn Arndt

When we first sat down with Jocelyn Arndt last year, the powerhouse singer blew us away with acoustic versions of her songs “Where’s The Rain” and “Shame.” In addition to being incredibly talented, she is also extremely determined; within the last year alone, Jocelyn and her brother Chris have logged more than 100 performances (including sets at The Sundance Film Festival, Mountain Jam Music Festival, CMJ, and South By South West) and have released their newest album Edges (which is available for purchase here) – while they both attend Harvard University. If that’s not impressive, we don’t know what is.

For this edition of GirlTalk, Jocelyn has put together a playlist of her favorite female musicians, promptly titled “Songbirds and Rockstars and Divas, Oh My!”  The playlist features songs from Aretha Franklin, Adele, Pat Benatar, Joan Jett, and Nina Simone to name a few. Check out Jocelyn’s playlist below, as well as on Spotify here!

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GirlTalk with LOLO

When we first came up with the idea for GirlTalk, we wanted it to be a fun conversation about music, makeup, fashion, and everything in between. So when we had the opportunity to talk with Lauren Pritchard, known to most as LOLO, we knew that we needed to feature her in our first GirlTalk segment. 2015 was an incredibly impressive year for LOLO who released her EP on DCD2 Records, wrote an off-Broadway musical titled “Songbird,” joined the co-headling tour of Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness and New Politics, and was featured on two iTunes Best of 2015 playlists for Songs – New Artists and Singer/Songwriter.

For our first GirlTalk interview, we spoke with LOLO about her latest release, Comeback Queen, her tour must-have items, and her opinion on the lack of female presence in the music industry. Read our full interview with LOLO below!
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Introducing GirlTalk:: A New Feature from Lucy Out Loud

Image by Sara Marshall.

In addition to running Lucy Out Loud, I have spent the last four years working as a beauty consultant at Ulta Beauty. During those years, the idea and meaning behind beauty and makeup has evolved into something more than just ‘dolling’ yourself up; it gives women the ability to be whoever they want to be: confident, powerful, comfortable, beautiful. But, most importantly, themselves. The topic of beauty is one that people typically tiptoe around because they are afraid of what people will say.

We want to change that.

In a music scene that is often dominated by men, women don’t have many places they can go to discuss beauty habits. This idea was the driving force behind our newest feature, GirlTalk.

This feature will act as a series for women in the music industry (musicians, publicists, photographers, etc.) to discuss important issues like feminism and beauty standards, while also being a fun corner where they can discuss what items they enjoy using when they’re on tour, how they manage to style themselves to feel confident on stage, etc. GirlTalk will consist of a variety of things: interviews, guest blogs, lists (top beauty items, beauty/fashion tips, etc.) and playlist submissions.

Ideally, this will be a feature that covers a little bit of everything, and we are so excited to finally bring it to life! Keep your eyes peeled for our first GirlTalk interview, coming soon!

Get To Know:: The Bergamot


Members: Jillian
Speece and Nathaniel Hoff
Genre: Indie
Folk/Alt Rock
Location: Brooklyn,
Recent Release: “Forget
About Tomorrow”

We fell in love with Brooklyn alternative folk duo, The
Bergamot, upon first listen. This husband and wife duo create music that is
catchy, beautiful, enticing, uplifting, whimsical, infectious – the list could
go on and on. What makes it even more special is that you don’t come across
artists like The Bergamot on a daily basis. Recently, the duo announced a 48
state “Unity Tour” along with launching The Unity Collective USA Kickstarter in
hopes of raising money to help fund the tour and last month they surpassed
their goal of $15,000. Now the band is pushing their brand new album, Tones, which is set to be released on
February 11th. Get to know more about The Bergamot below!

