Silverstein Announce New Album

Silverstein have announced details on their upcoming album, I Am Alive In Everything I Touch. The album is split into four chapters: “Borealis” (North), “Austeralis” (South), “Zephyrus” (West) and “Eurus” (East). Each track’s setting is a different city that geographically falls into that region, with real life recordings of each city incorporated into the songs. 

Below you can find the artwork and track listing for the album!

To pre-order I Am Alive In Everything I Touch, click here for digital and here for physical!

Track Listing
1. Toronto (abridged)
2. A Midwestern State of Emergency 
3. Face of the Earth

4.  Heaven, Hell and Purgatory
5.  Buried at Sea
6.  Late on 6th

7.  Milestone
8.  The Continual Condition
9.  Desert Nights 

iv.  EURUS
10.  In the Dark
11.  Je me Souviens
12.  Toronto (unabridged)