How did The Bergamot form and come to be what
it is today? 
Jillian and I met in the incandescent hallways
of our high school. I had a major crush vibe for Jillian so I offered her
guitar lessons. To this day she cannot play a lick of guitar – but we are
married. So good move on my part I guess. Jillian, at first, was not all in on
me. I was a introverted singer songwriter with a skeptical outlook on life.
Where as Jillian was the proud soloist in the liturgical choir. Her
singing was on – mine was off. But after sitting down in a writing session
together at the aid of a shared art teacher, we slowly began to realize that we
had some musical chemistry together. So we started performing together. 10
years later we are still basically doing the same shake and jive – just much
bigger stages and quite a few more listeners. It was the first small writing
sessions that would eventually take us across the globe, and land us in
New York City. 

Who are some of your musical influences –
both as a band and individually? 

As a band we really look to other great bands
with a duo of singers leading such as Fleetwood Mac, Pink Floyd, The Beatles,
Steely Dan, and also our contemporaries such as Matt and Kim, Belle and
Sebastian, Sufjan Stevens, The Civil Wars, Fitz and the Tantrums, and Shovels
and Rope. 

back to the days of my first ever vinyl when I was a kid, I loved Bob Dylan’s
“Brining it all Back Home”. That was the album that I probably
decided I wanted to be a musician. I just remember playing Mr. Tambourine
man over and over and over – I fell in love. Then I moved into Pink Floyd much
at the aide of my father. We would sit and listen to the Dark Side of the Moon
in surround sound. He had one of those super hi-fi versions of the
recording. I remember it was gold on the bottom – my brother and I thought that
was soo cool. Then came the Nirvana teenage angst phase. I was only 5 when
“Smells Like Teen Spirit” came out, but that very much became
the anthem of my youth – as well as everyone else. Then I got into Silverchair
and the album “Frog Stomp” as well as Caroline Spine and some other
bands. I could go on, but then there was Dave Matthews Band followed by
Modest Mouse and Albert Hammond Jr.  Right now I am really into Glass

 At the
tender age of nine I purchased The Beatles – Anthology 1 and Anthology 2 (1996)
– 4-cassette box set. This box set blew my mind and set me up for a diverse
musical hunger that could only be satisfied by filling my brain with more
music. There I was in 1996 rocking out in my jean overalls with pigtails,
sitting on the floor of my room singing as loud as I could to The Beatles
“Good Day Sunshine”. All this did was set me up for one of my
first vocal performances during a 4th grade show and the song of choice was,
Yesterday. My love of music and style are heavily influenced by Joni Mitchell,
Michael Jackson, Fleetwood Mac, Simon & Garfunkel, Billy Joel,
anything Motown, and Eva Cassidy, oh the glorious pipes on Eva Cassidy!!

What do you enjoy most about playing

The smell of the microphone. The silence in the
room when you hit a solid harmony or play a stellar song. The people you meet
along the way – the uncertainty of it all. The overall feeling you get of being
on stage. It’s intoxicating and then you come off of it and review and improve.
It’s a process that I honor and respect. It makes me feel most alive. Every
time I take the stage a piece of my spirit returns to home. Performing
live is true freedom. 

What do you do when you’re not playing

Nathaniel: Fresh
roasted coffee, oven fresh bagels, New York slices, cheap kabobs, pointless
walks, drunk thai trips, tourists, chestnuts, oh God, chestnuts! 3 AM cruises
through Manhattan, greasy Mexican food, and wild stories – not too much. I
work on my blog, try to exercise, sketch, and write poetry. I have a
blog,, that
is about the songwriting experience – mostly the lyrical side. I had this grand
idea I could write a song a day. But I am just not that type of writer. I
like to really work things through. I also still enjoy the sport of golf. Golf
paid for college, as I was lucky enough to receive a D-I Scholarship in

 Two words
“yoga mat”. Inking new blog posts for my two blogs, and SHINE
ON INC, and testing and designing my exclusive new perfume line, Worthy Souls
Botanicals, which is set launch in 2016 out on tour.

cherish our Saturday morning trips to the Greenpoint Farmers Market where we
get crisp heirloom apples and carrots. Walking around the hood with friends
singing and talking about how wonderful crunching leaves sound beneath our
cold feet. Making smoothies and juice drinks. Working out with my man then
proceeding to laugh about how freaking good Levain Bakery’s Chocolate Chip
Walnut Cookies are after we devour one. You see, we work out to eat.
Hanging out with Paulie Gee of Paulie Gee’s on Greenpoint Ave. and then taking
a big bite into a fresh Regina pizza – OMG to die for. Finding and following
new vegan/vegetarian food blogs. I am obsessed with delicious food and
beautiful foods and just found a beautiful one this week called
Testing out new essential oils to use in my product line. Yesterday, I mixed
rose-otto essential oil with bergamot oil (trust me, it was intoxicating).
And reading, oh I love reading, but I can only fit this in right before I get
shut-eye. The book I am way into right now is A Course in
Miracles. Last but not least, holding onto Nathaniel as we dance
together late at night on Saks Fifth Avenue as the chestnut smoke billows around
us while listening to music from a O’Holy night being performed by a street
musician on his saxophone. It was so romantic and a moment I’ll never for

For more on The Bergamot: Website | Facebook | Twitter

Get To Know:: BANDITS


Members: John Demitro, Lulu Demitro, Andrew Oakley
Genre: Hard Rock
Location: Boulder, Colorado
Recent Release: “Kill Tonight”

The first sentence I ever read that mentioned BANDITS said, “BANDITS
are a red-hot bowling ball, shot out of a homemade cannon into the side panel
of mid 80’s Ford Bronco.” A truer statement has never been written about the
band. This psychedelic, hard rock trio is practically melting faces with their
music. Their latest single, “Kill Today,” is a hard-hitting, groovy, kaleidoscopic masterpiece that encompasses all that BANDITS is: a badass band that you need
to have on your radar. Want to get to know the band? Keep on reading!

How did BANDITS form and come to be what it is today?
: I was in a high school band called Bassline. Towards the end of the band I invited Lulu to come play keyboard with us to fill things out. We realized how easy it was to write and collaborate as a sibling band and decided to make a new heavy rock band. That’s how it all started. We’ve played a ton of shows as BANDITS over the years and were introduced to new bands and sounds along the way that influenced us to experiment with new writing techniques and sounds.

Who are some of your musical influences – both as a band and individually?
As a band, we have a lot. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Mountain, Rose Hill Drive, Queens of the Stone Age, Dead Weather, The Sword, The Kills, EODM, Black Sabbath.

John: Queens of the Stone Age, Dead Weather, The Sword, The Beatles, Black Sabbath, Rose Hill Drive.

LuLu: QOTSA, The Kills, Arctic Monkeys, The Beatles , I’ve always loved Dr.Dog. Pretty much the same as John, because we grew up in the same house we shared a lot of the same influences.

Andrew:  I pull influence from older artists like Dr. John, Funkadelic, James Brown, The Meters, Art Blakey, Thelonious Monk, Robert Johnson, Howlin Wolf, Hank Williams, and Bob Dylan. I also listen to a lot of modern groups such as Unknown Mortal Orchestra, D’Angelo, Kendrick Lamar, The Roots, Sturgill Simpson, The Arcs, Tame Impala, Pond, Earthless, Black Angels, and Wilco. The list goes on forever, whatever sounds fresh and original!

What do you enjoy most about playing shows?
John: Getting onstage and just letting loose. Also playing the music you’ve written with ideas or emotions that you want to express. It’s cool to see how that gets interpreted at live shows. It’s an adrenaline rush.

LuLu: Playing all of our songs and performing out  is the most exciting part of being in a band. Being able to see how people react to what you’ve been working on and practicing is the best part, getting a crowd going and playing off their energy.

Andrew: I enjoy the chemistry and interaction between performers on stage and the exchange of energy with the crowd. I also appreciate the meditative aspect and focus that performing requires.

What do you do when you’re not playing music?
Work. Buy and sell stuff I find at garage sales, thrift stores. There’s lot’s of cool stuff to be found. I find a lot of vintage musical gear.

LuLu: I try to keep busy, we live in a beautiful place where its easy to be outside and find things to do. Love going to shows and seeing other local bands. I spend a good amount of time with my vinyl and adding to my collection!

Andrew: I am usually playing music, working as a drummer for other projects on the side. When I’m not doing that, I try to spend as much time outside in the wilderness as possible, wether its skiing, rock climbing, hiking, or just sitting in the woods.

For more on BANDITS: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Get To Know: Lucky Jukebox Brigade


Members: Deanna DeLuke (Vocals, Baritone
Ukulele), Geppi Iaia (Bass), Chris Weatherly (Trumpet, Synth), Jimmy Affatigato (Guitar, Sax),
Michael DeMarco (Drums)
Genre: Indie Pop Punk
Location: Albany, NY
Recent Release: “Little

looks like it will be starting off on a great foot for indie pop punkers, Lucky Jukebox
Brigade. The band recently released a new single off their upcoming EP, Savage Fantastic, which will be released
on February 26th and we are pretty damn excited for it. The single,
“Little Fangs,” is a small introduction to the amazingness that is this band.
After years of releasing music and traveling as an 11-piece, Lucky Jukebox
Brigade has transformed into a 5-piece with beautiful harmonies, fun synth
beats, and carefree vibes which call for all around good feels! This is one band you NEED to have on your artists to watch list for 2016. Get to
know more about Lucky Jukebox Brigade below!

How did Lucky Jukebox Brigade form
and come to be what it is today
Deanna: In 2010, I was backpacking across
the country with my ukulele looking for the right people and the right
place to start a band. I ended up back here in Albany after Geppi found
a Craigslist ad I had posted.  In the beginning, I was all “the
more the merrier” and invited almost everyone I met who played
an instrument to join. There were 11 of us at one point
including someone who played a saw. We’ve gradually shapeshifted into
a 5 piece which has given our sound a lot more clarity and cohesion,
and it also means we can fit on a stage.

Who are some of your musical
influences – both as a band and individually?
Geppi: As a band, we definitely share some
influences and favorites – Coheed and Cambria, Beirut, The Dear
Hunter, Vampire Weekend, Rubblebucket, Arcade Fire. My favorite
bands, personally, are Cult of Luna, The Dear Hunter, and Every Time
I Die.

Every Time I Die is a huge
influence for me as well. Keith Buckley is my favorite lyricist. I also
love a lot of pop punk/punkesque bands like Taking Back Sunday, Saves The
Day, Brand New, Weezer…those are the bands that I grew up on. 

What do you enjoy most about playing
Geppi: I enjoy debuting new material at
shows. For me, it’s the best way to really pick apart the things I like or
dislike about a song. It’s easy to get excited about new material when I’m
in my car listening to our demos or writing bass parts, but when
I’m feeling a reaction from people outside of the writing process,
then I start to have a new perspective on our music and that makes
me happy.

I feel like a hypocrite saying this
because I’m the worst dancer I know…but I love when people dance.
Standing still is also cool though. No pressure or anything.  

What do you do when you’re not
playing music?
Deanna: When I’m not playing music, I’m
hanging out with my cats, writing more music, working to save up money so
we can record more music, and/or obsessively watching the
Food Network.  If it’s summer, I’m also swimming a lot. 

When I’m not playing music I’m
usually listening to music or looking up factoids about the music
industry. Whether it’s information about a band I like, a management
company’s client roster, an agent’s social media, or a record label’s
submission criteria, I’m usually just happy finding out more about the
industry side of music. I’m also a big video game nerd.  

For more on
Lucky Jukebox Brigade: WebsiteFacebook | Twitter

Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide, 2015


With the Holidays in full effect, our team has put together a list of last minute gifts for friends, family members, or even yourself! To see which items we have on our list, as well as where you can find them and why we think they’re awesome, keep on reading!

Beck The Halls

Ever want to have a song made specifically for you? Or maybe
just hangout with the lead singer of one of your favorite bands as he serenades
you via Skype? If you said yes to either question, your dream has now come
true! Solo artist and The Academy Is… frontman, William Beckett, has teamed up
with Downwrite, a platform that connects fans with musicians on a personal,
creative level! Fans of Beckett can find four different packages on Downwrite:
1. Signed The Academy Is… poster and unreleased recording of
“Jingle Bell Rock”
2. Signed The Academy Is… poster, unreleased recording of
“Jingle Bell Rock” with personal voice message intro
3. Full original custom song/acoustic and vocal
4. One hour Skype personal acoustic performance and hangout
with Beckett, plus everything in packages one and two

If Beckett or TAI… is not your cup of tea, artists including
Matt Pryor, Shane Henderson, Koji, and Steve Soboslai are just a few others
that have teamed up with the site!

Eight Years In The

Just last week, The Starting Line released their latest track,
“Anyways.” Why is this so important? If you’re asking this question – how old
are you, bro? It has been eight years since The Starting Line last released new
music (that was 2007, if you don’t feel like doing the math). Pre-orders for
the new EP, also titled Anyways, are
available now and start as low as $8 for a 7” vinyl. Fans can also purchase
shirts and sweatshirts with the EP artwork, as well as bundles that also
include the vinyl and poster. If you’re not hyped about this, who are you?


The hit Broadway musical, Hamilton, was inspired by the book, Alexander Hamilton. Released in 2005, this is the first full-length
biography of Hamilton that was released in decades. For you history buffs, pick
up Alexander Hamilton to read the
story of how this figure in American history overcame many obstacles to inspire
and shape America!

Montage of Heck

documentary that all Nirvana fans have been dying to see is finally here, now
available in a super deluxe box set! Featuring a mix of interviews, journal
entries, audio recordings and animation, the documentary serves to show fans a
better understanding of Kurt Cobain, his art, and his struggle. This deluxe
edition includes almost an hour of additional interviews, a 31-track deluxe
soundtrack on both CD and cassette, a 160-page hardbound book with interviews
and images from the Cobain achieve, a puzzle (with a collectable container),
movie poster, postcards and a bookmark. AKA – the most perfect Nirvana/Kurt
Cobain gift you may ever be able to get your hands on.

I’m Not Okay

It’s been over eleven years since the release of My Chemical
Romance’s album, Three Cheers for Sweet
. What better way to relive your youth than to pick up a vinyl
version of the album? Put on some red eye shadow, all the black clothes you own, maybe some eyeliner, blast
this album and scream along until your voice is gone. Let your inner emo kid
out one more time!

Will Trade Flannel For Whiskey

In high school, the one type of merch that everyone in the music scene wanted were those chunky rubber bracelets that practically every band and brand created. Jac Vanek is the woman who took this concept and ran with it, creating bracelets with popular words and/or phrases as the start of her business. Over the years, Vanek has expanded her line, crossing over into fashion and now creating tank tops, tee shirts, shorts, dresses, flannels, and jackets, etc. Keeping with the popular words/phrases trend, all of Vanek’s items include quirky and mostly relatable phrases including “Forever Hungry,” “The Difference Between Pizza And Your Opinion Is That I Asked For Pizza,” and “Music Is The Answer.” Aka the best gift for that sassy friend of yours who is probably thinking ‘why didn’t I come up with this first?!’

I’m Awesome, He’s
Awesome, She’s Awesome, We’re All Awesome – Hey!

We all have that friend that’s a cocky asshole. If they’re
not a cocky asshole, they’re a sarcastic one. If you’re like me and you have
many friends in your life that fit one of the two descriptions, here is the
perfect gift for them: a book that does nothing but compliment their
awesomeness. All you do is fill out the blank spaces on each page and hand it to whomever the gift is for. This holiday, just inflate their ego; what type of gift can beat

All Because Of A

The story goes like this: a photographer in Montana stumbles
across a typewriter, starts typing up a poem, and doesn’t think twice. Three
years and a thousand poem later, the photographer has now created what is known
as the Typewriter Series. If you want
to feel something – anything, pick this up wherever you can.

Fun Is Coming

With technology constantly evolving, it’s no surprise that
the next fun game for people to play would happen with the use of your cellular
device! Game of Phones is a new game that turns your phone into the subject of
a scavenger hunt amongst those who play! Gather a group of friends and their
phones, draw a prompt card, and see who can use their phones the fastest to
complete a task (ex. Show off the last photo you took, find the weirdest Google
image result for your name, text your parent and see who gets a response
first). Whoever collects the most points, wins!

You Make Me Feel So

The legendary Frank Sinatra recorded over 1000 songs,
reaching fans both young and old and everywhere in between. To celebrate what
would have been his 100th birthday, the Ultimate Sinatra collection includes
four disks filled with 100 tracks, an 80-page booklet, as well as rare photos
and quotes from Sinatra and his children. This is a worthy collection for
anyone interested in this incredible musician.

Adult Coloring Book

As a kid, we all wanted to grow up. As adults, we all want
to get our childhood back. Thanks to Johanna Basford, we can now get a small
portion of that back! Basford created Secret
, a treasure hunt and coloring book for all ages (but really, it’s
the best gift for that child-like adult in your life). Pick one up for yourself
while you’re at it!


Where are the wookiee fans at?! Don’t know what to get the
Star Wars lover in your life? This is a great alternative to our following item
on the list and will bring nothing but good cuddles, laughs, and smiles! Yes –
we are talking about the talking Chewbacca plush toy! Just squeeze its stomach
and your ears will be filled with one of the most iconic movie sounds known to
man. Note – this is the mini version, and probably the most affordable
considering the two larger sizes can be upwards of $120. A key chain version
may also still be available online somewhere!

The Droid You’re
Looking For

The priciest item on our list is also the best item on our
list: the Sphero BB-8 App-Enabled Droid. I fell in love with BB-8 upon first
look in the original Star Wars: The Force
trailer. After seeing the movie this weekend, this is now a must.
This is the perfect item for any die-hard Star Wars fan or anyone simply
wanting to feel as if they will forever have a part of the movie with them.
BB-8 interacts with you and will even recognize your voice, changing its
attitude and actions based on your interactions. Basically, this is the most
badass gift you could ever want.

20 Shows To See Before 2016

With only three weeks left of 2015, we put together a list of shows happening this month that we think you guys should check out! This includes holiday shows, album release shows, 10-year album anniversary tours and even a 10-year birthday bash! What show are you seeing before the end of the month? Shoot us a tweet (@_lucyoutloud) and let us know!

Check out our list, in alphabetical order, below!

Aaron West and the Roaring Twenties
» 12.11 – Chicago, IL @ Beat Kitchen
» 12.12 – Lansing, MI @ Mac’s Bar

❆ 2015 Holiday Tour
» 12.15 – Pawtucket, RI @ The Met
» 12.16 – Boston, MA @ Brighton Music Hall
» 12.17 & 12.18 – New York, NY @ Gramercy Theatre
» 12.19 & 12.20 – Philadelphia, PA @ Underground Arts
» 12.22 – Asbury Park, NJ @ Stone Pony

❆ Holiday Acoustic Show
» 12.23 – Decatur, GA @ Eddie’s Attic

Eli Young Band 
❆ Winter Tour w/ Kevin Fowler, LANco, and Abi Ann
» 12.11 – San Diego, CA @ House of Blues
» 12.12 & 12.13 – Anaheim, CA @ House of Blues

Emo Night Brooklyn
❆ Glamour Kills 10 Year Birthday Bash w/ Jack Barakat, Tay Jardine, and Vinnie Caruana
» 12.20 – New York, NY @ Webster Hall

❆ Deck The Halls Tour
» 12.11 – Terra Haute, IN @ The White House
» 12.12 – Springfield, IL @ Black Sheep Cafe
» 12.13 – Chicago, IL @ Reggie’s Rock Club
» 12.14 – Louisville, KY @ Spinelli’s Downtown

Jack’s Mannequin
❆ 10 Years In Transit

» 12.31 – Anaheim, CA @ House of Blues

❆ I Am JoJo Tour

» 12.11 – Toms River, NJ @ Pine Belt Arena
» 12.12 – Washington, DC @ U Street Music Hall
» 12.14 – Boston, MA @ The Sinclair
» 12.15 – Toronto, ON @ Mod Club
» 12.16 – Ferndale, MI @ The Magic Bag
» 12.20 – New Orleans, LA @ Hi Ho Lounge

Kill Hannah
❆ The Final Shows
» 12.18 & 12.19 – Chicago, IL @ Metro

Knuckle Puck
Tour w/ Seaway and Light Years

» 12.16 – Grand Rapids, MI @ The Pyramid Scheme
» 12.17 – Columbus, OH @ Woodlands Tavern
» 12.18 – Hamden, CT @ The Space

Patent Pending
❆ 2015 Holiday Tour
» 12.11 – Berwyn, IL  @ Wire
» 12.12 – Akron, OH @ Rialto Theatre
» 12.16 – Clifton, NJ @ Dingbatz
» 12.19 – Stroudsburg, PA @ Sherman Theater
» 12.20 – Cambridge, MA @ Middle East Club
» 12.26 – Amityville, NY @ Revolution

Peru The Band
❆ w/ Adrian Daniel
» 12.15 – New York, NY @ The Bowery Electric

❆ Album Release Shows

» 12.12 – San Diego, CA @ SOMA
» 12.13 – Anaheim, CA @ Chain Reaction

She Is We
❆ Show w/ Amanda Markley, Chloe & Matt

» 12.26 – Seattle, WA @ El Corazon

Silverstein, Senses Fail
❆ Co-headlining Tour
» 12.11 – Baltimore, MD @ Soundstage
» 12.12 – New York, NY @ Webster Hall
» 12.13 – Sayreville, NJ @ Starland Ballroom
» 12.15 – Cincinnati, OH @ Bogarts
» 12.16 – Cleveland, OH @ House of Blues
» 12.17 – Philadelphia, PA @ Electric Factory
» 12.18 – Worcester, MA @ Palladium
» 12.19 – New Haven, CT @ College Street Music Hall

Taking Back Sunday
❆ Second Annual Holiday Spectacular

» December 18th and 19th, Starland Ballroom; Sayreville, NJ

The Academy Is…
❆ Almost Here 10 Year Anniversary Tour

» 12.12 – Philadelphia, PA @ The Trocadero Theatre
» 12.13 – Boston, MA @ House of Blues
» 12.15 – New York, NY @ Best Buy Theater
» 12.17 – Cleveland, OH @ House of Blues
» 12.18 – Detroit, MI @ St. Andrew’s Hall
» 12.19 – Cincinnati, OH @ Bogarts
» 12.20 – Chicago, IL @ House of Blues
» 12.22 – The Rave @ Milwaukee, WI
» 12.26 – Santa Ana, CA @ The Observatory OC
» 12.29 – San Francisco, CA @ The Regency Ballroom
» 12.30 – San Diego, CA @ The Observatory North Park

The Starting Line w/ The Movielife and Somos
❆ Annual Holiday Show

» 12.27 – Sayreville, NJ @ Starland Ballroom

The Suffers
» 12.18 – Austin, TX @ Emo’s
» 12.31 – Houston, TX @ House Of Blues

The White Buffalo
» 12.18 – Carpinteria, CA @ Plaza Playhouse Theater

4Knots Wrap-Up Report


4Knots Festival
Pier 84, New York NY
July 11, 2015

Written by Jon Hecht

The crowd was there for
the lovely sun by the Hudson River under a sky that redefined my understanding
of the color blue. They were also there for some music, but not as a priority.
People wandered. They went to booths (and there were a whole bunch of
booths—more on that in a bit). Those who were very important got to hang out on
a boat.

The people who actually
watched intently did so pretty intensely. They cheered, they danced, and when a
guy in the Meatbodies jumped down to join them, they even moshed. They
completely lost it for Twin Peaks, as they should have. Smiles all around, and
lines not too long. B+

I’m not really sure what
Pier 84 is used for when it’s not a festival. It’s clearly not for boats, right
next to the Intrepid there, and there’s not really enough grass for it to count
as a park, even in the loose definition that we New Yorkers use for the word.
It’s just a big piece of concrete, jutting into the Hudson River a bit and
letting you see New Jersey.

Being a big empty lot
allows it to work for 4knots well. There were a whole bunch of people but it
never got too crowded. It had the gentrified over cleanliness of New York in
advertisements, and jutting into the water made it pretty. There still wasn’t
enough grass, so the people who like to pretend a festival is also a picnic got
a little squeezed together, and being a pier made it narrow, so everyone else
did as well. For those who were really intent on staying near the stage and
focusing on the music, this was perfect, and the excellent sound setup helped.

I suppose that in order
to hold a festival with a whole pile of good bands and keep prices down to $25,
you need sponshorship. There’s a whole “stick-it-to-the-man,” leftover Gen-X
mentality that I have that says that’s disgusting. But in effect, it just meant
there were little booths everywhere giving free samples of stuff. That isn’t so
bad. I might actually really like that. I forgot sunglasses, which was real
stupid, since it was very sunny (have I mentioned that it was very sunny?). But
there were people giving them away all over. I got a pair from the Village
Voice that I wore all day, and even when I lost those I still had some from a
wine company. There are worse ways to sell your soul.

Also, there was a boat.
It had a big vodka bottle on the bow (is that the front? I won’t check). It
didn’t really add to the music much, but if you were the kind person who wants
to hang out on a boat on a summer day (and also a Very Important Person, with a
badge showing such), it worked pretty nicely. I went on it briefly. I think
there were parties on it later. I dunno. It was kind of weird. A-

In case I haven’t made
it clear by now, the weather was amazing. I got very sunburned and I don’t even
mind. A+

There were
porta-potties. That’s annoying. The brand was called Royal Flush, which I
thought was funny-ish. They were pretty good as porta-potties go. The
handwashing station ran out of water near the end of the show. Gross. There was,
as far as I could tell, only one proper water fountain, near
the entrance. There wasn’t really a line for it, surprisingly. It was also next
to some sort of water playground thing, where you could crank a pump and make
water flow through some gears or whatever. I watched a little girl with
fantastic cornrows play with it near the beginning of the festival. I thought
it was adorable how she was too small to work the pump very hard, and there was
only a little trickle going through the waterworks. Then I tried it myself and
I realized the whole thing was semi-defective so I couldn’t get more than a
trickle either. I owe more respect to the little girl with cornrows.

There was a good phone
charging station near the entrance, but you had to listen to a spiel about how
it was solar power and you should change your house to solar power. They were
nice about it though and understood that you didn’t really want to sign up
there. Not too bad. B-

The Most Hard-Core Quote
of All Time:
At one point,
one of the twin guitarist/vocalists of the Meatbodies apologized for his
voicing being a little screwy:

“We had a bunch of
cheese last night. Too much dairy. Bad for the throat! Fuckin’ Rock n’ Roll,
right? Fuckin’ cheese!” A+

The day time was full of
youthful exuberance. The evening had a bit more adult sobriety, but it didn’t
mar the fun too bad. A-